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With over 25,000 direct MSDS sources, and hundreds of thousands more 1 more click away,this is the most complete MSDS source on the internet. It's also one of the very few that doesn't require you to either register or pay! To locate a manufacturer click on the first letter of the name or scroll down to see all the listings. Help us keep them current - Please notify us if you want us to add a link or a link is not working by telling us by Feedback or email!

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is required under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard . The MSDS is a detailed informational document prepared by the manufacturer or importer of a hazardous chemical. It describes the physical and chemical properties of the product. MSDS's contain useful information such as flash point, toxicity, procedures for spills and leaks, and storage guidelines. For an explanation of the terms used in MSDS's, click here. Information included in a Material Safety Data Sheet aids in the selection of safe products, helps you understand the potential health and physical hazards of a chemical and describes how to respond effectively to exposure situations. Although there is an effort currently underway to standardizes MSDS's the quality of individual MSDS's vary. A MSDS may be useful but it can not substitute for prudent practices and comprehensive risk management.

Consumer Products note: The Department of Labor (DOL/OSHA) rules are aimed at the workplace, not the home, so technically, there is no requirement for an MSDS to be provided for household products (unless they are used in a workplace meeting the OSHA definition). So, some manufacturers of consumer products (home and garden), have taken their MSDS's off the internet. For example, for "Roundup" (tm) Monsanto's website says:

" Sorry. We do not list Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on our Web site. Call the number on the label for more information. Please be prepared to provide the exact name of the product (as it appears on the label"

That being the case, if you are looking for the msds for a household product, you may want to try the household products search first.
Click here for household products master list

And if you are not a scientist, and are looking for general information about the safety of a common household product, you might want to try this search engine, Scorecard , rather than the list below.

Some of the companies listed are distributors. Accept an MSDS as current only from the manufacturer.

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Material Safety Data Sheets

E   Top

Eagle Marketing, Inc.     Automotive lubricants
EarthSafe & Wellness Technologies, Inc.   Non-toxic cleaning products
Earth Science Laboratories, Inc.
Eastman Chemical Company     Chemicals   Online and phone
Eastman Kodak       Select a language - enter a "%" in "product name" - click search for a list of MSDSs
Easy Braid
E. Begerow GmbH & Co.      Filter systems, filter aids, and beverage treatment
Ebehardt-Faber     Pencils, chalk, paints, clays    (Online request only)
EC Mode by Malibu 
   Hair and skin products
EcoChem Biotech Inc.     Waste management and agricultural products
Ecogen, Inc.      Microbial pesticide products  (Click on product, then scroll down to find MSDS)
Ecolink    Environmentally friendly solvents
Ecolab   Cleaning & sanitizing products (Online request only)   MyEcolab (Password Required)
Ecologel     Water conservation and dust suppression products
EDM Industrial Equipment
Edwards - Councilor Company
EFD, Inc.    Solder paste, adhesive, and lubrication products
E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co., Inc
Elan Chemical Co, Inc.    Aromatic and organic chemicals for the flavor and fragrance industries   Request form only
Electra Holdings Ltd.     Chemical and polymer products for PCB manufacturing
Electron Microscopy Sciences    Chemicals and supplies for Electron and Light Microscopy   Online request
      MSDSs    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Electronic Space Products International (ESPI)    High purity metals, chemicals and related research materials
            Elementis Pigments   Iron and chromium oxides (Phone and email request only)
            Rheox Rheological additives
            Performance Additives   Color concentrates, dispersing agents (Online or phone request only)
            Performance Polymers   Epoxy and polyurethane adhesives (Online or phone request only)
            Elementis Chromium     Chromium chemicals (Phone and email request only)
            Harcros Chemicals   Anionic and nonionic surfactants (Online request only)
Elf Atochem      (Atofina Chemicals)    
       Fluorochemicals     ForaneĀ® products
       Plexiglas Sheets
       Resins    Atoglas plexiglas
       Thio & Fine Chemicals    [Click on product group to find MSDS]
Elmer's Products, Inc.     Elmer's Glue and paint products
Elsro Construction Products       Waterproofing, roofing, and grouting products
EMCO Building Product- Roofing         Roofing, ceiling and structural products
       Ceiling Products
       Structural Products
EMD Chemicals (Merck Chemicals) for US MSDS. For other countries, go to this link , select your country, then click on MSDS). (Formerly EM Science)  and this link Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current. For: A and C Chem, Absolute, ACROS(Kodak), Aldrich, Allegiance, Alltech, AmMATRIX, Anachemia, Analtech, APG, Baker, JT, Baxter, BDH, (BBL)Becton Dickinson Microbiology, BIO-RAD, Boehringer Mannheim, BRL(Gibco), Burdick AND Jackson, Caledon, Chemserve, Crescent, Davison, Difco, Ericson, Fisher, Fluka, GFS Chemical, Hewlett Packard, High-Purity, Hydranal, ICN, ICN-Woelm, Inorganic Ventures, JT Baker, Kodak(ACROS), Macherey-Nagel, Mallinckrodt, Nanogen, NSI, Oxoid, Photovolt, Plasmachem, Poly Scientific, Protocol, Redbird, Restek, Ricca, Richard-Allen, RIEDEL-de HAEN, Sigma, Spex, Supelco, Surgipath, Ultra, US Biochemical, VWR Scientific Products, Whatman, YMC
Emerson & Cumming    Electroninc and engineering materials [Click on product type to find MSDS]
Emu Magic (Investire, Inc.)     Emu oil
Emulsitone Company    Film
ENECON Corporation     High performance polymer systems  Phone or email request only
Enerco Corporation        Chemical Water Treatment For Boilers & Cooling Systems
Enforcer Products   Pest control, specialty cleaners      
Ensystex, Inc.      Termite interception and baiting system
Entek Corporation
Enterprise for Education, Inc.      Keyamine red, Spirit blue, Oil blue, & Ozone indicator paper  Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Enthone   Functional and decorative coatings   Canadian MSDSs
Environmental Resource Associates     Laboratory quality control standards   Phone and email request only
EnviroSan Products, Ltd.     Cleaners, deodorizers, and lubricants      
Enviroseal Corporation    [Click on product to find MSDS]
Enviroshield Products Co. -  AntiStress    Acrylic Copolymer plant protection
Envirotac     Soil Stabilizer
Enviro-Tech International, Inc.
Envirotrol, Inc.    Radiant heat barrier protective coating
EPD Technology Corporation       Astroseal caulking sealant   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Epirez Construction Products     Grouts, concrete repair, coatings, adhesives, sealants
Epoxy Systems, Inc.      Online and email request only
Epson     Inkjet printer cartridges
Eppendorf Scientific, Inc.     Life science products
Equistar Chemicals    Petrochemicals and Polymers
ESAB Welding and Cutting Products or see this page (slightly different presentation and msds update service)
      AlcoTec Wire Corporation
ESPI   High Purity Metal Specialists
Essential Industries, Inc.    Janitorial maintenance systems and chemicals
Esso (Imperial Oil)    Lubricants and specialty products
Esteam Manufacturing LTD. (Cleanco Cleaning Sys)  Carpet and duct cleaning products
Etna Sales, Inc.           Squeak'n Clean coffee pot cleaner
EVAL Company of America (EVALCA) (Subsidiary of Kuraray Co. Ltd.) Ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) copolymer resins  
Evercel       Batteries   Requires registration
Eveready Battery Company      Batteries
Exeltherm Supply, Inc.     Low slope roofing systems
Extol of Ohio, Inc.      Industrial insulation     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
ExxonMobil     Fuels and lubricants
       Esso (Imperial Oil)      Lubricants and specialty products
       Exxon Chemical Butyl Polymers
       ExxonMobil Marine Fuels     Online request only
E-Z-1 Corporation    Lubricant
EZ-Kut Products

F   Top    

Fabricators Supply Company    Formica, melamine, & coatings   Online request only  Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Falcon Safety Products
Fastenal Company   Fasteners, tools, Janitorial, safety, and welding      Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current     [Must know product SKU number]
Fast Free
FE3 (FINI Enterprises, Inc.)      Liquid ferric sulfate
Fedco Electronics, Inc.     Batteries (Phone, online and email request only)
Feldspar Corporation

Femmi Cosmetics
Fendall Company    Eyesaline concentrate, Emergency Eye Wash Products
Fermag Technologies, Inc.    Hard Ferrite Powders
Fernz SulFer Works Inc.     Dispersible sulphur fertilizer
Ferrous Corporation     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
F.H. & Sons Manufacturing Ltd.      Vinyl plastisols, direct printing inks
Fiberlock Technologies, Inc.     Environmental control and containment systems.  
Fields Company, LLC      Roofing and waterproofing products
Finnaren & Haley      Paint       Email request only
Firestone Buillding Products    Roofing systems, insulation and accessory products
       Firestone Polymers       Synthetic rubber   Phone and online request only
Firestop Systems
Fisher Scientific (includes Acros Chemicals and Curtin Matheson Scientific )
Fisher Scientific/Acros      Contact Fisher about MSDSs
       Fisher Scientific Canada     
Flame Seal Products, Inc.
Flamex Industries    FXD fuel gas enhancer
Flexible Products Company    Polyurethane formulations for insulation and adhesives
Flexible Solutions International, Inc.    HeatSavr liquid pool blanket
Flex Bon Paints       Paints and finishes
Flexo Wash, Inc.    Cleaning solutions for UV and solvent based inks
Florida Chemical      D-Limonene, citrus terpenes, cold pressed citrus oils, folded oils, terpene emulsifiers
Florida Cir Tech, Inc.      Chemicals for printed circuit and electronic assembly
Flowgen (Novara Group, Ltd.)     Molecular Biology equipment and reagents
Flo-Kem, Inc.      Janitorial chemicals and industrial specialty cleaners       
Flow Sciences, Inc.     HEPA filters
Fluka (Sigma-Aldrich)      You can search for product, but must register to get MSDS Help Desk
Fluoramics, Inc.   Tufoil Lubricants
FMC Corporation Industrial Chemicals Master list of MSDS's , Sesqui ,
       Agricultural Products Group or FMC Corporation ,
       Lithium Division      Lithium compounds, metals and derivatives MSDSSearch
       Pharmaceutical Products Group    Phone and online request
Fog Security Systems    Water based fog fluid
Fomo Products, Inc.     Polyurethane (PU) foam systems
Foothill Specialities, Inc.    Abzorbit cleaning supplies
For Your Allergy      De-Mite laundry additive   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Foss Environmental Products     Environmental test kits and sorbents  Caution - distributed products may not be current
Franmar Chemical Inc.     Soy based solvents
Freezeze        Gel ice packs
Frinton Laboratories, inc.       Organic research compounds      Online request or Phone [bottom of page]
Fritz Industries, Inc.    Floor tile and aquarium water products   Phone and email request only
Fuels Plus, Inc.      D2+PLUS fuel additive   Email and toll free number only
Fuller Brothers, Inc.    Tire Life OTR Formulation  Rust inhibitor    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Fuller System, Inc.      Insecticides    [Click on product to see MSDS]
Fusion Incorporated     Brazing and soldering products  Phone and email request only

G   Top

Gabriel First Corp.    Request form only
Gamma Biologicals, Inc.     In-vitro diagnostic reagents
Garden King Products Pty. Ltd.     Fertilizers and insecticides
Gardner Asphalt Corporation
     Roofing and driveway sealing products     Online request only
    APOC       Roofing products  Online request only
Gary Williams Energy Corp. - Asphalt
    Gas & Diesel
    Kerosene & Solvents
Gateway ProClean      Specialty chemicals and cleaning products
GDI - Grimes Distribution Photoresist
Gebauer Company      Topical pain management products
Gelest, Inc.   Silanes, Silicones, Germanium, Tin, Lead, metal alkoxides, diketonates, and carboxylates
General Chemical Corporation (Div. Gentek, Inc.)  Specialty chemicals (Online request only)
General Electric Silicones      Phone and email request
   GE Transmission, Distribution & Industrial Systems   Phone and online request only
   GE Fused Quartz, Inc.
General Paint
Gene Therapy Systems, Inc. - Pre-Labeled Vectors  Gene therapy products
    Cloning Vector/PNA label Kit
    Vector/Transfection Systems
Geneva Products - Cements, adhesives, primers
Genflex Roofing Systems      Single-ply roofing products or Online request
GensiaSicor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Geoliquids      Specialty chemicals
Geon Company      Viinyl, resins, films and inks.   Requires registration    [enter "%" to see list of MSDSs]
Georgia Pacific Gypsum Corporation    Gypsum and joint system products  or Online request
    Wood and Lumber Products
Gerber Scientific Products, Inc.   TRIM MIST cutting and grinding fluid  Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Getz Manufacturing    Fire extinguisher servicing     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
GFS Chemicals, Inc.     Specialty chemicals  Fax-back and Email request only
Ginesis Natural Products, Inc.     Not Nice to Lice
Gladding, McBean     Brick , tile and clay products
Glass Restoration Specialists, Inc.   Blue-Job chrome polish
Glasteel (Div. Stabilt America)    Fiberglass reinforced panels (Online request only)
Glasurit     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
GlaxoSmithKline   Pharmaceutical and healthcare products
Glen Research - Solids

       Solvents and Reagents
GLO Industries, Inc.     Lubricants    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Global Eco Products, Inc.      Soil stabilizer
Global Technical Resources, Inc.    GR-100 Metal Refurbisher    Email request only
        Aqua-Chem      Barnacle remover   Email request only
        GR-69 Metal Refurbisher
        KreteKlean Concrete cleaner Email request only
Glue-Fast Co., Inc.
G Mitchells Ltd.  Automotive paint    Email and phone request only
GOA Company (North Coast Oil, Inc.)      Grease, Oil, Antifreeze and Lubricants   Email request only
Godax Laboratories      Nochromix
GOJO Industries, Inc.    also try Gojo Industries Inc. - Manufacturers of lotion soap, disinfectant soap, heavy duty hand cleaners and Purell hand sanitizer
Golden Star, Inc.      Floor maintenance products
Good Scents Company     Click on product - Click on MSDS
Gougeon Brothers, Inc.   West System epoxies
Gowan Company           From CDMS
Grace Construction Products (Div. W. R. Grace)   Specialty Construction Materials
Grafil, Inc. (Mitsubishi Rayon Co.)    Advanced intermediate and high modulus carbon  Online request only
Grailcoat Company LLC  Acrylic polymer
Grainger, Inc. (W. W.)        Manufacturer/Product Index   
Granosite Textured Surface coatings (Division of Wattyl Australia Pty Limited)    Phone and email request only
GranTek, Inc.       BiodacĀ® carrier for agricultural chemicals
Grant Manufacturing & Alloying, Inc.    Tin and tin alloy products
Great Barrier Systems            Product to protect surfaces from graffiti, weather and UV radiation
Great Lakes Gelatin Company     Unflavored gelatin
Green Country Chemical
Greener Pastures Inc. Natures Weed Control 20-1-3     Organic fertilizer
      Blade Runner 15-1-9
      Humic Plus 9-1-5
      Tiger by the Tail 8-1-5 with Iron
Green Products Company       Corncob particles
Griffin LLC
Grigg Brothers, Inc.   [Clink on product to see MSDS] Nutrients and fertilizers   or  Online request
Grimes Distribution Inc.    For MSDSs - click on supplier then MSDS    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Grime Eater Products Limited - hand cleaners, lotions and "1st. Response" hand sanitizer
G S UK Ltd.     ANGUS silicone spray for the embroidery industry
Guangxi Cereals Oils and Foodstuffs I/E Beihai Corp.   Tung Oil
Guaranteed Waterproofing & Construction       Xypex waterproofing products     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Guardian Fiberglass      Building insulation products
Gulf Chemical and Metallurgical Corporation
   Molybdenum Trioxide
   Ammonium Molybdate Solution
Gulf Coast chemical, Inc.     Glycols,Methanol,Amines,and Lubricants    Online request only
Gunk (Radiator Specialty Co) Gunk engine cleaner, Liquid Wrench, etc. Automotive chemicals, hardware, plumbing and traffic safety specialties



H Ā Ā  Top      

Hach Company      Analytical instruments and water quality test reagents   [Must know part number]
Haemo-Sol      Cleaning products
Hagan     Pet care products
Halotron (Kidde Fire Sustems)
Hamashbir Chemicals (Chemovil Group)
H & S Chemical Co., Inc.     Specialty chemicals
Hankin Ozone Systems, Ltd.       Water treatment products
Hanna Steel Corporation     Alloy steel
Hangsterfer's Laboratories, Inc.   Metalworking coolants and lubricants
Harcros Chemicals, Inc.    Water treatment and organic chemicals    (Online, phone and email request only)
Hardy Diagnostics  Culture media and microbiology supply products  Online request only
Harrells Fertilizer            Phone request only
Harrington Industrial Plastics, Inc.      Industrial piping    
Harvard Chemical Research, Inc.      Requires password   [Phone and email request at bottom of page]
Hawker Energy Products, Inc.     Lead batteries
Hawco Products (Kitsupply) - Superior A/P Cleaner Concentrate - All purpose cleaner good for any washable surface.
Haynes Manufacturing        Food grade lubricants   (Online request only)
HDC Medical Inc.      Peracidin reprocessing concentrate for kidney dialysis
Health Sonics Corp.
Heckmann Building Products Inc.    Stainless steel, galvanized steel and copper  Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Helena Chemical Company    Put a "%" character in "brand list" click "search" and get all MSDSs
Hematronix, Inc.      Laboratory reagents and supplies
Henkel Corporation - Adhesives    or see this page (slightly different view)   
     Cosmetics/Toiletries    (Online request only)
     Detergent/Household Cleaners    (Online request only)
     Surface technologies    (Online request only)
     Surface Technologies - Canada     Please call our main switchboard at 416-743-8811
Henry Company- Resin Technology Company      Roofing foams, coatings, and primers
      Specialty Products Div.    Roofing products
Henry Schein       Dental products    Click on the product links until you find your specific product
Henver Enterprises       SupaGrip wax        Online request only
Heraeus Kulzer, Inc .    Dental products
       J.F. Jelenko & Co.   Dental laboratory products
Hercules Plumbing Products
Herli Rapid Pty. Ltd.       Environmentally safe disinfectants
Hermes Abrasives, Ltd.   Coated and bonded abrasives
Hewlett Packard     Printer, electronic component, and chemical analysis products
Hexcel Corporation   Epoxy Products   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
High Desert Products Company        Carpet care products
Highland Metals, Inc.       Orthodontic supplies
High Purity Standards
Highside Chemicals, Inc.    Chemical products for refrigeration, air conditioning and plumbing systems
Hill Brothers Chemical Company     Ammonias, acids, alkalis, chlorines and other chemcials
Hilliard Emission Controls, Inc.    PURGIT Air Pollution Control System    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Hillyard Industries, Inc    Cleaning supplies, disinfectants, and floor sealers
Hin-Cor Industries, Inc .    Ledizolv
Hi-Port Aerosol, Inc.    Product liquidations
Hirshfield's Paint Manufacturing
     Paints and wallcoverings
H L Bouton Visionaid Rainbow II Eye protection products
Hobart Brothers        Welding wires and electrodes
Hoevel Manufacturing     Product for the stained glass hobbyist
Hoffmann Mineral      Aktsil & Sillitin functional fillers
Honeywell Plastics   Chemicals, fibers, plastics Contact Company
Hooper Welding Supply
Horizon Distributors, Inc. Cleaning Supplies     
Horticultural Alliance, Inc.     Superabsorbants
Hortus USA Corp.    IBA water soluble salts  On line request form only
Houghton Chemical Corporation Safe-T-Therm    Heat transfer fluids
HP (Hewlett Packard )    Printer, electronic component, and chemical analysis products
HPS, Inc.    Photographic and printing products
Hummel Croton, Inc.
Hunt & Company, Inc.    Janitorial and cleaning supplies
Huntsman Corporation Chemicals and packaging    Phone & Fax request only
Hyclone       Sera, serum alternatives, media, and sterile liquids  
Hydro Engineering, Inc.
    Pressure washing products
Hydro Safe Oil Division Inc.     Click on product, then go to bottom of page for MSDS
Hyperion Catalysis International     Carbon nanofiber materials
Hyvac Products, Inc.        Vacuum pump oils

I   Top      

IBL (Immuno Biological Laboratories)    Radio Immunoassays and Enzyme Immunoassays
ICI (Delux Paints )   Paints and coatings
       Devoe High Performance Coatings
       Liquid Nails (Macco)        Toll free phone or email request only
       National Starch & Chemical     Adhesives, polymers, starches
           Permabond     Adhesives  Phone request only
ICN Biomedicals, Inc.     Biotech. & clinical diag. products  [Enter "%" to see all MSDSs] Phone and email request
       ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.      [Enter "%" to see all MSDSs]
ICS/Penetron International Ltd.     Waterproofing products
IDE Interstate Inc.     Dental, medical, veterinary, and pharmaceutical products     Caution - not manufacturer's site - may not be current
IDS, Inc.     Cleaning products    
Ilford Imaging USA, Inc.     Digital imaging products
Illinois Tool Works (ITW) Fluid Products Group     Machining and grinding fluids
IMC Agrico     Phosphate-based agricultural fertilizers and animal feed supplements
       Feed Ingredients      [Click on product to see MSDS]   Online and phone request only 
       Phosphate Products  
       Potash Products    
IMC Salt    Salts
Immucor, Inc.    Blood bank automation products    Phone and online request only
Immuno-Mycologics, Inc.     Serodiagnostic and culture reagents
Impek A/P Cleaner / Degreaser - A powerful water based cleaner/degreaser concentrate to remove even the most stubborn dirt and grease. Safe on all washable surfaces. (PDF)
Imperial Incorporated     Maintenance supplies
Imperial Oil (Esso)     Lubricants and specialty products
IMS, Inc.      Defoamer      Email request only
Inamco Group medicines, reagents, disposables    Phone and email request only
       Inamco Corp., Medicos Laboratories, Inc, Advanced Diagnostics, Inc., Advanced LifeSciences
Independent Agribusiness Professionals, Inc.
Indium Corporation of America      Solders, fluxes, and electrically-conductive adhesives      Online request only
Industrial Cleaners (Div. Applied Hydro Technologies, Inc.)    Solvents, cleaners, degreasers    Phone and email request only
Industrial Plastics & Paints      Epoxy and resins   Fax-back only  Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Infiltec      Retrotec Smoke Puffer - titanium tetrachloride (TiCl4)      Email and phone request only
Information Services for Agriculture
Infratec Polymers, Inc. PaveGard
      INFRAREJUV TM ERA-C   Asphalt rejuvenating agent
      PAVEGARD 180   Self bonding pavement membrane
      PAVEGARD 180 B.G.     Bridge grade paving membrane
      PAVEGARD 180 Crack-A-Tac     Paving membrane
      Rub-Arb   Modified asphalt cements paving binder   
      Stop-A-Dropā„¢     Waterproofing membrane
      Tag 8000R   Asphalt driveway repair material
Injectorall Products      PC board products
InkJet, Inc.   Inks and printers  Online request only
Inland Craft Products, Co.
Innovative Polymers, Inc.      Industrial polyurethane  Phone, and online request only
Insects Limited, Inc.         Pheromones
Institute for Marine Biosciences    Certified reference materials
Intact Distribution Services - Australia    FEAS (Fire Extinguishing Aerosol system)
Interface Solutions, Inc.   Gaskets    Online or phone request
Interflux USA, Inc.    Fluxes, solders and solder paste
International BioProducts      Industrial laboratory supplies      Online and phone request
International Carbide Corp.
International Chemtex Corporation    Water treatment products   Email and phone request only
International Coatings Company Inc.     Screen Printing Inks, Plastisol Molding Compounds, specialty coatings and adhesives
International Marine Coatings (Akzo Nobel) Paints and coatings [Requires registration]
      List by product #
      Interlux Paints   [Enter "%" for list of all MSDSs]      List by product #
International Metalizing Corporation (IMC)    Epoxy and urethane coatings
International Paper (Decorative Products Div.)   Nevamar laminated plastic   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
International Remote Imaging Systems, Inc. (IRIS)      In-vitro laboratory diagnostic imaging products
International Resources, Inc.    Specialty chemicals
Interlux Paints    [Enter "%" for list of all MSDSs]
International Paper Ilford division    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Interstate Batteries
Instant Patch Protective coatings and paints interstate batteries
Invitrogen Life Technologies    Healthcare products   Online request
IPS Corporation    Solvent cements and adhesives   
I.P.M.C., Inc.     NatureSeal  water seal products
IQ Products   Consumer-friendly chemical products (Phone and Email request only)
Isabel Cristina Beauty Care
     Professional salon products
ITW Fluid Products Group   Machining and grinding fluids
       MRO Specialty Cleaning and Marking Products  (Dykem, Mar-Tex Dymon)  Hand
       and body cleaners, marking Systems, layout fluids, marking systems, cleaners &
       thinners, paints, crayons
IVOCLAR-VIVADENT Group      Dentistry products (Online request only)
Iwatani International Corporation of America      BU-5 Butane fuel

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