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Free Access to Federal Environmental ocean Dumping Regulations - from EHSO and the EPA

Chapter I - Environmental Protection Agency

The US EPA environmental regulations are present in code order. If you are unfamiliar with the code system (for example, waste regulations are found in subpart I 240 - 283, hazardous waste at 260- 280), use your browser's page search function - or scroll through the list. Clicking on a link will bring up that set of regulations for viewing or download - free. The parts listed under each subchapter access the Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR) database available from the Government Printing Office (GPO).
220.1 to 220.4
221.1 to 221.5
Applications For Ocean Dumping Permits Under Section 102 Of The Act
222.1 to 222.13
Action On Ocean Dumping Permit Applications Under Section 102 Of The Act
223.1 to 223.5
Contents Of Permits; Revision, Revocation Or Limitation Of Ocean Dumping Permits Under Section 104(d) Of The Act
224.1 to 224.2
Records And Reports Required Of Ocean Dumping Permittees Under Section 102 Of The Act
225.1 to 225.4
Corps Of Engineers Dredged Material Permits
227.1 to 227.32
Criteria For The Evaluation Of Permit Applications For Ocean Dumping Of Materials
228.1 to 228.15
Criteria For The Management Of Disposal Sites For Ocean Dumping
229.1 to 229.3
General Permits
230.1 to 230.80
Section 404(b)(1) Guidelines For Specification Of Disposal Sites For Dredged Or Fill Material
231.1 to 231.8
Section 404(c) Procedures
232.1 to 232.3
--404 Program Definitions; Exempt Activities Not Requiring 404 Permits
233.1 to 233.71
--404 State Program Regulations
238.10 to 238.30
Degradable Plastic Ring Carriers

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