Christmas tree recycling

Scroll down this page for local Washington State recycling and responsible disposal options for holiday waste, from Christmas trees and wreathes, to lights, ornaments, wrapping and packaging. Many towns and cities offer curbside collection, even for Christmas trees. Counties and unicorporated areas typically have a number or drop-off locations.

Christmas trees are usually colllected from December 26th through the first 2 or 3 weeks in January.  Whether your tree is picked up from your curb,Grinding Christmas trees into mulch or you drop it off, be sure to remove all  remove all lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments, nails, stands,  other NON-Organic decorative materials and other materials that are not part of the original tree. This includes tree stands also.  Flocked trees are occasionally accepted (call to verify), but not artificial trees. Large trees (larger than the standard 6 - 7 ft tree) may need to be cut in half to be acceptable by your curbside garbage hauler.

The trees and wreathes are usually chipped and made into a mulch which is often made available, free to city or county residents.

Recycling other items:

Always follow the links (usually the blue, underlined name of the city or county) below for updated information, as these agencies often wait until the last minute to change dates or update their information. If your area is not specifically mentioned below, call your trash collection agency and ask!

Washington State: Where and How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays January 2024

  • Seattle, WA - Residents can compost Christmas trees and other holiday greens free of charge. each collection day. Phone: (206) 684-3000.
    At the Curb: Food and yard waste subscribers can put trees and greens out on their regular collection day, from December 26 to January 31. Cut trees into sections, 4 feet long or shorter, with branches trimmed to less than four feet to fit into the collection trucks. Place on the curb next to your food and yard waste cart on your regular collection day. Here are the details:
    Trees must be cut to 4-foot lengths and the trunk diameter should not exceed 4 inches.
    Trim branches to less than 4-feet to fit into the collection trucks
    Bundle each section with string or twine (not plastic or nylon)
    Remove any metal, lights, ornaments, or other decorative objects
    Flocked and plastic trees or wreaths aren't recyclable and will be charged as extra garbage.
    At apartments: One tree may be placed next to each food and yard waste cart at no extra charge each collection day.
    At transfer stations: Click here for locations, updated information and more details. Clean Christmas trees are accepted for free. After January 31st, regular fees apply (see hours and locations). Remove all decorations, tree flocking, and wiring.
    Trees cannot exceed 8 feet in length. Trunks cannot exceed 4 inches in diameter. Stations will accept up to 3 trees per vehicle.
    North Station - 1350 North 34th Street, Seattle 98103
    South Station - 130 South Kenyon Street, Seattle 98108
  • Auburn, WA - Christmas Tree Recycling Event: 1st week in January. At your curbside or alley (where your garbage is collected). Single-family & duplex residents: Place your tree/wreath by your carts on your garbage collection day by 7:00 AM.
    Mobile home park residents: Check with your property manager on where to place your tree/wreath on garbage collection day by 7:00 AM.
    Multifamily residents: Place your tree/wreath by the garbage collection area by 7:00 AM
    Cut tree into 4 foot pieces or smaller.
    Tree truck should be no wider than 4inches in diameter.
    Remove all garland, tinsel, and ornaments.
    No flocked or imitation trees/wreaths or other debris is accepted.
    Limit 1 tree and wreath per household.
    Do not block containers for collection.
    QUESTIONS: Email [email protected] or call 253-931-3038, option #2.
    Holiday Light Recycling: Don't throw away those holiday lights! Recycle them from early December through late January. View a list of participating schools and businesses (PDF). Accepted: ALL types of non-working, working, broken & unwanted holiday light strands and extension cords.
  • Bellevue, WA - Easy ways to recycle your Christmas tree: If you're wondering how to dispose of the Christmas tree after the holidays, the Bellevue Utilities Department has the answers. Please do not dump Christmas trees in or near streams, as they can block water flow and cause flooding. Residents with yard debris service can put Christmas trees at the curb for pickup on their regular collection day: Trees must be free of all tinsel, ornaments and metal hangers to be accepted. Cut the tree into four-foot lengths or less and tie into bundles less than two-feet wide. Use biodegradable string or twine -- no nylon, plastic or other synthetic materials. Set the cut-up tree next to your yard debris cart.
    Flocked trees (with tinsel, ornaments, etc.) should be cut up and put in garbage. If you have questions, please call Allied Waste at 425-452-4762.
    At the Curb: Single-family residents can put Christmas trees and other greens out on your regular collection day. Cut trees into sections, four feet long or shorter, with branches trimmed to less than four feet to fit into the collection trucks. Bundle each section with twine (not plastic). Decorated, flocked and plastic trees are not recyclable, and will be charged as extra garbage.
    At Apartments and Condos: Check with your manager. The same handling rules apply from "At the Curb."
    Questions: Contact Republic Services at 425-452-4762 or
    There are other options for disposal of your tree:
    Pacific Topsoils, 1733 127th Ave. NE, will accept trees. There is a $3 fee per tree. Call 800-884-7645 for details.
    Boy Scout Troop 600
    They will collect trees from the area between Lake Washington and I-405 and from I-90 north to 520, plus Yarrow Point, Hunts Point and Evergreen Point. Or you can take your tree to Clyde Hill Elementary from 9 am to 3 pm  on the second Saturday in January. A $20 donation is requested for pickup or drop off. To arrange a tree collection, either:
    1. Visit Boy Scout Troop 600 recyclemytree,
    2. email
    [email protected] or
    3. call ‪(425) 998-6001 to schedule a pick up.
    Boy Scout Troop 662  See their website; it only says "Tree recycling January 1; call or email to see if they will collect trees
    In Bellevue: north of I-90 (areas east of I-405) and south of I-90 (all areas). To schedule a pickup, send an e-mail to Troop 662 Tree Pickup. Include a contact name, phone number and address, with unit number if it's an apartment. A $10 donation is requested. Details about when tree will be picked up and preparation will be e-mailed.
  • Clark County, WA - The following options are available for recycling Christmas trees:
    Curbside Collection: Clark County, Vancouver, Ridgefield, Camas, Battle Ground, Yacolt, and Washougal yard debris curbside recycling customers may set out tree (5 feet or less) in or next to their yard debris cart on regular yard debris collection day. The yard debris cart should be placed next to the tree. If tree is in addition to the 96-gallon limit of yard debris, a fee of $2.67 to $3.25 will be charged depending on your collection area. Before recycling, remove all lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments and other materials that are not a part of the original tree. Wreaths and swags can also be recycled, but take them off of the frames and wires. Waste Connections will pick up trees from customers with yard debris or organics collection or regular garbage service available in most parts of the county.To recycle trees, Waste Connections customers with yard debris or organics service can:
    Place trees smaller than 5 feet in the yard debris or organics cart at no extra charge
    Place a single tree, cut into sections of 5 feet or less, next to an empty yard debris or organics cart at no extra charge
    Place a single tree, cut into sections of 5 feet or less, next to a full yard debris cart for an additional fee
    Customers who do not have yard debris or organics service can put cut trees next to their garbage containers and pay for an extra 32-gallon collection. Trees collected with garbage will be sent to the landfill and won't be recycled.
    Drop off: Or take your tree to: (NOTE: prices MAY have been raised, but are still less than $5)
    Central Transfer and Recycling Center, 11034 NE 117th Avenue Vancouver WA. (360) 256-8482. $1 each (limit three trees).
    City Bark, 2419 NE Andresen Road Vancouver, WA . (360) 253-8461. No charge.
    H&H Wood Recyclers, 8401 NE 117th Avenue, Vancouver, WA. (360) 892-2805. $1 each.
    McFarlane's Bark, 8806 NE 117th Avenue, Vancouver, WA. (360) 892-6125. $3 each.
    Triangle Resources, 612 SE Union, Camas, WA. (360) 834-7253. $2 each.
    West Van Materials Recovery Center, 6601 NW Old Lower River Road, Vancouver, WA. (360)-737-1727. $1 each (limit three trees).
    Scouts BSA will collect trees for recycling in many areas of Clark County on the second Saturday in January, . The service is free, but donations will be accepted. Scout units may distribute door hangers with pick-up instructions and contact information in their designated areas prior to January 8th
    For more information call Clark County Environmental Services, Solid Waste Program, (360) 397-2121 ext. 4352. Note: If 10,000 trees were recycled we would save the weight of a blue whale in waste from entering landfills.
  • King County, WA has several options for recycling your Christmas tree and Christmas lights. By recycling your Christmas tree, you'll give it a new life as wood chips or compost! And, you'll help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change . Curbside pickup and City-sponsored events: Place your tree on the curb for collection with your regular yard waste. See this page for all the options in King County and details (way too much to put on this page here)
  • Lewis County, WA - Tuesday, early-January - 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
    Residents can drop off their Christmas trees, burned out holiday lights, block Styrofoam and food service Styrofoam from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the parking lot outside the Centralia transfer station at 1411 S. Tower Ave. Please remove all decorations and tinsel from the trees. Flocked and artificial trees will not be accepted. You may dispose of them at the transfer station, where regular fees will apply ($15 minimum for 280 pounds or less.) Donations will be accepted to support WSU Lewis County Master Recycler Composter and Master Gardener volunteer community outreach programs. This event is offered in cooperation with Pacific Mobile and Lewis County Solid Waste Utility. For more information, email: [email protected],.  in the parking lot before you enter the Lewis County Central Transfer Station, 1411 S. Tower Ave., Centralia, WA 98531. Event hours will be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. Volunteers will accept undecorated Christmas trees, block and food service Styrofoam, and unwanted holiday lights. The event is offered for free, but volunteers do accept donations to support their education and outreach programs they offer throughout the year. Please remove all decorations and tinsel from trees. No flocked or artificial trees will be accepted. Flocked, artificial or decorated trees may be disposed of at the transfer station where regular fees will be charged ($10 minimum for 200 pounds or less). Wreaths must be free of ribbon, wire and decorations. No trees or wreaths from commercial operations will be accepted.
    Styrofoam: Styrofoam dropped off during the special recycling days must be clean, dry and free of all tape and labels. This event is unable to accept foil-covered Styrofoam, spray-in Styrofoam, Insta-Pak foam, blue or pink installation foam, hot tub covers or Styrofoam peanuts. (Please find re-use opportunities for peanuts at local shipping companies).
    For more information on the Christmas tree, holiday lights and Styrofoam recycling days, call 360-740-1452, 360-740-1216 or 1-800-749-5980. For more information download the flyer here .
    Don't forget you can recycle your natural corks at the Central Transfer Station or the East Lewis County Transfer Station, just ask a staff person for directions.(Natural corks only No screw-top caps or plastic closures)
  • Mercer Island, WA - Offers Free Christmas Tree Recycling via one of the following options:
    Your yard waste cart. Undecorated and unflocked Christmas trees now accepted; as long as they fit completely in the cart (which means you may have to cut them in half)!
    Tree Recycling: All curbside yard waste customers can set holiday trees out on their regularly scheduled collection day. Trees must be free of flocking, tinsel, ornaments, and metal hangers, cut to 4-foot lengths, and tied into bundles less than 2 feet by 3 feet. Use biodegradable string or twine to secure bundles instead of nylon, plastic, or other synthetic materials. (Note: Flocked trees are not recyclable and will not be accepted; put flocked trees in the garbage.)
    For more information, contact the City's Maintenance Department at (206) 275-7608.
  • Pierce County, WA - Residents who subscribe to yard waste collection service can treecycle their unflocked Christmas tree curbside. Other residents can recycle trees free of charge if they self-haul to transfer stations in Pierce County . Flocked trees cannot be recycled and must be disposed of as garbage.
    Recycle Your Christmas Tree: Pierce County residents who subscribe to yard waste collection service can treecycle their unflocked Christmas tree curbside. Other residents can recycle trees free of charge if they self-haul to transfer stations in Pierce County. Flocked trees cannot be recycled and must be disposed of as garbage. The cities of Milton, Orting, Tacoma, Puyallup and Ruston have special collection programs for households within their city limits. Contact your city hall or local garbage hauler for more details.
    How To Treecycle: Remove the tree stand, tinsel, decorations and any nails or staples, Place the tree in your yard waste container for pick up on your regularly scheduled collection day, Flocked trees cannot be recycled and must be thrown in the garbage. The tree must fit into the closed container (you may have to cut the tree into pieces)
    What Happens to the Trees Collected: All trees collected become Cascade Compost, a beneficial soil amendment that is popular with home and commercial gardeners. Treecycling helps save valuable landfill space, while the compost created enhances soil quality, saves water and reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers.
  • Renton, WA - Renton residents can easily recycle holiday trees in one of the following ways. Trees may be put out for weekly yard waste pickup by first removing all hooks, ornaments, tinsel and stands. Branches and trunk should be cut into lengths of four feet or less, and then bundled with natural fiber or string. No artificial, fireproofed or flocked trees will be accepted. More information on recycling your holiday tree can be found at King County Solid Waste's tree recycling site or by calling King County Solid Waste at 206-296-4466. For more information, call the City of Renton Recycling Coordinator at 425-430-7396 or 425-430-7397. Also see King County above.
    Cub Scouts Pack 495 performs Christmas tree curbside pickup and recycling as fundraiser in the Renton Highlands area. Your donations are a critical part of our ability to provide a quality Scouting program for local youth. Your recycle tree will be turned into mulch for local parks. We thank you for your support.
    When: 1st Saturday of January @ 9am
    Where: Your home (if you see this envelope at your doorstep) OR you can drop off your tree at Maplewood Heights Elementary 9am-12pm.
    How: Place your donation in the envelope provided and secure your tree at curbside.
    Donation: Make checks payable to BSA Pack 495. Cash is also accepted.
    100% of donations go towards Pack 495 youth activities including Summer Camp.
    We do not accept artificial trees.+
  • Sammamish, WA and neighboring Issaquah Highlands Boy Scout Tree Collection - the first Saturday each January. LET SAMMAMISH SCOUTS RECYCLE YOUR TREE!  This is the primary fundraiser for Troop 571, 5749, 636, 677, 695, 8695 and 751. The Boy Scouts have a pick up service! Click on the link at left. There is a map of their coverage area here . Scouts will be in your neighborhood in Sammamish and Issaquah Highlands on
    Curbside Pickup Day Saturday early-January,
    Please place your tree and donation curbside by 8:00 AM. We pickup in Sammamish and the Issaquah Highlands in exchange for a donation.
    Suggested donation is $18 to $28 per tree
    Donation Options
    1. Donate online at Donate by PayPal (preferred)
    2. Attach check to tree payable to: "Scouts BSA"
    3. Postal mail a check to street address on Donate by Mail page.
    Please have your tree out by the curb by pickup your Christmas tree curbside in exchange for a donation.
    See their website for more information.
  • Shoreline, WA - Residents put Christmas trees of a certain size and type curbside for collection. Please remove all hooks, ornaments, tinsel, and tree stands before bringing your tree to be recycled. Flocked, artificial and garden trees, branches, wreaths, and swags will not be accepted. If there is snow or ice on the road on event day, call (206) 801-2450 for a recorded message of the event's status. If the event is cancelled or you cannot make it to the event, other options for disposal of holiday trees in Shoreline include:
    If you have Recology CleanScapes yard debris collection, recycle your tree curbside. Cut your tree into 4 foot lengths, and place them next to your yard debris container at the curb for collection at no cost. No flocked, tinseled, or artificial trees are accepted; and trees without a yard debris cart next to them will not be collected.
    If you have a flocked, tinseled or an artificial tree, and you have Recology CleanScapes curbside garbage collection, cut it to fit inside your garbage cart for free collection. If the tree is taller than 4 feet, cut it into 4 ft. sections, and put them next to your garbage cart for a collection cost of $4.56.
    Recycle your tree for a cost at the Shoreline Recycling and Transfer Station at 2300 N. 165 St. Please call (206) 477-4466 for information on rates.
    Recycle your tree for a fee at Pacific Topsoils in North Seattle (1212 N 107th St, Seattle) or Kenmore (7500 NE 175th St, Kenmore). The City of Shoreline does not endorse or guarantee any services.
    For questions, contact Tina Kendall, Environmental Programs Assistant, at (206) 801-2450 or [email protected] .
  • Spokane Valley, WA - On the first 2 weekends of January from 9am-3pm: Let Troop 400 recycle your Christmas tree. Convenient, Inexpensive, All proceeds support our Scout troop to pay for outdoor activities, service projects, supplies, patches, leadership training, and more. Please contact us if you would like more information. $5 per tree if you drop it off* $20 per tree if we pick it up at your home* (*minimum suggested donation). 9 am to 3pm, Sat & Sun, IFOR $20 PICK-UP SERVICE: Please fill out the Christmas Tree Pick-up Request FormPick-up area is limited to the Spokane Valley area within approximately 12 minutes of CVHS or U-High (from Liberty Lake to Ponderosa including Greenacres, Morningside, Bella Vista, U-High area, Midilome, Painted Hills, and northward into East Valley as well.) We cannot pick up from addresses West of Park Rd. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, so please ask!
  • Thurston County, WA - Residents​ can have their Christmas Tree Recycled after the holiday season, free Christmas tree collection and drop-off opportunities are available county-wide. You can find all of the tree recycling locations and curbside options on the Thurston County web page. 
  • Vancouver, WA - Christmas Tree recycling: Many options exist for recycling. In all cases, please remove tinsel, lights, ornaments, wire, stands and other materials that are not part of the tree.
    Boy Scouts often do a curbside tree collection in early January. Watch for a door-hanger providing event details.
    Curbside yard debris subscribers can cut down their Christmas tree to fit in their yard debris cart. If the cart is already full, subscribers can place their Christmas tree alongside their cart and have it collected as a yard debris extra for an additional fee (approx. $3) in the City of Vancouver. Garbage collectors will pick up flocked or artificial trees, up to 6 feet tall, for a fee of $6.50 in the City of Vancouver. Rates vary in other parts of Clark County.
    Christmas trees can also be recycled for a fee at the transfer stations, H & H Wood Recyclers, City Bark and McFarlane's Bark. Prices vary, but they are generally in the $1 to $5 range.
    Please call before going to check hours or get answers to questions:
    Central Transfer Recycling, 11034 N.E. 117th Ave., (360) 256-8482. $1 per tree, up to three trees.
    City Bark, 2419 N.E. Andresen Road, (360) 253-8461. No charge.
    H&H Wood Recyclers, 8401 N.E. 117th Ave., (360) 892-2805. $1 per tree.
    McFarlane's Bark, 8806 N.E. 117th Ave., (360) 892-6125. $3 per tree.
    Triangle Resources, 612 S.E. Union St., Camas, (360) 834-7253. $2 per tree.
    Washougal Transfer Station, 4020 S. Grant St., (360) 835-2500. $1 per tree, up to three trees.
    West Van Materials Center, 6601 N.W. Old Lower River Road, (360) 737-1727. $1 per tree, up to three trees.
    In addition to the various options shown above, The new RecycleRight App for smart phones and tablets is available for free through the Apple iTunes or GooglePlay stores. To access it fast, visit the City's website and click on your app store button. A web-version of the Recycling A-Z wizard is also available there, making it easy for everyone to use.
    And a variety of nonprofit organizations work to collect and recycle cut Christmas trees for a nominal fee.
    For more information on the RecycleRight App, Christmas tree recycling and other ways to reuse, reduce and recycle, call 360-619-4120 or visit
    Broken, Tangled or Old Holiday Lights
    - Please do not place them in your recycling cart; they will tangle on sorting machinery at the recycling facility and create a hazard for workers. Instead, recycle them at Earth Friendly Recycling, E H Metal Recycling and at the Lacamas Lake Lowes. Spread cheer. Many local thrift stores will accept lights that are in good condition. See Recycling A-Z for more information.
  • All other areas of the state (just enter your zip code on the page that comes up)

For Easter egg Hunts, Children's Consignment Sales, Local Farm Markets and other types of Farms, click here.

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