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The New York PESH program covers the workplace safety and health of public sector employees only. Private sector employees in New York are covered by Federal OSHA .
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New York Department of Labor
W. Averell Harriman State Office Building - 12, Room 500
Albany, New York 12240

M. Patricia Smith, Commissioner
(518) 457-2741
(518) 457-6908 FAX

Maureen Cox, Director, Division of Safety and Health (DOSH)
David Ruppert, Assistant Director, DOSH
(518) 457-3518
(518) 457-1519 FAX
New York State Public Employee Safety & Health Program Website

Public Employee Safety and Health Complaint Form [PDF - 52 KB, 2 pages]

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New York Public Employee Safety and Health Program
State Office Campus Building 12, Room 158
Albany, New York 12240

Normand Labbe, Program Manager
(518) 457-1263
(518) 457-5545 FAX

New York On-Site Consultation Program
State Office Campus Building 12, Room 168
Albany, New York 12240

James Rush, Project Manager
(518) 457-2238
(518) 457-3454 FAX
New York State Consultation Website


The New York State Department of Labor's Public Employee Safety and Health (PESH) Program oversees the workplace protection of public employees at the State and local level. Protection guidelines are determined by standards set by OSHA, which enforces these guidelines in the private sector. While similar hazards can occur in public and private sector jobs, the PESH Program also addresses safety and health areas that are of specific concern to public employees. Public sector work sites range from subway tunnels and public landfills to hospitals and office buildings.

PESH Program staff investigate workplaces and inspect equipment and work practices and procedures. Public employers that violate PESH regulations receive compliance orders and can be assessed civil penalties for non-compliance. Program staff also provide safety and health consultation services to public employers.
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