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Food safety - How to protect yourself from the hazards in your food

Food Safety

Every night on the evening news stories abound about people becoming sick and even dying from eating a meal that any one of us could have had that day. From hamburgers and fruit contaminated with E. Coli, fish infested with pfiesteria to cancer-causing agents in peanut butter and hormones in milk; it seems that everything we eat is bad for us!

But is this really true? And we have to eat something!

These pages provide information from reliable sources (and we quote them and provide links) to help your sort through the hype to make sound choices that balance your tastes and needs against the risks.

If you are looking for information of food safety, how to report food poisoning, how to identify a case of poisoning from e. coli, pfiesteria, salmonella, botulism, or other questions about the safety of your food at home or in a restaurant. You should find your topic in the list below! If not, email us and tell us what you want to see added!

Selected Food Safety Topics

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