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These pages provide information, guidance and copies of the regulations regarding hazardous waste management, including generation, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal.

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Hazardous wastes are regulated under RCRA, the Resource Conservation & Recovery Act.  The regulations have been codified at 40 CFR Part 260-280 hazdrum2.JPG (2955 bytes) smallnew.gif (926 bytes) News:   The HWIR (Hazardous Waste Identification Rule) was just published in the Federal Register on Monday, Nov. 30, 1998.  Click here fore more.

You can download the regulations below, or for guidance online, click on the topic button below that interests you:

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Download the most recently published 40CFR Hazardous Waste Regulations here!

You can view and print the federal hazardous waste regulations
( 40 CFR 260 to 280) right here, or click here to search the federal regs !

State Hazardous Waste Regulations

 Click here to locate your state's regs to download ,

As an example, here are Georgia's regulations; which are largely an unaltered adoption of the federal regs.

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Facts & Figures for Nonhazardous and Hazardous Waste Generators and Transporters
(from the
Municipal Solid Waste Characterization Report, 1996 Edition , and the 1995 RCRA Biennial Report )

Specific Waste Identification Topics

Very useful resources and guides:

  The Complete Guide to the Hazardous Waste Regulations: A Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide to the Regulation of Hazardous Waste Under Rcra, Tsca, Hmt (Industrial Health & Safety)

  Click on the links to read details, reviews, see inside the book, etc.

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