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EarthQuakes and Your Family:

The 2016 Earthquake Risk Map

If you want to know what is the risk of an earthquake anywhere in the united States, just see this federal earthquake risk map!

First, this is the cuurent map, the 2014 Earthquaake risk map for the United States, from the USGS, U.S. Geologic Survey.

Compare this with the 1995 map.  Yes, their graphics have improved, but there aren't substantial changes. 

However, after the maps above were created, the USGS has added induced earthquakes, those presumed to have been initiated by manmade activities.  This is shown in the map below. However, we would urge caurtion in interpreting this map.  There are a lot of conditions associated with the map, so look at this page fopr the detailed information, which in cludes citations about the USGS statements about impacts from injection wells and fracking.

USGS Induced Earthquake risk map 2016