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Environmental Regulations - U.S. - Download 40 cfr 239 through 299 environmental regulations here - free.

United States
Current Federal Environmental Regulations - 40 CFR

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

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EHSO provides free access to the federal US environmental regulations, called "Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations", also known as 40CFR or 40 CFR, and administered by the Environmental Protection Agency, the US EPA. If you know the "Part" number, just scroll down to it. Or use Ctrl-F to search the page for whatever word you are seeking.

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86 Control of emissions from new and in-use highway vehicles and engines
87 Control of air pollution from aircraft and aircraft engines
88 Clean-fuel vehicles
89 Control of emissions from new and in-use nonroad compression-ignition engines
90 Control of emissions from nonroad spark-ignition engines
91 Control of emissions from marine spark-ignition engines
92 Control of air pollution from locomotives and locomotive engines
93 Determining conformity of Federal actions to State or Federal implementation plans
94 Control of air pollution from marine compression-ignition engines
95 Mandatory patent licenses
96 NOX Budget Trading Program for State Implementation Plans
97 Federal NOX Budget Trading Program
98-99 [Reserved]
100 [Reserved]
104 Public hearings on effluent standards for toxic pollutants
105 Recognition awards under the Clean Water Act
108 Employee protection hearings
109 Criteria for State, local and regional oil removal contingency plans
110 Discharge of oil
112 Oil pollution prevention
113 Liability limits for small onshore storage facilities
116 Designation of hazardous substances
117 Determination of reportable quantities for hazardous substances
121 State certification of activities requiring a Federal license or permit
122 EPA administered permit programs: The national pollutant discharge elimination system
123 State program requirements
124 Procedures for decisionmaking
125 Criteria and standards for the national pollutant discharge elimination system
129 Toxic pollutant effluent standards
130 Water quality planning and management
131 Water quality standards
132 Water quality guidance for the Great Lakes System
133 Secondary treatment regulation
135 Prior notice of citizen suits
136 Guidelines establishing test procedures for the analysis of pollutants
140 Marine sanitation device standard
141 National primary drinking water regulations
142 National primary drinking water regulations implementation
143 National secondary drinking water regulations
144 Underground injection control program
145 State UIC program requirements
146 Underground injection control program: Criteria and standards
147 State underground injection control programs
148 Hazardous waste injection restrictions
149 Sole source aquifers
150-151 [Reserved]
152 Pesticide registration and classification procedures
153 Registration policies and interpretations
154 Special review procedures
155 Registration standards
156 Labeling requirements for pesticides and devices
157 Packaging requirements for pesticides and devices
158 Data requirements for registration
159 Statements of policies and interpretations
160 Good laboratory practice standards
162 State registration of pesticide products
163 Certification of usefulness of pesticide chemicals
164 Rules of practice governing hearings, under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, arising from refusals to register, cancellations of registrations, changes of classifications, suspensions of registrations and other hearings called pursuant to section 6 of the Act
166 Exemption of Federal and State agencies for use of pesticides under emergency conditions
167 Registration of pesticide and active ingredient producing establishments, submission of pesticide reports
168 Statements of enforcement policies and interpretations
169 Books and records of pesticide production and distribution
170 Worker protection standard
171 Certification of pesticide applicators
172 Experimental use permits
173 Procedures governing the rescission of State primary enforcement responsibility for pesticide use violations
174 Procedures and requirements for plant-incorporated protectants
176 Time-limited tolerances for emergency exemptions
177 Issuance of food additive regulations
178 Objections and requests for hearings
179 Formal evidentiary public hearing
180 Tolerances and exemptions from tolerances for pesticide chemicals in food
187-189 [Reserved]
190 Environmental radiation protection standards for nuclear power operations
191 Environmental radiation protection standards for management and disposal of spent nuclear fuel, high-level and transuranic radioactive wastes
192 Health and environmental protection standards for uranium and thorium mill tailings
194 Criteria for the certification and re-certification of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant's compliance with the 40 CFR part 191 disposal regulations
195 Radon proficiency programs
197 Public health and environmental radiation protection standards for Yucca Mountain, Nevada
201 Noise emission standards for transportation equipment; interstate rail carriers
202 Motor carriers engaged in interstate commerce
203 Low-noise-emission products
204 Noise emission standards for construction equipment
205 Transportation equipment noise emission controls
209 Rules of practice governing proceedings under the Noise Control Act of 1972
210 Prior notice of citizen suits
211 Product noise labeling
220 General
221 Applications for ocean dumping permits under section 102 of the Act
222 Action on ocean dumping permit applications under section 102 of the Act
223 Contents of permits; revision, revocation or limitation of ocean dumping permits under section 104(d) of the Act
224 Records and reports required of ocean dumping permittees under section 102 of the Act
225 Corps of Engineers dredged material permits
227 Criteria for the evaluation of permit applications for ocean dumping of materials
228 Criteria for the management of disposal sites for ocean dumping
229 General permits
230 Section 404(b)(1) guidelines for specification of disposal sites for dredged or fill material
231 Section 404(c) procedures
232 404 Program definitions; exempt activities not requiring 404 permits
233 404 State program regulations
238 Degradable plastic ring carriers
239 Requirements for state permit program determination of adequacy
240 Guidelines for the thermal processing of solid wastes
243 Guidelines for the storage and collection of residential, commercial, and institutional solid waste
246 Source separation for materials recovery guidelines
247 Comprehensive procurement guideline for products containing recovered materials
254 Prior notice of citizen suits
255 Identification of regions and agencies for solid waste management
256 Guidelines for development and implementation of State solid waste management plans
257 Criteria for classification of solid waste disposal facilities and practices
258 Criteria for municipal solid waste landfills
259 [Reserved]
260 Hazardous waste management system: General
261 Identification and listing of hazardous waste
262 Standards applicable to generators of hazardous waste
263 Standards applicable to transporters of hazardous waste
264 Standards for owners and operators of hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities
265 Interim status standards for owners and operators of hazardous waste treatment, storage, and disposal facilities
266 Standards for the management of specific hazardous wastes and specific types of hazardous waste management facilities
267 [Reserved]
268 Land disposal restrictions
270 EPA administered permit programs: The Hazardous Waste Permit Program
271 Requirements for authorization of State hazardous waste programs
272 Approved State hazardous waste management programs
273 Standards for universal waste management
279 Standards for the management of used oil
280 Technical standards and corrective action requirements for owners and operators of underground storage tanks (UST)
281 Approval of state underground storage tank programs
282 Approved underground storage tank programs
283-299 [Reserved]
300 National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan
302 Designation, reportable quantities, and notification
303 Citizen awards for information on criminal violations under superfund
304 Arbitration procedures for small superfund cost recovery claims
305 Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) administrative hearing procedures for claims against the superfund
307 Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) claims procedures
310 Reimbursement to local governments for emergency response to hazardous substance releases
311 Worker protection
350 Trade secrecy claims for emergency planning and community right-to-know information: and trade secret disclosures to health professionals
355 Emergency planning and notification
370 Hazardous chemical reporting: Community right-to-know
372 Toxic chemical release reporting: Community right-to-know
373 Reporting hazardous substance activity when selling or transferring Federal real property
374 Prior notice of citizen suits
375-399 [Reserved]
400 [Reserved]
401 General provisions
402 [Reserved]
403 General pretreatment regulations for existing and new sources of pollution
405 Dairy products processing point source category
406 Grain mills point source category
407 Canned and preserved fruits and vegetables processing point source category
408 Canned and preserved seafood processing point source category
409 Sugar processing point source category
410 Textile mills point source category
411 Cement manufacturing point source category
412 Feedlots point source category
413 Electroplating point source category
414 Organic chemicals, plastics, and synthetic fibers
415 Inorganic chemicals manufacturing point source category
416 [Reserved]
417 Soap and detergent manufacturing point source category
418 Fertilizer manufacturing point source category
419 Petroleum refining point source category
420 Iron and steel manufacturing point source category
421 Nonferrous metals manufacturing point source category
422 Phosphate manufacturing point source category
423 Steam electric power generating point source category
424 Ferroalloy manufacturing point source category
425 Leather tanning and finishing point source category
426 Glass manufacturing point source category
427 Asbestos manufacturing point source category
428 Rubber manufacturing point source category
429 Timber products processing point source category
430 The pulp, paper, and paperboard point source category
431 [Reserved]
432 Meat products point source category
433 Metal finishing point source category
434 Coal mining point source category BPT, BAT, BCT limitations and new source performance standards
435 Oil and gas extraction point source category
436 Mineral mining and processing point source category
437 The centralized waste treatment point source category
439 Pharmaceutical manufacturing point source category
440 Ore mining and dressing point source category
442 Transportation equipment cleaning point source category
443 Effluent limitations guidelines for existing sources and standards of performance and pretreatment standards for new sources for the paving and roofing materials (tars and asphalt) point source category
444 Waste combustors point source category
445 Landfills point source category
446 Paint formulating point source category
447 Ink formulating point source category
454 Gum and wood chemicals manufacturing point source category
455 Pesticide chemicals
457 Explosives manufacturing point source category
458 Carbon black manufacturing point source category
459 Photographic point source category
460 Hospital point source category
461 Battery manufacturing point source category
463 Plastics molding and forming point source category
464 Metal molding and casting point source category
465 Coil coating point source category
466 Porcelain enameling point source category
467 Aluminum forming point source category
468 Copper forming point source category
469 Electrical and electronic components point source category
471 Nonferrous metals forming and metal powders point source category
501 State sludge management program regulations
503 Standards for the use or disposal of sewage sludge
600 Fuel economy of motor vehicles
610 Fuel economy retrofit devices
611-699 [Reserved]
700 General
702 General practices and procedures
704 Reporting and recordkeeping requirements
707 Chemical imports and exports
710 Inventory reporting regulations
712 Chemical information rules
716 Health and safety data reporting
717 Records and reports of allegations that chemical substances cause significant adverse reactions to health or the environment
720 Premanufacture notification
721 Significant new uses of chemical substances
723 Premanufacture notification exemptions
725 Reporting requirements and review processes for microorganisms
745 Lead-based paint poisioning prevention in certain residential structures
747 Metalworking fluids
749 Water treatment chemicals
750 Procedures for rulemaking under section 6 of the Toxic Substances Control Act
761 Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) manufacturing, processing, distribution in commerce, and use prohibitions
763 Asbestos
766 Dibenzo-para-dioxins/dibenzofurans
767-789 [Reserved]
790 Procedures governing testing consent agreements and test rules
791 Data reimbursement
792 Good laboratory practice standards
795 Provisional test guidelines
796 Chemical fate testing guidelines
797 Environmental effects testing guidelines
798 Health effects testing guidelines
799 Identification of specific chemical substance and mixture testing requirements
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1400 Distribution of off-site consequence analysis information

ehso blue lightbarCHAPTER V--COUNCIL ON ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ehso blue lightbar

1500 Purpose, policy, and mandate
1501 NEPA and agency planning
1502 Environmental impact statement
1503 Commenting
1504 Predecision referrals to the Council of proposed Federal actions determined to be environmentally unsatisfactory
1505 NEPA and agency decisionmaking
1506 Other requirements of NEPA
1507 Agency compliance
1508 Terminology and index
1515 Freedom of Information Act procedures
1516 Privacy Act implementation
1517 Public meeting procedures of the Council on Environmental Quality


1600 [Reserved]
1601 Procedures for disclosure of records under the Freedom of Information Act
1602 Protection of privacy and access to individual records under the Privacy Act of 1974
1603 Rules implementing the Government in the Sunshine Act
1610 Administrative investigations
1611 Testimony by employees in legal proceedings
1612 Production of records in legal proceedings
1613-1699 [Reserved]

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1700 Uniform National Discharge Standards for vessels of the Armed Forces

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