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Search the Federal Register for environmental notices. 

Federal and state regulations

Employee Directory - Identify EPA employees by name and location.

Regional EPA Regional office websites and other regional links and downloads

Hotlines and Clearinghouses
Request technical information, reports, and documents or get assistance with your questions about environmental issues.

Collections containing the public record of information used to document Agency rule making.

Find EPA publications online or order them in print.

Libraries and Information Centers
EPA libraries & contacts for environmental information.

Newsletters and Listservs
Print and electronic information produced by the EPA.

FOIA Office
Request EPA information, contacts, Electronic Reading Room

Privacy Act
Request access to information about yourself that may be in EPA record systems.

Databases and Software
Online and downloadable tools to access environmental data.

Test Methods and Models
Access to test method and model resources.

Frequent Questions
Frequently asked questions and their answers.


The CEIS Library of Environmental Quality offers numerous State of the Environment  Reports on geographical areas ranging from global to local, in addition to EPA documents grouped by category.

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