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Recycling Information, Guidance, Liinks & Outlets

Recycling Resources

Looking for a recycler to handle that difficult waste?  Try one of the outlets below.  For more general waste, scroll farther down the page..

Plastics, compacted and bundled for recycling Car shredder - for scrap metal recycling

General Recyclers

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NORA encourages and promotes the proper recycling of used oil, oil filters, used antifreeze, and other automotive and industrial materials through education and the development of legislation. Information about memberships, conferences, and regulatory alerts is available at this site.

  • National Wood Recycling Directory

    The National Wood Recycling Directory is produced by the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA), in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service (USFS).  This on-line directory-updated in 1999-contains a nationwide listing of over 700 wood residue receiving centers. Examples of new products made from recovered wood as listed by companies include landscaping materials (compost, mulch, etc.), pallets, plywood, hog fuel, engineered wood, particleboard, furniture, absorbents, flooring, and paper. The National Wood Recycling Directory was designed to help individuals, groups, communities, builders, remodelers, and demolition contractors identify receiving sites for recovered wood. This helps to avoid costly landfill fees and better use existing resources.

  • New Hampshire Materials Exchange


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