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The EHSO Guide to the
International Standard for
Environmental Management Systems

These pages should help you to understand the International Standards Organization's 14000 standard and decide how to implement it.   Click on a topic below to jump to that section.  If you are looking for ISO14000 development services, gap analysis, program assessment, etc., click here to go to EHSO or call 770-645-0788.

bulletQuick explanation:
bulletCopies of the Standards
bulletDetailed explanation:  What is ISO14000, , What does ISO14001 require,  Why the concern about ISO-14000,  What is the benefit of being registered to ISO14000,  Standards & Specifications List
bulletHow can EHSO help you?
bulletResources: bulletCompanies and plants already certified to ISO14000
bulletAdding your company to the list (if it has been certified)
bulletGuides to download
bulletISO14000 Links
bulletCase studies
bulletGetting started: the basics of ISO14000

Quick Explanation:

ISO 14001 is a new (late 1996) standard for Environmental Management Systems.  It was based upon the ISO 9000 family of specifications, so if you are family with the terms and structure of ISO9001/9002 you will readily grasp ISO14000.   The key aspects of ISO14000 are that it is

bulletvoluntary, bulletflexible and nonprescriptive, bulletCan use existing environmental programs and systems, bulletpushes continual improvement, bulletencourages cost saving by integrating environmental requirements into the overall company systems (design, manufacturing, etc.) and bulletcan provide a substantial market advantage.

A primary component of the ISO 14001 standard is the "Environmental Policy" which must be defined by an organization's top management.  This environmental policies must include a commitment to both compliance with environmental laws & company policies, continual improvement and prevention of pollution.  A system is then created (or if already existing, documented) that ensures that the environmental policy is carried out by the organization. This involves planning, implementation and operations, checking and corrective action, and management review.

The ISO Environmental Standards for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) are a series of completely voluntary standards and guideline reference documents which include environmental management systems, eco-labeling, environmental auditing, life cycle assessment, environmental performance evaluation, and environmental aspects in product standards. It is the focus on management" that distinguishes these standards from "performance" standards.  An EMS help and organization to establish and meet its own policy goals through objectives and targets, organizational structures and accountability, management controls and review functions all with top management oversight.

EMS do not set specific requirements for environmental compliance nor do these standards establish requirements for specific levels of pollution prevention or performance.

Want more detail?

Copies of the Standards

We really wanted to make them available here, but the ISO organization is greedy and won't allow them to be given away or even sell them except from themselves. Apparently, only "certain organizations" are allowed to sell the IS standards. You can't even get them through

The IS 14000 standards can be purchased from:

bulletASTM, 100 Barr Harbor Drive West Conshohocken, PA, USA 19428-2959, Phone: (610) 832-9585, Fax: (610) 832-9555, e-mail: [email protected], bulletGlobe Info Centre Canada Toll Free in Canada: 1-800-854-7179, Tel 1-613-237-4250 bulletAmerican Society for Quality Control (ASQC), ASQC Quality Press, 611 East Wisconsin Avenue, PO Box 3005, Milwaukee, WI 53201-3005, Toll Free: 1-800-268-1946, Tel: (414) 272-8575, e-mail:,

The IS standards are copyright documents. Photocopying and distributing them is strictly forbidden. We pay a fee for all the quotations for the IS documents that we use in our courses. Please do not ask us to send you a photocopy. If you want to help out, contact IS directly in Geneva and tell them that you want to see the IS standards available through our web site. Thanks!

Manuals, Guides and Downloads

bulletISO14000 EMS Implementation Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations
If that link doesn't work, try this back up:

ISO14000 EMS Implementation Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations
Looking for a GREAT manual that tells you all about ISO14000, tells you how to design and implement it, and even gives you sample forms and examples?  And you want it free?  Of course EHSO has it, click above to download the 160 page PDF file, 680k.
bulletEnvironmental Management Systems Primer for Federal Facilities
OK, so it's for federal facilities; but it's still good, covers pollution prevention (P2), NEPA, audits, etc. 56 pages, PDF file, 229k.
bulletSteps for Improving Your Business and Environment
Workbook and Tools for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
bulletEnvironment Management Systems:
A Guidebook for Improving Energy and Environmental Performance
in Local Governments
bulletSample EMS Manual - this is a pdf, so be patient while it loads!
Environmental Management System Model Manual Specific to Pennsylvania Municipal Operations
bulletCollege and University Environmental Management System and Best Management Practices Manual
Workbook and Tools for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

The ISO 14001 standard is available for purchase through the following websites:

bulletAmerican National Standards Institute - ISO 14001 ($48), ISO 14004 ($75), entire ISO 14000 series ($325)* bulletAmerican Society for Quality - ISO 14001 ($38.50), ISO 14004 ($49.50), set of three including ISO 14001, ISO 14004 and ISO 14010 ($49.75), entire ISO 14000 series ($129)* bulletNSF International Strategic Registrations - ISO 14001 ($47), ISO 14004 ($61)*

The ISO 14001 standard is available for purchase through the following websites:

bulletAmerican National Standards Institute - ISO 14001 ($48), ISO 14004 ($75), entire ISO 14000 series ($325)* bulletAmerican Society for Quality - ISO 14001 ($38.50), ISO 14004 ($49.50), set of three including ISO 14001, ISO 14004 and ISO 14010 ($49.75), entire ISO 14000 series ($129)* bulletNSF International Strategic Registrations - ISO 14001 ($47), ISO 14004 ($61)*

Implementation Guides and Other Publications

bulletU.S. EPA's Position Statement on EMSs (U.S. EPA, May 2002) bulletAction Plan for Promoting the Use of Environmental Management Systems (U.S. EPA, August, 2001) bulletThird-Party Auditing of Environmental Management Systems: U.S. Registration Practices for ISO 14001 (National Academy of Public Administration, May 2001) bulletPfizer Inc. ISO 14001 Procedures (Pfizer, March 2001) bulletEnvironmental Management Systems - An Implementation Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations (NSF International, February 2001) bulletFord Motor Company's ISO 14001 Workbook (Ford Motor Company, October 2000) bulletAn Environmental Management System Review of the National Park Service: Based on the Code of Environmental Management Principles (U.S. EPA, August 2000) bulletCEC Principles: Improving Environmental Performance and Compliance: Ten Elements of Effective Environmental Management Systems (Commission for Environmental Cooperation, June 2000) bulletCompliance-Focused Environmental Management System - Enforcement Agreement Guidance (U.S. EPA, January 2000) bulletEnvironmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 (Federal Facilities Council, 1999) bulletSecond Generation of Environmental Improvement Act of 1999 (U.S. Congress, November 1999) bulletEnvironmental Management Review (EMR) National Report: Lessons Learned in Conducting EMRs at Federal Facilities (U.S. EPA, November 1999) bulletEnvironmental Management Systems: A Design for the Environment Approach (U.S. EPA, March 1999) bulletDfE and Gap Analysis bulletDfE Policy Commitments bulletProcess Mapping: A Methodology for Aspects Identification bulletAspects Evaluation bulletEnvironmental Management Systems: A Guide for Metal Finishers (NSF International, December 1998) bulletImplementing an Environmental Management System in Community-Based Organizations (U.S. EPA and NSF International, December 1998) bulletPublicizing Your ISO 9000 or ISO 14000 Certification (International Organization for Standardization, 1998) bulletISO 14000 - Meet the Whole Family (International Organization for Standardization, 1998) bulletEnvironmental Management Systems Primer for Federal Facilities (U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. EPA, 1998)

Case Studies

ISO 14000-related Presentations

bulletSimilarities and Differences Among Environmental Management Systems - Dr. Richard N. Andrews bulletCase Study: ISO 14001 Acceptance-3 Years Later - Charles Souders, Pfizer - Lititz, PA bulletBuy-In: Getting It and Keeping It - Suzanne W Sessoms, Excel Partnership bulletInternational Truck and Engine Corporation - Sanjay Patel bulletThird-Party Auditing of Environmental Management Systems: The U.S. Registration System for ISO 14001 - National Academy of Public Administration bulletSustainable Development: Moving NJ Citizens and Institutions Toward Sustainable Development - Randy Solomon, Resource Renewal Institute bulletUsing Metrics in Public Policy - Edwin Pinero, PA Department of Environmental Protection bulletThe World of ISO 14001 Coformity Assessment - Joe Dunbeck, RAB bulletUtilizing ISO 14001 in the Supply Chain - Brian Borofka, Wisconsin Electric Power Company bulletISO 14001 and Supplier Environmental Requirements - Bob Devlin, Ford Motor Company bulletOverview and Implementation Strategy - George Mileskiy, Johnson Controls bulletImplementing MESH in the Nike Supply Chain - Paula Valero, Nike & Mark Curran, The Gauntlett Group bulletEMSs: Artistic's Story - Ruben Angel, Artistic Plating bulletThe Strategic Goals Program and Environmental Management Systems for Metal Finishers - Dr. Laura Bloch, US EPA bulletAustralian Agriculture and Environmental Management Systems - Genevieve Carruthers, Wollongbar Agricultural Institute, New South Wales, Australia bulletInternational Diffusion of ISO 14001 Certification - Charles Corbett, Anderson School of Management, UCLA bulletUsing Management Systems to Craft Superior Environmental Enforcement Solutions - William L. Thomas, Winthrop, Stimson, Putnam & Roberts bulletPure Profit: The Financial Implications of Environmental Performance - Duncan Austin, World Resources Institute bulletEnvironmental Leaders Achieve Superior Stock Market Performance - Frank Dixon, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors bulletQuality Inn & Suites of San Diego - Stanley L. Zwicker, First Environment, Inc bulletEMSs, Regulatory Innovation & Sustainability - Dennis Durant, Environment Canada bulletEnvironmental Management Systems, Regulatory Innovation & Sustainability - Carlos Gonzalez Guzman, Profepa, Mexico bulletSustainability Regulation in Bavaria and Beyond - Dr. Matthias Weigand, Free State of Bavaria, Germany bulletEMS Implementation - Danny Freeman, Elgin Air Force Base bulletISO 14001 at NADEP - Robert Espinosa, Naval Aviation Depot, North Island bulletEMS Implementation Efforts for Creating Business Advantage - John H Bridges III, US Postal Service bulletSustainability at Genecor - Jeff Hogue, Genecor International bulletSan Diego Livable Community Initiative - Linda Giannelli Pratt, City of San Diego bulletEnvironmental Performance Highlights for the BMW Group - Suzanne Dickerson, BMW Group bulletWWF and EMS - Pierre Hauselmann, World Wildlife Federation International bulletChallenges for Sustainable Development - Maarten de Hoog, Ministry of Spatial Planning, The Netherlands

Other Links:

bulletASTM ISO14000 site - FAQs - good info direct from the source - FAQs - good info direct from the source - FAQs - good info direct from the source bulletEHSO - offering ISO14000 system design, development and gap analysis from professionals experienced in EMS design and implementation at manufacturing facilities worldwide. bulletEMAS - The official European Union Eco Management and Audit Scheme web site   (note: this site will be working from Feb 1, 1999 on)
EUlogo.gif (2185 bytes) bulletThe ISO Pizza - a simplified explanation of ISO14000 bulletInternational Standards Organization (ISO) - The official ISO homepage bulletISO 14000: Privatizing Environmental Regulation -- An Idea Without
by: James M. Seif, Secretary, Department of Environmental Protection, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
bulletEPA Standards Network - ISO14000 from the EPA bulletEPA Water Office's Explanation of ISO14000 bulletThe ISO-Easy web site - Good explanations and many useful links here bulletKey Text from ISO14001 - by Cayman Systems

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