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Causes of Climate Changes

Causes of Climate Change

If we accept that the global climate is changing, and not changing randomly, then the next logical question to ask is, what is causing the change? We examine both  natural causes and manmade causes.

Natural causes

See this page for an overview of natural causes of climate change, and the links below for more information about specific aspects.

Here's a brief summary:

  1. Asteroid / meteorite strikes - remember the dinosaurs?

  2. Solar flares or other solar activity - Some have been massive

  3. Volcanic eruptions - Some produce more CO2 than mankind does in decades. And then there is SO2 producing acid rain.

  4. Changes in sea currents due to movement of the earth's crust's tectonic plates. - What happens when there is no Gulf Stream - again?

  5. Greenhouse effects from natural causes - you'd be surprised how many there are

  6. Changes in earth's orbit, wobble, etc - Probably the largest factor of all - Earth is in the "Goldilocks Zone" but just barely.

These are the primary natural causes most cited. Of course, there may be less likely natural causes, like the CO2 emitted by flatulent / burping bovine, but most will agree that the causes above are the most likely.


Manmade causes

  1. Power plant emissions - Coal and oil primarily (nat gas is relatively clean)

  2. Automobile emissions - especially older, inefficient vehicles, and those not working properly)

  3. Large scale industrial farming

  4. Deforestation - Often involves large scale "controlled burns"

  5. Other industrial pollution (too many to count)