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The Conn-OSHA program covers the workplace safety and health of public sector employees only. Private sector employees in Connecticut are covered by the Bridgeport and Hartford Federal OSHA Area Offices. ehso blue lightbar

Connecticut Department of Labor
200 Folly Brook Boulevard
Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109

Patricia H. Mayfield, Commissioner
(860) 263-6505
(860) 263-6529 FAX

Division of Occupational Safety and Health
38 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109

Richard Palo, Program Director
(860) 263-6900
(860) 263-6940 FAX

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Consultation Services
Connecticut Department of Labor
Division of Occupational Safety and Health
38 Wolcott Hill Road
Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109
(860) 263-6900
(860) 263-6940 FAX


Plan Approved: October 2, 1978
Plan Certified: August 19, 1986

The Connecticut Department of Labor, Division of Occupational Safety and Health (CONN- OSHA) administers Connecticut's Public Employer Only State Plan. The program adopts and enforces occupational safety and health standards as they apply to all state and municipal employees.

CONN-OSHA does not enforce occupational safety and health standards in private businesses in Connecticut. In those businesses, OSHA standards are enforced by Federal OSHA. The two Federal OSHA Area Offices in Connecticut are located in Bridgeport and Hartford.

CONN-OSHA also provides training and education programs and on-site consultations. These programs are offered to both public and private sector workplaces in Connecticut and may cover a variety of safety and health topics. In addition, we have posted a few of our sample written programs on-line.

The Occupational Safety and Health Statistics Unit provides information on workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities that occur in Connecticut and, through the OSHA Data Initiative (ODI), collects data for Federal OSHA targeting and program evaluation purposes.

Currently, CONN-OSHA's staff is made up of:
  • 3 safety and 2 health compliance officers
  • 1 safety and 2 health consultants for public sector workplaces
  • 4 safety and 4 health consultants for private sector workplaces
  • 1 safety and health officer who administers grants to occupational health clinics
Each member of the staff has contributed to the decline in the incidence rates of occupational injuries and illnesses. Since the mid-1980's, the Connecticut public sector incidence rate has gone down from a high of 16.5 in 1985 to a rate of 11.2 in 1999. This decline presents evidence of the Division's efforts to achieve safety and health in the public sector workplace.

The CONN-OSHA Quarterly is published quarterly by CONN-OSHA. It includes articles on occupational safety and health topics of current interest written by members of the compliance and consultation staff. The intent is to keep the reader informed of any changes in OSHA standards or regulations as well as to provide guidance on how to comply with newly developed and existing safety and health regulations. Important announcements and activities of the CONN- OSHA Division are also included to inform the reader about training opportunities, seminars, conferences, and similar noteworthy events.

Begun in the summer of 1994, the CONN-OSHA Quarterly is distributed primarily to public sector employers - where CONN-OSHA has safety and health compliance authority. Many private sector employees and employers, however, are subscribing because they find the information contained in these publications to be valid and useful in their operations as well. Topics covered in the publication, such as Trenching & Excavation, Confined Space, Bloodborne Pathogens, are of interest to the conscientious, safety-minded employer in both the private and public sectors. It is available online.

The following publications are also available on-line. The following publication is available by calling (860) 566-4550:
  • Connecticut Labor Department: On-site Safety and Health Consultation Program
To date, CONN-OSHA has adopted all Federal OSHA standards that would relate to our public employer only state plan. CONN-OSHA incorporates Federal standards by reference and therefore, the state standards are identical to the Federal standards. They relate to existing parts as follows:

Federal Standard Number
Connecticut Standard Number

Training Information
For the most part, CONN-OSHA uses Federal OSHA training materials and information, but CONN-OSHA does have written programs for many standards including (but not limited to): Bloodborne Pathogens, Confined Spaces, Emergency Action Plan, Hazard Communication, and Respiratory Protection.

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