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Clip Art and Misc Materials for of Nature and the Environment

EHSO's Free Nature and Environmental Clip Art

Clip Art, Photos and Graphics of Nature and Environment

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Many online clipart and photo collections are misleading, and actually want to charge you. We took the time to check through all of these to ensure that they do provide images that can be used free of charge! Most of these sites are government and public websites that provide clip art and photos, copyright free. We're still gathering information and links. If you have any to add or suggest, please tells us via the feedback form!

Recycling and Environmental Management

Collection 1
Printers, dollar signs, trucks, alternative cleansers, buildings, grocery bags, boxes with packing material, two-sided copies, waste baskets, snack packages, coffee cups, soft drink bottles, boxes, compost bins, trucks, trees, leaves, the Earth, recycling symbols, plants, buckets, bins, bottles, cans, boxes, packaging, paper, etc. ( Preview sheet)
Download in a .zip file in GIF or TIF formats.

Collection 2
Images about waste prevention topics at home; images about business, the office place, and consumer shopping; images about organics (composting and worms), landscaping (grasscycling), and waste prevention ideas. ( Preview sheet)
Download in a .zip file in GIFTIF or EPS formats.


Standard Recycling Signs - This page contains downloadable signs for recycling bins. The signs may be downloaded and used, copyright free, for any reasonable purpose.

Oil Spills Photos - Here are guided tours and photos taken by NOAA OR&R scientists, spill response experts, and colleagues.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has quite a bit of free clip art: You are free to use these graphics as often as needed. If you do use them, please give the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources credit for the artwork. All clip art comes from three publications put out by the DNR. Here are direct links to it:

Recycling Clipart Collection! A nice free collection! In an effort to assist recycling coordinators and educators, they have assembled a collection of recycling related clipart. After you send them your name, phone number, title, and address via email ([email protected]), you may use the images in your community's public education materials.


US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service - The Image Gallery is provided as a complimentary source of high quality digital photographs available from the Agricultural Research Service Information Staff. You can also search the Image Gallery-along with our complete online catalog of more than 2,000 photo images. Images are available for direct download in three sizes (72dpi) for web use and for FPO use by designers and art directors: thumbnail (1.5"), medium (3.5"), and large (8.89"). Simply copy the desired image in the size needed from your browser.

Plants - US Environmental Protection Agency and Purdue University - A detailed look at the plants typical of 11 different wetland types from bog to wet prairie. After an introduction to a particular type of wetland, the user can explore a list of species found in that ecosystem. Each entry gives detailed botanical information as well as a VGA or SVGA photo of the plant. The outstanding photos are identification quality and most were supplied by the Morton Arboretum. Examples help identify plant specimens, and expanded to include species found throughout the lower forty-eight States.

US Department of Agriculture Photography Center Online

FeaturesFood RecoveryFood Safety
Service CentersTransportationWashington, DC

Soil - The NASIS gallery is a collection of soil images. The images were provided by various State Offices and are available on the NASIS Central Server

Gallery Logo View the USDA WebsiteView the NRCS WebsiteHome Page of the PLANTS Website

The PLANTS Gallery provides selected images of U.S. plants For plants, this one is really good!.


Discovery Channel Online - Animal Cams

Endangered Species - slide graphics will benefit from seeing, and not only reading about, endangered species in their natural surroundings, the causes of their problems, and efforts to protect species in danger. The program is best suited for educators and students in grades 4-12. Educators may want to make use of the Knowledge Quiz questions and answers, as well as the evaluation form. Select your choice of:

NOAA's Ark (Animals) - a virtual boatload of fins, fur, and feathers. A collection of marine mammal photos and more.

Forestry, Parks and Conservation

Conservation Collection - The NRCS (Natural Resources Conversation Center) Photo Gallery contains natural resource and conservation related photos from across the USA. The Gallery is a joint project between NRCS Conservation Communications and the NRCS Information Technology Center in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Photos in the Gallery are available free of charge in two common image formats: TIFF or JPEG. Image resolution is generally 1500 x 2100 pixels (5" x 7" at 300 dpi). TIFF images are 32 bit CMYK color, ranging from 6 mb to 12 mb in size. JPEG images are 24 bit RGB color ranging from 200 kb to 400 kb in size.

VirtualParks is the creation of Erik Goetze, who has shot over 3,000 wilderness panoramas. See what it is like at possible vacation spots, explore remote mountain passes you might not be able to get to this year, or revisit favorite places. Get a feeling for what our remaining wild places are like.

Forestry - Forest Service Historical Photograph Collection - The Forest Service Historical Photograph Collection consists of approximately 60,000 black and white images, mostly 8" x 10" in size. The photographs date from the late nineteenth century into the second half of the twentieth century.

Water, Oceans, Rivers and Lakes

Fish - US Fish and Wildlife Service - Gallery of Ecosystem Exhibits - Also, looking for images related to fish and wildlife? they have hundreds online, and thousands more to come...

NOAA Logo, NOAA Satellites and Information, National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC).Oceans, coasts - The Images offered here are .GIF .JPG or .MPEG images produced in the National Geophysical Data Center's Marine Geology & Geophysics Division (with the exception of the seafloor topography from satellite altimetry, produced by Dr. Walter Smith of NOAA).

National Marine Fisheries Historical Image Collection - Over 532 etchings from the 1880s illustrating the various species of marine mammals, fish, and shellfish.

Fisheries - fishing techniques, fish illustrations and more.

The Coral Kingdom - breath-taking photos of Pacific, Caribbean and the Red Sea Reefs.

Available in album and catalog formats.

Sanctuaries - images from the Nation's National Marine Sanctuaries. Available in album and catalog formats.


The National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) - a special collection of over 250 images. Lots of tornado pictures! Available in album and catalog formats.

National Weather Service Historical Image Collection - the photos in these archives help tell the stories of our people and their service to communities across America. Available in album and catalog formats.

Beginnings & Endings - sunrises, sunsets, moonbeams and moonshine.

Not recommended:

Warning: Snap-Shot Wallpaper and's have online picture galleries, and desktop wallpaper gallery and screensavers, BUT they require you to download a Internet Explorer plugin, which may contain adware, spyware or viruses. It may also be benign, but they don't provide an obvious justification for it, so I can't recommend them. I never recommend that you click on anything that attempts to download software to your computer. You should be able to right click on images and use "save as".

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