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What you can do in the National Atlas of the United States®? You can customize your own map for printing or viewing. Map Maker Investigate the layers that you can mix and match when making your own map. Map Layers Print pre-formatted maps on a variety of topics. Printable Maps Order larger maps suitable for the wall of your office, home, or classroom. Wall Maps Play with interactive maps. Dynamic Maps Learn about topics that interest you. Articles

Download documented, accurate, reliable, and integrated data to use in your GIS application. Mapping Professionals

The Atlas of North America

Any national atlas should provide a larger context within which to describe a nation's people, places, and resources. To date, the National Atlas of the United States has focused on providing you with information about America. But in recent years we have partnered with atlas programs in Mexico and Canada to compile authoritative and reliable geographic information that covers North America. We have begun by collaboratively building "frameworks," the essential map layers that provide a foundation for all other maps. These basic layers, including small-scale harmonized information on North American roads, water, boundaries and the like, are being offered here for the first time. Like all other raw data and documentation offered here on, these frameworks can be downloaded at no cost and used freely without copyright concerns or license restrictions. Revised elevation data and a new watersheds map layer will be our next North American frameworks releases.

More County Maps

You've probably discovered our printable maps. Hundreds of thousands of these page-sized maps are downloaded each month for use at home, in schools, and at the office. One of our most popular series of printable maps has included maps for each state that show county boundaries. Still, many of you have asked us to include "just a little more" information on these state-by-state county maps. So we're introducing a second set of them here. These are just as accurate and useful as our original county maps, but now we've added the locations of selected towns and cities as well as large water bodies. You may preview the maps here in the National Atlas, then download and print them yourself.

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