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Polluters: Environmental Criminals, Consent Decrees and Other Pollution Cases in 2013

Polluters: Environmental Criminals, Consent Decrees and Other Pollution Cases in 2013

2013 Environmental Polluter (and Other Violators) of the Week
(More like bi-weekly, actually)

*True cases of environmental criminals and other violators and violations of environmental laws, regulations, statutes and pollution standards from real court cases and consent decrees

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  • The EPA and its federal, state and local law enforcement partners investigate and prosecute significant and egregious violations of environmental laws. These investigations involve, but are not limited to, the illegal disposal of hazardous waste; the illegal discharge of pollutants to a water of the United States; the illegal importation of certain restricted or regulated chemicals into the United States; tampering with a drinking water supply; mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering relating to environmental criminal activities.

    People often ask us, "It seems like companies get away with polluting all the time, just look at Exxon and the Valdez!" While it may be true that some companies treat the environment, your community's well-being and your health like a doormat and act as though their crimes are nothing more than a public relations expense; individuals and companies are being caught all the time. And the penalties are severe! Follow Detective Joe Friday and read on to learn about the appalling gall of these jerks and their crimes.

    It is EHSO's opinion that our society's obsession with money and instant wealth, combined with a generally apathetic public, and politicians more concerned with polls than pollution is leading to an increase in pollution and deliberate polluters. If you suspect a persistent polluter in your area, email us (or click here to use the EPA's report a violator form) for instructions to assist the EPA in catching him! To search a company's compliance history, click here!

    Disclaimer: The following news stories are all taken verbatim from EPA releases, so don't even think of trying to sue us if you or your firm's name is here! We will WELCOME the publicity! Will your company?

    2013 Polluter and environmental enforcement cases

    12/20/2013 Florida Pesticide Producer to Pay $1.7 Million Penalty for Selling Misbranded Pesticides
    12/19/2013 Energy Company to Pay $3.2 Million Penalty to Resolve Clean Water Violations in West Virginia / Chesapeake Appalachia LLC to spend estimated $6.5 million to restore areas damaged by natural gas extraction activities
    12/19/2013 West Haven, Conn. fined for Illegal Sewage Discharges; Will Take Action to Significantly Reduce Sewage Discharges to New Haven Harbor and Long Island Sound
    12/19/2013 Chicopee Company Pays Fine and Ships over 40,000 lbs of Hazardous Waste, Protecting Human Health and the Environment
    12/19/2013 Following Fatal Blast, Metal Recycler Required to Invest in Modern Technology and Company-Wide Protections to Prevent Future Accidental Chemical Releases
    12/19/2013 EPA Settles Cases Against Two Eastern Sandusky County Companies for Chemical Reporting Violations
    12/19/2013 EPA Settlement Yields Improved Ability for Nantucket Company to Respond to Oil Spills
    12/19/2013 U.S. EPA fines agricultural products companies $74,880 for pesticide violations in Calif. and Ariz.
    12/19/2013 Following Fatal Blast, Metal Recycler Required to Invest in Modern Technology and Company-Wide Protections to Prevent Future Accidental Chemical Releases
    12/19/2013 NOAA, EPA seek public comment on proposal to disapprove Oregon's Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Program
    12/18/2013 Darigold failed to report chlorine gas release in Portland to authorities in timely manner
    12/17/2013 Oregon Companies Settle with EPA for Illegal Disposal of Millions of Pounds of Reactive Hazardous Waste
    12/12/2013 EPA Takes Action to Protect Farm Workers in Puerto Rico; Bayer CropScience to Initiate Measures to Protect Workers and Pay $53,000 Penalty
    12/05/2013 Seattle marine engine dealer agrees to pay penalty, change engines in federal clean air case
    12/03/2013 Twin Falls fish farm settles with EPA for water pollution violations
    11/25/2013 Supplier for Embalming Chemicals Takes Action to Improve Safety at Facilities under Settlement
    11/20/2013 Puerto Rico Land Authority Agrees to Stop Clearing Wetlands in Guanica, Puerto Rico; Will Mitigate Damage Done
    11/20/2013 EPA Fines Fisher Sand and Gravel $150,000 for dust violations
    11/19/2013 Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities to close contaminated wells, protect groundwater in EPA agreement
    11/19/2013 Cabot Corporation Agrees to Spend Over $84 Million to Control Harmful Air Pollution at Texas, Louisiana Facilities
    11/14/2013 Chemical Company Failed to Disclose Public Health Risks, Judge Rules in Favor of EPA
    11/13/2013 City of Shreveport Agrees to $342 Million Sewer System Upgrade to Comply with Clean Water Act
    11/07/2013 Settlement Collects Cleanup Costs for Birch Swamp Road Superfund Site in Warren, R.I.
    11/06/2013 Shreveport Plant Installs Fence-line Monitors
    to Safeguard Workers and Local Community
    11/05/2013 Newfield Production Company to pay $600K penalty to resolve Safe Drinking Water Act violations on the Uintah and Ouray Reservation (Utah)
    11/01/2013 Progressive Nutrition of Norfolk, Neb., to Pay $125,000 for Settlement of Federal Pesticide Violations
    10/31/2013 EPA Settles Clean Water Act Violations in Arkansas
    10/29/2013 EPA Fines Phoenix-based Company $95,000 for PCB violations
    10/28/2013 HBD/Thermoid Inc. Agrees to $371,075 Settlement for Alleged Violations of Clean Air Act at Chanute, Kan., Facility
    10/28/2013 Former Winchester, Idaho hotel owner settles with EPA for asbestos demolition violations
    10/28/2013 Methuen Mass. School Bus Company Pays $33K Penalty for Excessive Idling
    10/25/2013 County Edge Dairy Inc. to Pay $20,000 Penalty for Clean Water Act Violations at its Inwood, Iowa, Facility
    10/23/2013 Ritchie Enterprises Inc., of Sullivan, Mo., to Pay $30,000 for Failure to Use Lead Safe Work Practices and Notify Homeowners of Lead Risks
    10/23/2013 Kansas and Illinois Pesticide Distributors to Pay Penalties Totaling $96,640 for Distributing Misbranded Pesticides
    10/23/2013 EPA Orders Middletown, NY to Address Clean Water Act Violations
    10/23/2013 EPA Reaches Settlement with Goshen, New York Company for Violations of Federal Toxics Law
    10/18/2013 Dyno Nobel Inc. to Pay $257,167 for Clean Air Act and Risk Management Program Violations at Two Facilities in Missouri
    09/30/2013 City of Tacoma settles with EPA for violating federal rules on PCBs in used oil
    09/30/2013 EPA Obtains Warrant to Address Over 1000 Drums and Containers at New Jersey Facility; Ongoing Investigation Reveals Presence of Hazardous Materials (Photos Available via Web Link)
    09/24/2013 EPA Fines BIA $136,000 for Keams Canyon Drinking Water Violations on the Hopi Reservation
    09/23/2013 Griffin Bros. Inc. settles with EPA for violating federal pesticide rules in Salem, OR
    09/20/2013 Texas Refinery WIll Pay $8.75 Million for Failing to Comply with Enforcement Settlement to Resolve Air Violations
    09/19/2013 CITGO Agrees to Reduce Air Pollution and Pay Penalty to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations at Refineries in Louisiana and Illinois
    09/19/2013 Hancock County, Iowa, Cattle Feeder Agrees to Innovative Settlement for Violating Water Permit
    09/19/2013 Asarco agrees to pay $146,600 for PCB violations at Hayden copper smelter
    09/18/2013 Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson settles with EPA for hazardous waste law violations
    09/16/2013 EPA Strengthens S.S. Badger Consent Decree in Response to Public Comments; Penalties Increased for Failing to Cease Coal Ash Discharge to Lake Michigan at End of 2014 Sailing Season
    09/13/2013 Post Foods to Spend More than $2 Million for Air Violations at Modesto Cereal Plant
    09/12/2013 EPA Orders Work at Cameron, Smith Lake Chapter Mines
    09/10/2013 Settlement with Town of Timmonsville and City of Florence will Resolve Drinking Water and Sewer Problems
    09/10/2013 Columbia, S.C., Agrees to Major Sewer System Upgrades
    09/05/2013 EPA fines Shell for Clean Air Act permit violations during offshore oil exploration in Alaska
    09/05/2013 EPA Launches New Online Mapping Tool for Environmental Impact Statements
    09/05/2013 EPA and Coast Guard Reach Pollution Control Agreement with Carnival / New Advanced Technologies Allow Industry to Comply with Emission Standards, Reduce Costs
    09/04/2013 United States Reaches Settlement with Safeway To Reduce Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Substances Nationwide /
    Largest case ever under Clean Air Act's ozone protection requirements
    09/04/2013 EPA reaches settlement with Safeway to reduce emissions of ozone-depleting refrigerants nationwide
    09/04/2013 United States Reaches Settlement with Safeway to Reduce Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Substances Nationwide

    09/04/2013 United States Reaches Settlement with Safeway to Reduce Emissions of Ozone-Depleting Substances Nationwide
    09/03/2013 Public Availability Meeting Scheduled Thursday, Sept. 5, for Chicago Heights Boulevard Site in St. Louis County, Mo.
    09/03/2013 EPA Requires HA International to Reduce Hazardous Air Emissions at Illinois Facility

    08/29/2013 Corpus Christi Plant Agrees to Pay Over
    $750,000 to Improve Emission Controls
    08/29/2013 Two California Firms and Owner Agree to Settle Clean Air Act Violations Stemming From Illegal Import of Vehicles
    08/27/2013 Family Dollar, Inc., Pays $602,438 Penalty for Distribution of Misbranded Pesticides
    08/26/2013 EPA focusing on industrial stormwater compliance, targeting a serious threat to Puget Sound water quality
    08/23/2013 Big West Oil to spend $18M on emission controls to resolve Clean Air Act violations at North Salt Lake refinery
    08/23/2013 Hazardous Waste Settlement Leads to School Cleanups in 60 Schools in R.I. and Mass.
    08/21/2013 United States and the Commonwealth of Kentucky Reach Agreement with AK Steel Corporation to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations
    08/20/2013 Yakima fuel distributor violated oil spill prevention and response safety rules
    08/19/2013 Companies in Illinois, Nebraska to Pay Settlements Totaling $84,387 for Distribution of Misbranded or Mislabeled Pesticides
    08/19/2013 Idaho sugar company failed to prevent industrial stormwater discharges, violated federal clean water rules
    08/14/2013 Abilene Products Co., Inc., Agrees to $90,660 Settlement for Violations of Clean Air Act at Abilene, Kan., Fertilizer Facility
    08/12/2013 Salem, Mass. Contractor Faces Penalty for Violating Lead Renovation Rule at Kittery, Maine Site
    08/08/2013 Meriden Conn. Company Pays Fine for Hazardous Waste Violations
    08/05/2013 Port of Tacoma settles with EPA, Department of Justice for damaging wetlands in violation of Clean Water Act
    08/05/2013 Maralex Disposal to pay $89,900 penalty to resolve Safe Drinking Water Act violations at disposal well on Southern Ute Reservation (Colo.)
    08/02/2013 Fry's Electronics Fined $50,000 by U.S. EPA for Making Unsubstantiated Health Claims
    08/01/2013 NEWS BRIEF: Final report available from investigation of injection wells at Lahaina wastewater facility
    07/31/2013 Chevron to pay $384,000 penalty and improve emission controls to resolve Clean Air Act violations at Salt Lake City refinery
    07/31/2013 Billerica, Mass. Company to Pay $2.6+ Million for Alleged Pesticide Violations
    07/31/2013 STATEMENTS: Senior EPA Officials Pay Tribute to Ira Leighton, who Helped Shape Environmental Protection since 1972
    07/31/2013 Compliance with environmental laws helps protect air, land, and water in communities across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
    07/31/2013 EPA Proposes Rule to Modernize Clean Water Act Reporting / E-reporting initiative will increase efficiency, ease burden for states and improve public access to data
    07/31/2013 Springfield, Mass. Housing Authority Settles Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Case
    07/29/2013 Fife, Washington ice manufacturer failed to notify emergency responders of hazardous chemical release
    07/25/2013 Prudent Technologies to Pay $65,450 Penalty for Violations of Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule at Omaha Lead Site
    07/25/2013 Sorrento settles with EPA for chemical management violations at Nampa, Idaho plant
    07/23/2013 San Antonio Agrees to $1.1 Billion Upgrade Sewer Systems to Comply With Clean Water Act
    07/18/2013 United States Reaches an Agreement with XTO Energy to Prevent Waste Spills from Natural Gas Exploration and Production
    07/17/2013 Florida Man and His Corporation Sentenced for Wetlands Violations in Panama City
    07/17/2013 Perma-Fix Northwest Richland settles with EPA for waste management violations
    07/17/2013 Florida Man and His Corporation Sentenced for Wetlands Violations in Panama City
    07/17/2013 School Bus Company to Install Automatic Idle Shut-off Controls and Pay Penalties under the Clean Air Act
    07/16/2013 Laconia N.H. Company Fined for Failing to Notify Tenants about Lead Paint Hazards
    07/11/2013 Nature's Best, LLC, to Pay $19,669 Civil Penalty for Violations of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act
    07/11/2013 Companies to pay penalty, reduce harmful emissions from Hagerstown cement plant
    07/11/2013 Settlement with City of Wilmington, New Hanover County and Cape Fear Public Utility Authority will Reduce Sewer Overflows
    07/11/2013 R.I. Property Management Company Fined for Failing to Notify Tenants about Lead Paint Hazards in Providence
    07/10/2013 Shell Oil To Spend Over $115 Million to Reduce Harmful Air Pollution at Houston Area Refinery And Chemical Plant
    07/08/2013 Hercules to Pay $2 Million Penalty for Violations at Resin Disposal Superfund Site, Jefferson Borough
    07/02/2013 Kansas Department of Transportation to Pay $477,500 Penalty to Settle Violations of Clean Water Act at Three Construction Sites
    07/02/2013 Deseret Generation and Transmission Co-operative agrees to resolve Clean Air Act violations at Utah Power Plant
    07/01/2013 Energy Department settles with EPA for waste management violations at Hanford
    07/01/2013 EPA Warns Against Use of Refrigerant Substitutes That Pose Fire and Explosion Risk
    06/28/2013 United States and Tennessee Reach Agreement with King Pharmaceuticals LLC to Resolve Allegations of Clean Air Act Violations
    06/26/2013 EPA Reaches Agreement with SunCoke Energy for Clean Air Violations at Plants in Illinois and Ohio
    06/25/2013 Oregon and Idaho property managers failed to disclose lead paint hazards to renters
    06/21/2013 W/T Land and Cattle settles with EPA for water pollution violations
    06/19/2013 Settlement with Ash Grove Cement Company to Reduce Thousands of Tons of Air Emissions
    06/13/2013 United States and Arkansas File Joint Complaint Against ExxonMobil for Pegasus Pipeline Oil Spill in Mayflower, Arkansas
    06/13/2013 MassDOT and Contractor Fined for Clean Water Violations
    06/12/2013 New Haven, Conn. Cold Storage Warehouse Fined for Release of Toxic Ammonia from Facility
    06/11/2013 FMC Corporation to begin Superfund cleanup at former phosphorus processing plant near Pocatello, Idaho
    06/11/2013 EPA Orders a Stop Sale of Hampton Manufacturing, Inc's "Antibacterial H-42 Clipper Cleaner"
    06/06/2013 Miami-Dade Agrees to $1.6 Billion Upgrade of its Sewer System to Eliminate Sewage Overflows
    06/05/2013 EPA Fines Phoenix Lamp Recycler More Than $70,000 for PCB Violations
    06/05/2013 HarenLaughlin Construction Company of Lenexa, Kan., to Pay $27,286 Penalty for Failure to Use Lead-Safe Work Practices and Notify Property Owner of Lead Risks
    EPA Files Complaint Against Timmonsville, S.C. for Water Violations
    06/03/2013 EPA Approves Plan to Control Sewer Overflows in Cincinnati Area / Will Reduce Releases of Sewage and Polluted Stormwater by More Than 1.5 Billion Gallons Each Year
    05/30/2013 Public Comments Sought on Proposed Coal Ash Cleanup Settlement with Rotary Drilling Supply in Jefferson County, Mo.
    05/30/2013 Tesoro to pay $1.1 million to resolve Clean Air Act violations
    05/30/2013 Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. to pay penalty for chemical reporting violations at Aragonite, Utah facility
    05/30/2013 Reddy Ice Corporation to pay penalty and improve accident prevention and preparedness at Denver facility
    05/30/2013 Tesoro to Pay $1.1 Million to Resolve Clean Air Act Violations
    05/29/2013 Farm Services Cooperative, of Shelby, Iowa, to Pay $21,450 Civil Penalty for Sale of Restricted Use Pesticides
    05/28/2013 Wal-Mart Pleads Guilty To Federal Environmental Crimes And Civil Violations And Will Pay More Than $81 Million / Retailer admits violating criminal and civil laws designed to protect water quality and to ensure proper handling of hazardous wastes and pesticides
    05/23/2013 EPA to be reimbursed $340K for hazardous waste cleanup at Lin-Electric Superfund site in Mercer County, W.Va.
    05/23/2013 United States Takes Action to Reduce Hazards from Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing at Louisiana Facility
    05/22/2013 Coffeyville Resources Refining and Marketing to Pay $300,000 to Settle Violations of Clean Air Act at Kansas Oil Refinery
    05/15/2013 EPA orders gas stations to close underground injection wells to protect drinking water sources on Yakama Reservation
    05/10/2013 Rhode Island Shipbuilder to Pay Fine and Take Actions to Reduce Air Emissions under Settlement with EPA
    05/07/2013 Trucking company to pay $83,500 for gasoline spill in Lake County, Montana
    05/02/2013 Rhode Island Company Pays $198,500 to Settle Clean Air Violations at Brattleboro, VT Facility
    05/02/2013 EPA Takes Action Against Violators of the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule
    05/01/2013 Rhode Island Boatyard to Reduce Air Emissions and Pay Penalty
    04/23/2013 Beef Products Inc. to Pay $450,000 Penalty for Clean Air Act Violations at its Waterloo, Iowa, Facility
    04/22/2013 U.S. EPA Requires ADOT to Reduce Pollution from Stormwater Runoff
    04/22/2013 Clean Air Act Settlement with Wisconsin Utilities to Reduce Emissions by More Than 50,000 Tons Annually
    04/22/2013 Clean Air Act Settlement with Wisconsin Utilities to Reduce Emissions by More Than 50,000 Tons Annually
    04/19/2013 EPA: Compliance with environmental laws helps protect air, land and water in communities across Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington
    04/19/2013 Cement Manufacturer Agrees to Reduce Harmful Air Emissions at Colorado Plant
    04/18/2013 R.I. Landlords Fined for Failing to Notify Tenants about Lead Paint Hazards in Woonsocket
    04/16/2013 Grain Processing Corporation of Muscatine, Iowa, Agrees to Pay $129,000 Penalty for Clean Water Act Violations
    04/16/2013 Seattle and King County, Wash. Agree to Upgrade Combined Stormwater Systems to Protect Local Waters from Raw Sewage Overflows / City and county combined sewer overflows expected to drop by up to 99% by 2030
    04/15/2013 EPA action protects Big Windsor Reservoir from feedlot waste
    04/10/2013 EPA To Hold Second Budget Call Due to Earlier Technical Difficulties
    04/10/2013 EPA's FY 2014 Budget Proposal Maintains the Strength of Federal, State, and Tribal Core Environmental and Human Health Protections/FY 2014 Request Focuses on Transforming the Way EPA Does Business
    04/08/2013 Dudley, Mass. Packaging Plant to Pay Nearly $485K Penalty for Environmental Violations
    04/08/2013 Ethanol producer to pay $136,500 for risk management and chemical reporting violations at Aberdeen and Huron, S.D. facilities
    04/05/2013 Tyson Foods, Inc., to Pay $3.95M Penalty for Clean Air Act Violations at Facilities in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska
    04/05/2013 Settlement with Tyson Foods to Address Multiple Releases of Anhydrous Ammonia / Settlement requires company to conduct third party audits to reduce threat of accidental chemical releases, purchase emergency equipment for first responders
    04/04/2013 Kingston, N.H. Concrete Producer Agrees To Resolve Clean Water Act Violations
    04/04/2013 EPA Issues Clean Water Act Permit for Small Suction Dredge Miners in Idaho
    04/03/2013 Portland Oil Re-Refining Company ordered to safely dispose PCB-contaminated oil or pay penalty
    04/03/2013 EPA Settles with Hydrofarm, Inc. for Selling Unregistered Pesticides
    04/02/2013 Collis Inc to Pay $31,379 Civil Penalty for Hazardous Waste Violations in Clinton, Iowa
    04/01/2013 U.S. Air Force 611th Air Support Group Closes Banned Motor Vehicle Waste Wells at Three Alaska Sites
    04/01/2013 Oregon fuel companies fined for federal oil spill prevention and response violations

    Don't know which EPA Region You are in? City and County of Honolulu wastewater treatment plants' exemptions not renewed / Sand Island and Honouliuli plants will be required to upgrade to full secondary treatment bullet01/05/2009 - See the news about the SEC indictment of Waste Management former senior officers - Dean Buntrock and Phil Rooney and others! These guys were doing "Enron" long before you ever heard of Enron!

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