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Environmental Health and Safety in the Home and Community - Who Are We

Environmental Health & Safety Online

Who are we?

Welcome to Environmental Health & Safety Online, for EHS Professionals and the general public! We hope to answer your questions and concerns about the effects of chemicals in the air you breath, the quality of the water you drink, food safety, and compounds found in building materials, etc. that you and your family may be exposed to.

We examine food safety, chemical sensitivity, chemicals in foods, asbestos in the schools and home, and specific issues that you raise by emailing us! While we are not doctors or lawyers (... and we're certainly thankful for the latter! :-) We are chemists, engineers and environmental professionals. We believe that factual, verifiable and easy-to-understand information needs to be provided to the public to help people make better decisions about the products and services they buy and their family's health.

We find credible public domain sources of research, such as public research institutions and government scientific websites; gather the key information from them; organize it, often re-write it and publish it here, along with links to private or copyrighted materials. In this manner, EHSO becomes the one place to easily find the best source of environmental, health and safety guidance. That is a level of review that a search in Google doesn't provide!

Between the hype of the media, lunatic fringe groups and the stonewalling and deceit of many large companies and governments, credible and easy-to-understand information has been too rare to find! We aim to help solve that!

We maintain this site without compensation, in our own free time, so please be patient , but. ..

If you don't see it in the table of contents , or find it in our search engine (click on search ), just tell us what you want by clicking hereand we will do our best to research & add whatever you'd like!