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Halogen Bulbs

Have you been hearing that lamps with halogen bulbs release UV radiation and you're worried about whether the use of this lamp put me at risk for skin cancer?

It is true that halogen bulbs used in lighting fixtures release some UV radiation, but at a low level. According to the National Electrical Manufacturers' Assosiation, all American manufacturers place a glass guard in their halogen lighting fixtures to screen out the UV light and to prevent exposure to broken glass when the halogen bulbs shatter. However, if the lighting fixture is imported, there is no guarantee that such safeguards are in place. The lamp owner must inspect the fixture manually to see if a glass filter is covering the bulb. If not, there will be the possibility of exposure to potentially hazardous low-level UV radiation, especially for desk lamps and other fixtures placed close to the body.

For more information concerning halogen fixtures, call the National Electrical Manufacturers' Association at 202-457-8408.

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