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Iowa Workforce Development
Division of Labor Services
1000 E. Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0209

David Neil, Labor Commissioner
(515) 281-8067
(515) 281-4698 FAX

Mary L. Bryant, Administrator
(515) 281-3469
(515) 281-7995 FAX
State OSH Plan Web

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IOSH Consultation & Education
Iowa Division of Labor Services
1000 E. Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0209

Steven Slater, Deputy Labor Commissioner
(515) 281-7629 Consultation
(515) 281-0202 Education
(515) 281-5522 FAX

ehso blue lightbarIOSH Field Inspection Reference Manual [PDF - 829 KB]

IOSH Safer Workplaces 2000 [PDF - 249 KB]

IOSH Procedures for Handling Complaints [PDF - 100 KB]

IOSH Scheduling System for Programmed Inspections [PDF - 227 KB]

IOSH Response to Significant Events of Potentially Catastrophic Consequences [PDF - 284 KB]

IOSH Strategic Partnership Program for Worker Safety and Health [PDF - 577 KB]

Index for IOSH Interpretation Letters [PDF - 49 KB]

IOSHA Discrimination Manual [PDF - 1 MB]
ehso blue lightbarAccessibility Assistance: These documents are available as text-enabled PDF documents, however, if additional assistance is needed in reading/reviewing these documents please contact the Office of State Programs at 202-693-2244. Please see the Website Assistance for Browsers, Plugins & Players if you experience difficulty viewing any of the above files.

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