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Global Warming Information Center - Free Publications and Presentations

Climate Change Publications

This documents and pages may be useful for students and others doing researcgh into climate change causes and effects.

  • Climate Change Research
  • EPA conducts research to understand the environmental and health impacts of climate change and to provide sustainable solutions for adapting to and reducing the impact from a changing climate.
  • Agriculture and Climate
  • Climate change affects agricultural producers because agriculture and fisheries depend on specific climate conditions. Temperature changes can cause crop planting dates to shift. Droughts and floods due to climate change may hinder farming practices.
  • King Tides and Climate Change
  • The highest predicted high tide of the year at a coastal location can bring unusually high water levels and can cause flooding. Learn about these tides including what they are, when they occur, and what they can mean for the future.
  • Climate Change in Coastal Communities
  • Estuaries and coastal areas are vulnerable to many impacts of climate change such as sea level rise and ocean acidification. Learn about these impacts and how resource managers can prepare for them.
  • Climate Change and Children's Health
  • In 2007, sixteen percent of children lived in counties exceeding the annual fine particulate matter standard. Exposure to higher levels of ambient particulate matter and ozone may increase school absences and hospital admissions due to respiratory illness.

Older documents

  • Sea Level Rise Reports - a collection of selected publications related to climate change, coastal areas, and sea level rise.
  • Reference Material - documents from the UNFCCC and the IPCC as well as a selection of guidance documents.
  • Position Papers - a collection of documents providing background on the U.S. position concerning global climate change.
  • Outreach Material - a one-stop source for outreach materials designed to inform the public about global warming.

Additional Documents
- Smart Savings: Climate Solutions for Cities (1999), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 236-F-99-001; 143k pdf). Twenty actions at the municipal-level to save money, save energy, clean the air, reduce congestion, curb sprawl, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
- State Climate Change Impacts Information Sheets (1997, 98) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. U.S. state specific information sheets on climate change and its potential impacts. US EPA publication series includes all 50 states.
- Wise Rules for Industrial Efficiency: A Tool Kit for Estimating Energy Savings and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions (1998), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 231-R-98-014; 1.4M pdf). Estimate energy, cost and CO 2 savings from a variety of process efficiency measures.
- Mitigation Options in Forestry, Land-Use Change and Biomass Burning in Africa (LBNL-42767, May 1998), by Willy R.L. Makundi. This paper highlights mitigation options in the forestry sector relevant to different parts of Africa.
- Climate Change Solutions: Utah's Solar Project Helps Reduce Greenhouse Gases (1998), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 236-F-98-001; 255k pdf). Remote Dangling Rope Marina on Lake Powell in Utah is steering a forward-looking course against global warming.
- Cool Facts About Global Warming (1997), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 320-F-97-001; 790k pdf). Small-format brochure (primer) on global warming.
- Climate Change and Public Health (1997), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 236-F-97-005; 114k pdf). Information sheet on the potential impacts of climate change on public health.
- Climate Change and Health: Need for Expanded Scope of Occupational and Environmental Medicine , an article by Jonathan A. Patz, MD, MPH, a leading expert from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
- Hot Weather Health Watch by Stephen P. Mullin, City Representative, Philadelphia, PA. Hot Weather Health Watch issueas City Health Department begins new hot weather health watch and warning system.
- Project Summary: Demonstration of the Environmental and Demand-side Management Benefits of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Systems (1996), Edward C. Kern, Jr. and Daniel L. Greenberg, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA 320-F-97-001; 36k pdf).
- Climate Change and the Boston Area Water Supply (1995), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The uncertain consequences of climate change for future water supply in the Boston area exacerbates the problems of local water resource planning and water supply investment decisions.
- Ecological Impacts From Climate Change: An Economic Analysis of Freshwater Recreational Fishing (1995), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This study focuses on freshwater fishing in rivers and streams as a starting point for estimating potential impacts to recreational fishing from climate change.
- Climate Change and the Colorado River Basin (1993), U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Assessing the sensitivity of the Colorado River by evaluating the effects of runoff changes and the effects of changes in precipitation and temperature.

EPA Conference Reports
- Global Climate Change: What Does It Mean For South Florida And The Florida Keys? (933k pdf) - April 1999 conferences in Miami and Marathon, Florida.
- Climate Change: What Does It Mean For The Midwest? (722k pdf)
- May 1999 regional conference in Kansas City, Missouri.
- Will Climate Change Where The Wild Things Are? (480k pdf)
- October 1998 wildlife conference at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.
- Third Annual State And Local Climate Change Partners' Conference
- October 1998 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The conference report is available in a Special Issue (Winter 1999) of the electronic journal Inside the Greenhouse.
- Climate Change: What Does It Mean For The Southwest? (380k pdf)
- September 1998 regional conference in Phoenix, Arizona.
- Global Warming: What Does It Mean For Upstate New York And The Great Lakes? (450k pdf) - June 1998 regional conference in Buffalo, New York.
- Emerging Public Health Threats And The Role Of Climate Change (1.1M pdf)
- March 1998 public health conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
- Climate Change: What Does It Mean For The Mid-Atlantic? (1.7M pdf)
- February 1998 regional conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
- Climate Change: What Does It Mean For The Central Southwest? (280k pdf)
- October 1997 regional conference in Dallas, Texas.
- Global Climate Change: Impacts For The Southeast (293k pdf)
- September 1997 regional conference in Atlanta, Georgia.
- Global Climate Change: What Does It Mean For The Midwest And The Great Lakes? (531k pdf) - September 1997 regional conference in Chicago, Illinois.
- Climate Change: What Does It Mean For New England? (808k pdf)
- June 1997 regional conference in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Climate Change and Impacts
Human activities are increasing greenhouse gas concentrations and trapping more heat. The Earth- s climate is predicted to change due to the buildup of greenhouse gases; the associated rate of temperature change is significantly faster than any observed changes in the last 10,000 years. Climatic changes could have adverse effects on ecological systems, human health, and socio-economic sectors.

From Climate Change to Impacts ...

Climate Science:

Individual Slides:
- The Greenhouse Effect - Introduction ( 6k pdf )
- The Greenhouse Effect ( 56k pdf )
- Atmospheric Concentrations of GHGs Are Increasing ( 6k pdf )
- Examples of GHGs Affected by Human Activity ( 8k pdf )
- Historical and Projected Future CO 2 Concentrations ( 12k pdf )
- Temperature Change and CO 2 Concentrations ( 25k pdf )
- Climate Has Changed and Will Continue to Change ( 6k pdf )
- Temperature and Precipitation Trends ( 92k pdf )


Individual Slides:
- US Greenhouse Gas Emissions ( 6k pdf )
- Total US GHG Emissions by Gas ( 12k pdf )
- 1995 GHG Emissions Per Capita ( 5k pdf )
- 1995 GHG Emissions Per Dollar Gross Domestic Product ( 5k pdf )
- US CO 2 Emissions from Fossil Fuel Combustion ( 12k pdf )
- 1996 CO 2 Emissions from Energy ( 5k pdf )
- 1996 CO 2 Emissions Per Capita ( 5k pdf )
- 1996 CO 2 Emissions Per Dollar Gross Domestic Product ( 5k pdf )
- 1996 Carbon Emissions ( 5k pdf )
- 1996 Carbon Emissions ( 4k pdf )
- 2020 Carbon Emissions ( 4k pdf )
- Projected CO 2 Emissions Growth ( 5k pdf )


Individual Slides:
- Climate Change Impacts - Introduction ( 7k pdf )
- Potential Climate Change Impacts ( 129k pdf )
- Direct Weather-related Mortality ( 6k pdf )
- Average Annual Excess Weather-related Mortality ( 26k pdf )
- Water Resources ( 6k pdf )
- Examples of Regional Water Impacts ( 30k pdf )
- Impacts on Forests ( 6k pdf )
- Change in Potential Vegetation ( 108k pdf )
- Impacts on Coastal Areas ( 6k pdf )
- US Coastal Lands at Risk ( 13k pdf )
- Impacts on Wetlands ( 6k pdf )
- Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge ( 224k pdf )
- Impacts on Species ( 6k pdf )
- Loss of Brown Trout Habitat ( 22k pdf )
- Agriculture ( 7k pdf )
- Change in Regional Crop Production ( 22k pdf )
- Changes in Agriculture Yields ( 21k pdf )

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