What is the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Budget by Year?

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The EPA develops a proposed budget each February for the upcoming fiscal year (e.g, the FY 2009 budget is developed in February 2008). The budget defines the goals and objectives towards which the Agency intends to work within the fiscal year and the funding the Agency believes is necessary to accomplish these goals and objectives. This budget is combined with the budgets of the rest of the Executive Branch and is then sent by the President to the Congress (this occurs in the first quarter of the calendar year). The Congress then acts on the various budgets by developing, amending, and, ultimately, passing bills which enact the budgets into law (normally prior to the start of the fiscal year covered by the budget). At this point the enacted budget becomes the blueprint for the Agency's activities during the next fiscal year.

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The "Summary of the EPA's Budget" (also known as the "Budget in Brief") provides an overview of the Agency's budget and of the Agency activities as a whole.
FY 2009 Budget-in-Brief (PDF) (94pp, 1.8M)
FY 2008 Budget-in-Brief (PDF) (68pp, 1.8M)
FY 2007 Budget-in-Brief (PDF) (94pp, 1.8M)
FY 2006 Budget-in-Brief (PDF) (95pp, 1.7M)

The "Annual Performance Plan" defines the budget's goals and objectives in greater detail. It also ties the annual budget to the five year Strategic Plan of the Agency.

FY 2009 Annual Performance Plan (PDF) (262pp, 2.60M)
FY 2008 Annual Performance Plan (PDF) (241pp, 1.68M)
FY 2007 Annual Performance Plan (PDF) (202pp, 12.8M)
FY 2006 Annual Performance Plan (PDF) (202pp, 6.31M)
FY 2005 Annual Performance Plan (PDF) (306pp, 4.6M)

The "Congressional Justification" (sometimes known as the "CJ") is the formal title for the actual budget document which is submitted to Congress.

FY 2009 Congressional Justification
FY 2008 Congressional Justification
FY 2007 Congressional Justification
FY 2006 Congressional Justification
FY 2005 Congressional Justification
FY 2004 Congressional Justification
FY 2003 Congressional Justification
FY 2002 Congressional Justification
FY 2001 Congressional Justification

FY 2000 Congressional Justification (PDF) (1p, 19K,about PDF )

Current Budget Documents are available from the EPA Office of Chief Financial Officer (OCFO).

Past years' budgets

Fiscal Year Budget Workforce
FY 1970 $1,003,984,000 4,084
FY 1971 $1,288,784,000 5,744
FY 1972 $2,447,565,000 8,358
FY 1973 $2,377,226,000 9,077
FY 1974 $518,348,000 9,743
FY 1975 $698,835,000 10,438
FY 1976 $771,695,000 9,481
FY 1977 $2,763,745,000 11,315
FY 1978 $5,498,635,000 11,986
FY 1979 $5,402,561,000 12,160
FY 1980 $4,669,415,000 13,078
FY 1981 $3,030,669,000 12,667
FY 1982 $3,676,013,000 11,402
FY 1983 $3,688,688,000 10,832
FY 1984 $4,067,000,000 11,420
FY 1985 $4,353,655,000 12,410
FY 1986 $3,663,841,000 12,892
FY 1987 $5,364,092,000 13,442
FY 1988 $5,027,442,000 14,442
FY 1989 $5,155,125,000 14,370
FY 1990 $5,461,808,000 16,318
FY 1991 $6,094,287,000 16,415
FY 1992 $6,668,853,000 17,010
FY 1993 $6,892,424,000 17,280
FY 1994 $6,658,927,000 17,106
FY 1995 $6,658,227,000 17,663
FY 1996 $6,522,953,000 17,081
FY 1997 $6,799,393,000 17,951
FY 1998 $7,360,946,000 18,283
FY 1999 $7,590,352,000 18,375
FY 2000* $7,186,646,000 18,406
FY 2001* $7,257,000,000 18,050

* - proposed Presidential budget

(Source: EPA Budget Authority, EPA Budget Division)


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