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Contact information for the State / Commonwealth of Virginia for Health, Safety and Labor

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Virginia Department of Labor and Industry
Powers-Taylor Building
13 South 13th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219-4101

C. Raymond Davenport, Commissioner
(804) 786-2377
(804) 371-6524 FAX

William Burge, Assistant Commissioner
(804) 371-2327
(804) 371-6524 FAX
Virginia State Plan Web Page

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Department of Labor and Industry
Occupational Safety and Health - Compliance

Glenn Cox, Director
Safety Compliance
(804) 786-2391
(804) 371-6524 FAX
E-Mail: Safety Compliance

Ron Graham, Director
Health Compliance
(804) 371-2327
(804) 371-6524 FAX
E-Mail: Health Compliance

VOSH Consultation and Cooperative Programs

Jennifer Wester, Cooperative Programs Director
(Training, Consultation, Information, VPP)
(804) 786-6359
(804) 786-8418 FAX
E-Mail: Cooperative Programs

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Description of the Virginia State Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) Plan

The mission of the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health (VOSH) program is to protect and promote the safety and health of Virginia's workers in their workplaces. The Virginia Safety and Health Codes Board establish Virginia Occupational Safety and Health regulations and standards, a regulatory board appointed by the Governor. The VOSH program operates within the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry (DOLI).

One of the strengths of Virginia's State Plan is that it strives for a balanced and integrated approach to ensuring safe and healthy workplaces. Safety and health compliance activities, which include Discrimination Services, are a large part of the program, but in addition Virginia has programs that protect employees while providing an opportunity for employers to work cooperatively with VOSH.

Consultation is available to the public sector (and to the private sector through the 7(c)(1) grant). The Virginia Voluntary Protection Program (VVPP) (select "Cooperative Programs," then "Voluntary Protection Program") recognizes companies where management and labor establish exemplary safety and health management programs. VVPP members mentor other companies needing assistance with best practices. Safety networks, larger companies working together to help provide training and safety expertise to smaller businesses, are located throughout Virginia. Public briefings, printed materials including the agency quarterly newsletter, and the annual occupational safety and health conference are mechanisms used to inform employers and employees of safety and health requirements. VOSH works cooperatively with employers through formal partnerships directed toward specific goals, shared training sessions, settlement agreements, and the Virginia Compliance Alternative Partnership (VCAP). VCAP identifies Virginia companies with the highest injury incidence rates and provides an opportunity for those companies to work cooperatively with VOSH to lower their rates.

Virginia OSHA Standards
Virginia General Assembly Legislative Information System

Legislative Authority/Statutory Code:
Code of Virginia, Title 40.1 - Labor and Employment

Virginia State Plan Home Page Webmaster:
Powers-Taylor Building
13 South 13th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
E-Mail: Webmaster

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Enforcement (Compliance)

The Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Compliance Program conducts inspections of private and public sector employers to assure compliance with the laws, standards and regulations of the Commonwealth. The Compliance Program may issue citations listing violations of the standards and regulations to employers, determines dates by which violations must be abated, and may propose civil monetary penalties for certain types of violations (Public Sector employers are not issued such penalties).

Virginia Unique Standards

The State Plan agreement between the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor and Virginia gives the Commonwealth authority to regulate occupational safety and health within its jurisdiction for General Industry, Construction, Agriculture, and the Public Sector.

Federal OSHA retains authority over the following Virginia industries: private sector maritime (shipyard, marine terminals, long shoring, gear certification), federal military facilities, as well as other federal enclaves where civil jurisdiction has been ceded by the State to the federal government. Federal jurisdiction is also retained with respect to federal government employers and employees; and over working conditions where a federal agency has exercised statutory authority to enforce safety and health standards.

The Safety and Health Codes Board has adopted occupational safety and health standards for enforcement by the Department of Labor and Industry. Virginia Code Section 40.1-1 provides that the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry be responsible for administering and enforcing occupational safety and health activities within the Commonwealth. Within the Department, regulation of Virginia occupational safety and health falls under the purview of the VOSH (Virginia Occupational Safety and Health) Program.

The vast majority of the Virginia occupational safety and health standards are identical to federal OSHA standards. However, there are several standards that are unique to Virginia and are listed below. They are unique in the sense that federal OSHA either does not have a comparable standard or, if it does, it differs substantively.

For ease of use, instead of reference to the Virginia Administrative Code "VAC" number, the individual sections will be referred to by subject as well as the conventional OSHA numbering where the unique standard replaces an existing or previous Federal OSHA standard on the same subject. For example, 16 VAC 25-175 will be referred to simply as CFR# 1926.650, or "Virginia Excavation Standard, Construction Industry." The VAC number for each unique regulation is also listed.

Virginia Unique Standards DOLI Web site )

Administrative Code
CFR# 1910.20 Access to Employee Exposure and Medical 16 VAC 25-80-10
CFR#1910.268(t) Confined Space Standard Telecommunications Industry 16 VAC 25-70-10 et seq.
CFR# 59.1-406-414 Overhead High Voltage Line Safety Act Statute
CFR#CNSP.146 Confined Space Standard for Construction 16 VAC 25-140-10 et seq.
CFR#1926.650 Virginia Excavation Standard, Construction Industry 16 VAC 25-170-10 et seq.
CFR# 1926.760 Fall Protection for Subpart R - Steel Erection 16 VAC 25-175-1926.760
CFR# 1926.800 Underground Construction Standard 16 VAC 25-150-10
CFR# 1928.110 Field Sanitation, Agriculture 16 VAC 25-180-10
CFR# 1926.51 Construction Industry Standard for Sanitation 16 VAC 25-160-10 et seq.

The VOSH Program also assures compliance with the Virginia Overhead High Voltage Line Safety Act that was enacted by the General Assembly in 1989 and codified at CFR#CFR# 59.1-406 to 414. This Act is designed to "promote the safety and protection of persons engaged in work or activity in the vicinity of overhead high voltage lines." It is enforced in the same manner as VOSH regulatory standards.

The Department's Asbestos Notification and Permit Program was established by the General Assembly in 1992 and codified at CFR#CFR#40.1-51.20 to 51.22, as part of a larger state program requiring licensing and certification of asbestos contractors and workers by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). The 1995 General Assembly amended CFR#CFR# 40.1-51.20 to 51.22 and the accompanying DPOR laws to add identical requirements for lead removal contractors and workers that became effective July 1, 1996.

In addition, the Asbestos NESHAPS Program was transferred to the Department from the Virginia Air Pollution Control Board by the General Assembly in 1992 and codified at CFR#CFR# 40.1-51.23 to 51.41, as part of a consolidation of inspection responsibilities concerning asbestos removal projects in the areas of NESHAPS, asbestos licensing and occupational safety and health standards and regulations for asbestos. View DOLI's Asbestos and Lead Regulations.

For more information concerning Occupational Safety Compliance please contact the Program Director at (804) 786-2391. For more information concerning Occupational Health Compliance, contact the Program Director at (804) 786-0574, or visit the OSHA, EPA or NIOSH web sites.

Consultation Services and Training

Along with onsite surveys, consultants conduct educational and training sessions. Through a cooperative effort with the state insurance provider, quarterly educational seminars are provided to local government by VOSH. Over the past few years, consultation services were provided to numerous state agencies including adult and juvenile correctional centers.

Consultation Manager E-Mail
Consultation Training E-mail

Virginia Voluntary Protection Program (VPP)

The Virginia Voluntary Protection Program recognizes and promotes companies/agencies with comprehensive safety and health programs that go beyond VOSH standards to protect workers. Worksites establish a cooperative relationship between management, labor and VOSH; they have safety and health management systems that follow rigorous criteria established by VOSH. Benefits identified by VVPP worksites include: improved employee motivation to work safely, leading to better quality and productivity; reduced workers' compensation costs; fewer lost workday injuries; and community recognition.

E-mail: Virginia Voluntary Protection Program
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All State standards available at:

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