State of Georgia Environmental Protection Technical Guidance - DNR - EPD Technical Guidance Documents - Free to Download Here!

State of Georgia Environmental Protection Technical Guidance - DNR - EPD Technical Guidance Documents - Free to Download Here!

State of Georgia Environmental Protection Technical Guidance - DNR - EPD Technical Guidance Documents - Free to Download Here!

The following State of Georgia programs have provided some of their technical guidance documents on-line. Many of these documents require an Adobe Acrobat PDF reader plug-in. If you do not have the plug-in one can be downloaded from Adobe.
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Branch and Regulated Facility GroupContact PersonContact Phone

Air Protection Branch

Air Protection Branch
Air Quality Fee Collection Jeff Carter404.363.7000
Air Quality Permits and Air Toxics
Jimmy Johnston

Clean Fueled Fleets William Cook404.363.7028
Meteorological Data Dale Kemmerick404.363.7092
Risk Management Kent Howell404.656.6905
Testing and Monitoring Mike Fogle404.363.7053
Vehicle Emission and Testing William Mullis404.363.7028

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems Alan Sandercock404.657.6135

Geologic Survey Branch

Environmentally Sensitive Property
Bruce O'Connor

Geologic Technical Investigations Landria Toogood404.656.3214
Underground Injection Control Bill Smith404.656.3214
Water Well Driller Standards Bill Smith404.656.3214

Hazardous Waste Management Branch

Hazardous Waste Branch
Hazardous Sites Cleanup Tim Cash404.657.8600
Hazardous Site Management Fees Tim Cash404.657.8600
Hazardous Waste Management
Jim Ussery

Renee Hudson Goodley



Land Protection Branch

Land Protection Branch
Asbestos Abatement Don McCarty404.363.7026
Lead-Based Paint Abatement Don McCarty404.363.7026
Scrap Tires Lon Revall404.362.2537
Solid Waste Management Harold Gillespie404.362.2692
Surface Mining Jeff Cown404.362.2692
Underground Storage Tanks Randy Williams404.362.2687

Program Coordination Branch

Program Coodination Branch
Commercial Environmental Laboratories Ted Jackson404.656.3204
EPD Laboratory Operations David Jones404.206.5269
Radiation Surveillance
Jim Hardeman404.362.2675
Radioactive Materials Tom Hill404.362.2675
Small Business Assistance
  • Georgia Small Business Assistance Program

    The Small Business Technical Assistance Program (SBAP) is a non-regulatory office within EPD that provides free, confidential assistance to small businesses on environmental issues. The SBAP can answer questions on compliance requirements, assist in obtaining a permit, provide information on pollution prevention and provide confidential assistance on compliance problems. This free assistance is available to businesses with 100 or fewer employees.
Anita Dorsey-Word404.362.4842

Water Protection Branch

Engineering and Technical Support
Ernie Earn
Curtis Boswell
Bob Scott
Pete Zorbanos
Erosion and Sedimentation

Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission
Jan Sammons

Tom Sills
Chattahoochee-Flint Regional Development Center



770.854.6026 (from Atlanta)

Field Investigation Quality AssuranceMike Phipps
Linda Harn
Land Activity ManagementFrank Carubba404.675.6240
Storm Water Larry Hedges
Drew Zurow
Total Maximum Daily Loadings

Altamaha River Basin

Ocmulgee River Basin

Oconee River Basin

Elizabeth Booth404.675.1675
Wastewater (NPDES & LAS)

Mike Creason


Water Resources Branch

Water Resources Branch
Drinking Water Brad Addison404.656.4807
Flood Plain Management
  • Floodplain Management Manual: a reference manual for local officials, floodplain administrators, and persons involved in floodplain determinations, enforcement and reviews. This document is being revised and is currently unavailable.
  • Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Flood Hazard Boundary Maps, and Flood Insurance Studies: Contact the Georgia Floodplain Management Office.
  • Offsite Links
Collis Brown404.656.6382
Watershed Protection Branch
Water Resources Allocation and Planning Kevin Farrell404.656.3094

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Pollution Prevention Assistance Division

P�AD offers businesses, industries, and local and state government agencies technical assistance in developing and implementing pollution prevention programs. Technical assistance is given in response to phone inquiries, electronic communications, mail, workshops, seminars, and on-site visits. Assistance is free, confidential, and non-regulatory in nature. P�AD's technical staff can assist you with many aspects of pollution prevention, including, but not limited to, the following: reduction of waste reuse of waste recycling of waste equipment or technology modifications reformulation or redesign of products substitution of raw materials housekeeping and maintenance training inventory control.
Bob Donaghue404.651.5120

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Public Involvement in Environmental Permits: A Reference Guide
The US EPA has been working on ways to improve public involvement in environmental permit decisions. EPA recently developed a new guide for states to use and share with their stakeholders. You can find the full Guide, a 1 page fact sheet, and a separate transmittal note from EPA managers at this site.
David Nicholas, USEPA202.260.4512

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