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OSHA Healh & Safety Monitoring Services

OSHA Healh & Safety Monitoring Services

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Has your company conducted the required monitoring?  OSHA regulations rarely explicitly demand that a test be performed; consequently, some companies fail to monitor for noise, air contaminants, etc.   But, as many who have been to court will tell you, the absence of testing is no defense against liability!


  • Ensures that conditions are safe for you and your employees;
  • Provides documentation of the logical processes underlying your PPE and engineering controls decisions;
  • Protects you against unwarranted claims; and
  • Improves employee morale and team spirit.

Types of monitoring:

  • Air contaminants (ambient or personal dose measurement; whether factory floor or office; including sick building syndrome )
  • Noise and hearing protection
  • Drinking water testing - fountains, wells, tap water
  • Cooling water testing - legionnella and other pathogens
  • Environmental (Click here for information about environmental monitoring )

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