Christmas tree recycling

Scroll down this page for local New Jersey recycling and responsible disposal options for holiday waste, from Christmas trees and wreathes, to lights, ornaments, wrapping and packaging. Many towns and cities offer curbside collection, even for Christmas trees. Counties and unicorporated areas typically have a number or drop-off locations.

Christmas trees are usually colllected from December 26th through the first 2 or 3 weeks in January.  Whether your tree is picked up from your curb,Grinding Christmas trees into mulch or you drop it off, be sure to remove all  remove all lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments, nails, stands,  other NON-Organic decorative materials and other materials that are not part of the original tree. This includes tree stands also.  Flocked trees are occasionally accepted (call to verify), but not artificial trees. Large trees (larger than the standard 6 - 7 ft tree) may need to be cut in half to be acceptable by your curbside garbage hauler.

The trees and wreathes are usually chipped and made into a mulch which is often made available, free to city or county residents.

Recycling other items:

Always follow the links (usually the blue, underlined name of the city or county) below for updated information, as these agencies often wait until the last minute to change dates or update their information. If your area is not specifically mentioned below, call your trash collection agency and ask!

New Jersey: Where and How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays January 2024

Chipping Christmas tree into mulch Finding current information in NJ is tough, many of the cities, towns and disposal companies have not updated their websites in years. Below is the most recent I can find, but be sure call or see their website.

  • Atlantic County - ACUA will collect (real) Christmas trees with regular yard waste collections in the following towns: Absecon , Buena Vista Township , Egg Harbor City , Hamilton Township , Linwood , Northfield , Ventnor , Weymouth Township . If you live in a town that is not listed, please contact your town's Public Works. For a complete list of collection dates and public works contacts, click here. Trees can also be brought to the ACUA for disposal. Click here to view disposal rates and hours of operation. Before recycling trees, follow these guidelines: Trees should be free of lights and decorations, including tinsel; Trees do not have to be bagged; Flocked trees are acceptable for collection and composting. Real Christmas trees can be disposed of as yard waste, and ACUA will collect them in towns where we provide yard waste collection. If ACUA does not pick up yard waste in your area, contact your town's Public Works Department for more information. Another option is for residents to bring Christmas trees to local farms for disposal. Artificial trees are considered bulky waste and cannot be recycled. Consider giving them to someone else for reuse or dispose of them as trash.ACUA has many channels for residents to learn how to properly dispose of items they have questions about. Residents can use the online Waste Wizard tool and type in items for more information at Acua's wastewizard. ACUA's recycling guidelines are listed at Acua Recycling101. Residents can also contact ACUA with questions by calling (609) 272-6950 during hours of operation or using the live support chat at
  • Bergen County - They advise you to check with your local municipality (many have curbside collection during the first 2 weeks in January. See the Bergen County cities and towns contact list here.
  • Burlington County - Each town handles tree, brush and yard waste differently, so residents should contact their municipality to see if they offer curbside collection of Christmas trees for recycling. The county will also offer free disposal to residents who bring the trees to the Resource Recovery Complex in Florence and Mansfield as a separate load - that is, not mixed with trash. No artificial or flocked trees can be accepted. All plastic bags, ropes, decorations, garland, tinsel, ornaments, lights, stands, wires and nails should be removed.
    Burlington County Christmas Tree Recycling Site - Resource Recovery Complex. Phone: (609) 499-5300
    2098 County Route 543, . Florence, NJ 08518. For residents of Burlington County only.
    You can also recycle non-working strands of Christmas tree and outdoor holiday lights at our permanent electronics dropoff at Burlington County's Resource Recovery Complex.
    Please place strands of lights in CLEAR BAGS OR CARDBOARD BOXES when delivering them to the Complex.
    22000 Burlington-Columbus Rd., Florence, NJ 08518
    It's FREE to Burlington County Residents. Monday through Friday 7am to 4:30pm, Saturday 7am - 11:30am, Go directly to the scalehouse; from there you will be directed to the electronics recycling area.
    For more information, call (609) 499-1001 or email [email protected].
  • Cedar Grove, NJ - Christmas Tree Recycling: After Christmas the Parks Department picks up the discarded Christmas trees throughout the Township. The Christmas tree pickup starts immediately after January 1 and continues for approximately four weeks. The trees should be placed at the curb before 8:00 am on your recycling day for pickup. Trees in plastic bags will not be picked up.
  • Cherry Hill - Christmas tree recycling sites available through mid-January. Questions? Please call the Department of Public Works at (856) 424-4422
    - Curbside collection: Trees placed curbside are considered yard-waste and will be picked up and recycled as part of your weekly yard-waste collection. Trees that are decorated or wrapped in plastic bags or tarps will not be collected.
    - The Department of Public Works, 1 Perina Blvd.: Trees should be deposited on the right side of the cul-de-sac in the front of the Public Works Complex.
    - The Cherry Hill Township Municipal Building, 820 Mercer St.: Trees can be dropped off in the outfield of the softball field behind Town Hall. The field is located off of the rear parking lot, at the intersection with Weld Avenue.
    A number of other holiday-related items can also be recycled, either at the curb, or by dropping them off at the Public Works complex:
    - Old electronics and broken/unused Christmas lights are considered electronic waste (e-waste), and can't be recycled at the curb or in your blue can. However, they can be dropped off, 24/7, at the e-waste shed in the Public Works yard.
    -Cardboard, wrapping paper and cards can be recycled in your big blue recycling can on your regular trash day. Cardboard must be broken down and placed in your can. Excess cardboard can be dropped off in two designated dumpsters to the rear of the Public Works yard.
    For more information on trash and recycling guidelines, call the Department of Public Works at (856) 424-4422, or visit the Public Works page at .
  • Elizabeth, NJ - Front Street Transfer Station.
    625 South Front Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07202. Phone: (908) 629-9270. Open: Saturday 7 am to 5 pm. Location Notes: Essex County residents need to call the ECUA at 973-857-2350 extension 134 to open an account. Hours for Essex County residents are Saturday 7 am to 1 pm. Fees apply, so please call for the fee schedule. This site accepts leaves, grass, trees, hedges, shrubs, and stumps.
  • Fair Lawn, NJ - Christmas trees are collected with yard waste, ornaments must removed, including tinsel.
    Remember to tie the branches. The Fair Lawn Recycling Division will be collecting Christmas trees during the second full week of January. Trees must be free of tinsel and ornaments. Trees in plastic bags will NOT be collected. Wreaths and artificial trees may be put out for regular garbage. Yard waste will NOT be collected. Trees must be at the curb by 6 AM on the scheduled day of collection. This will be the only curbside collection for trees. Residents may drop off trees and yard waste at the Recycling Center during regular operating hours. Questions: 201-796-1700.
  • Franklin Lakes, NJ - Christmas Tree Recycling Collection on Thursday, in the first and 3rd weeks in January.
    There will be curbside collection of Christmas trees throughout the Borough beginning on January 5 (collection may take several days) and then beginning again on January 19. Please be patient as Gaeta works its way through the town. Do not place Christmas trees in the street. Remove all ornaments and do not place tress in plastic bags. Trees in plastic bags will not be picked up.
  • Gloucester County - Most do curbside collection during the first 2 weeks in January, but it varies by each township and city, so unfortunately, you need to contact your locality (below)
    Municipality / Township Contact Person & Phone Email or Web-site
    Clayton Carol Carr / 856-881-3778 [email protected] .
    Deptford Twp. Patrick Rebecca / 856-227-4719 [email protected] .
    East Greenwich Twp. Joseph Schweigart / 856-423-0654 [email protected] .
    Elk Township Steve Alexander / 856-881-6525, ext.21 .
    Franklinville Bill Nese / 856-694-3155 .
    Glassboro Russell Clark / 856-881-8422
    Greenwiich Twp. Robert Schoch / 856-224-0373
    Harrison Township M. Micklasavage / 856-223-1308 [email protected] .
    Logan Township Dave McCormick / 856-467-0859 .
    Mantua Twp. Glenn Demers / 856-468-1502
    Monroe Township Recycling Office / 856-629-4444 .
    National Park James Walker / 856-848-2363
    Newfield Everett Marshall / 856-697-1100 [email protected].
    Paulsboro Charles Tinder / 856-423-1500 .
    Pitman Tom Brown / 856-589-1040 .
    South Harrison Twp. Jon Sukerforth / 856-769-0363 [email protected] .
    Swedesboro Recycling Office / 856-467-0202
    Washington Twp. Nick Pileggi / 856-589-0523 [email protected] .
    Wenonah Ken Trovarelli / 856-468-5228
    West Deptford Twp. Troy DePrince / 856-845-4004,ext.141
    Westville Donna Domico / 856-456-7785
    Woodbury Thomas F. dukelow / 856-853-0892 .
    Woodbury Heights David Baresich / 856-845-4519 [email protected].
    Woolwich Township Mark Fruits / 856-467-2666 [email protected] .
  • Hoboken, NJ - residents looking to discard Christmas trees, beginning on January 2, please place the tree at the curb on Tuesday or Thursday evenings after 7:30 pm (after 9 pm on Washington Street). The trees are recycled into mulch, all lights, ornaments, stands, decorations and plastic must be removed, and trees should not be placed in bags. For more information, please visit
  • Hunterdon County
    Many municipalities in the county also offer tree-disposal service. This link takes you to the current list of cities and towns in Hunterdon County that have a tree recycling location . There is also a Deer Path program which is open to county residents only, and identification will be required. Up to three trees per family will be accepted. No commercial drop-offs will be permitted, and no landscape debris or wreaths will be accepted. The trees will be chipped during the month, and woodchip mulch will be available for home use on a first-come, first-served basis. Call 782-1158 for information.
  • Jersey City - Place your tree curbside Wednesday evening between the hours of 7 pm & 10 pm. Trees are picked up every Thursday citywide in January. Christmas trees must be free of ornaments and/or lights and placed curbside and picked up every Thursday in January. DO NOT WRAP OR BAG. . WREATHS AND/OR ARTIFICIAL TREES WILL NOT BE COLLECTED WITH CHRISTMAS TREES. PLEASE PLACE THESE ITEMS CURBSIDE WITH YOUR REGULAR GARBAGE.. For additional information please call 201-432-4645 EXT. 2620.
  • Lebanon Township -Township residents can drop off trees behind the Municipal Building; call for this year's date. After January 6, residents should use the Hunterdon county program.
  • Livingston, NJ - The Township of Livingston's Christmas Tree Collection and Recycling program will officially begin on the first working weekday after New Years Day and end on January 31. Christmas trees will be collected Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm. Residents can simply leave their undecorated live-cut trees at the curb, as they would for recycling. The DPW will chip the trees into mulch, which is made available to residents for pickup at no cost.
  • Mendham, NJ - DPW will pick up Christmas trees during the full weeks in January (usually January 5- 26, etc.). Type Christmas tree in the search on their website.
  • Milfordilford - Curbside pickup will be during the last week of January.
  • Montclair, NJ - The Township of Montclair Parks and Shade Tree Division at the Department of Community Services will be collecting Christmas trees only from curbside in January. There will be no drop off sites in the parks. Christmas/Holiday Trees placed at the curb will be picked up on a weekly basis during the entire month of January. All trees are chipped and recycled as compost, so the stand, the plastic bag cover, and all lights and tinsel must be removed. . To eliminate double handling, standard packer trucks will be used for the collection, and the trees will be composted for mulch. Residents are reminded to remove all decorations such as lights, balls, and tinsel, as well as the tree stand. In the event of a significant snowfall, trees will be collected upon completion of municipal snow removal efforts. For further information, please call the Dept. of Community Services at (973) 783-5600. Wreaths will be collected separately with refuse.
  • Moorestown - Residents can leave their Christmas Trees at the curb with regular trash or recycling. The trees will be collected during regular brush collection. Moorestown also has drop-off sites for recycling electric lights, etc.
  • Morris Township, NJ - CHRISTMAS TREE COLLECTION: Picked up during the month of January (weather permitting). Questions: DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS (DPW) RECYCLING DROP-OFF CENTER (973) 326-7398
  • Morris County - Christmas Trees (Recycling) The trees should be dropped off at the wood chip area on the immediate left side as you enter the facility (adjacent to the road salt storage shed) All lights, ornaments, decorations, etc. must be removed from the trees before drop off. Click here for locations, updated information and more details. The trees will be shredded and wood chips are available for free at the same location as long the supply lasts. Residents have to load the wood chips on their trucks/vans. No pick up or delivery of trees or wood chips. The disposal area is open seven days a week. NO ARTIFICIAL TREES ARE ACCEPTED.
  • Morris Plains, NJ - CHRISTMAS TREE PICK-UP - Collection days from January 2nd to mid-January.
    No brush will be picked up. No plastic bags, nails, wire or ornaments are to be left on trees.
    Thank you for your cooperation - Department of Public Works - 973-538-4494..
  • Morristown, NJ - Trees are collected curbside during the month of January. Remove all decorations and leave it curbside. Bagged trees, or any trees with ornaments and lights will not be collected. Questions? Call the Department of Public Works Office at 973-292-6670.
  • New Brunswick, NJ - Curbside collection
    Christmas trees will be collected curbside for composting in January. Residents are requested to place bare Christmas trees curbside on Tuesday nights for collection every Wednesday in January.
    Please call 732-745-5059 if you have any questions.
  • New Milford, NJ - Curbside collection of Christmas trees will during be the 2nd week of the month of January. Please remove the following items from your Christmas trees before setting out for collection: plastic bags, strings of lights, ornaments, tinsel, tree stands and nails.
  • Newark - Christmas tree collection starts Monday after Christmas and continues until the last Friday in January. During this time, crews sweep through the city once per week collecting Christmas trees put out at the curb or service road. Please make sure trees are out for collection each week by Monday at 7:00 in the morning. There is no need to call to schedule a Christmas tree collection. No trees will be collected after the last Friday in January.Info: (973) 733-6685, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm The Division of Recycling will collect trees on the days and zones that trash is normally picked up, as follows:
    From residents whose trash is collected on Mondays and Thursdays (Zone A)
    From residents whose trash is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays (Zone B)
    Residents should place their trees at their curbside by 6 pm, the day before their scheduled pick-up. In addition, residents can dispose of their Christmas Trees by taking them to the Division of Recycling's Depot at 62 Frelinghuysen Avenue in the South Ward, Mondays through Fridays, between 8 am and 3 pm Click here for locations, updated information and more details.
  • Ocean City NJ
  • Ocean City - Christmas Trees should be decoration and bag free and can be placed out for pick up with your regular trash & recycling collection through the end of January. Or Recycle your Christmas trees into mulch, compost your wood chips at the Ocean County Northern and Southern Recycling Centers during regular business hours. Also check with your local public works. Residents can also drop off trees at various locations of Ocean County parks from December 26th through early January. Call or visit their website for locations.Christmas trees -- unbagged and decoration free -- can be placed out for regular collection throughout the month of January.
  • Ocean County, New Jersey
    Christmas trees are accepted during the holiday season at both the Northern and Southern Recycling Centers. The Centers are open to accept these materials Monday through Saturday, 7:30 am until 3:00 pm Only residents' material is accepted on Saturdays, no landscapers or municipalities. The Ocean County Department of Parks and Recreation will be collecting and recycling Christmas trees between December 26 and January 31.
    Tees can be dropped off at designated areas in the following County Park locations:
    Cattus Island County Park, 1170 Cattus Island Boulevard., Toms River Township
    Cloverdale Farm County Park, 34 Cloverdale Road, Barnegat Township
    Wells Mills County Park, 905 Route #532, Ocean Township
    Ocean County Park, 659 Ocean Avenue, Lakewood Township
    Beaver Dam County Park, 3430 Bridge Avenue, Point Pleasant
    Jake Branch County Park, 1100 Double Trouble Road, Beachwood
    Mill Creek County Park, 11 Chelsea Avenue, Berkeley Township
    Enos Pond County Park, 330 East Lacey Road, Forked River
    Robert J. Miller Airpark, 901 Route 530, Berkeley Township
    Freedom Fields County Park, 1160 Route #539, Little Egg Harbor Township
    Patriots County Park, 485 Bowman Road, Jackson Township
    Stanley H."Tip" Seaman County Park, 120 Lakeside Drive, Tuckerton
    A. Paul King County Park, 2 W. Bay Avenue, Stafford Township
    Ocean County Golf Course at Atlantis, 261 Country Club Boulevard, Little Egg Harbor Township
    Ocean County Golf Course at Forge Pond, 301 Chambers Bridge Avenue, Brick Township

  • Raritan, NJ - Christmas Trees to Residents Only! REMOVE ALL TINSEL & DECORATIONS FROM TREES FOR RECYCLING. If the tree meets requirements listed above, it will be accepted without the use of your Non-Recycling permit cost.
    204 Pennsylvania Ave., Flemington, NJ 08822. PHONE: 908-782-1695. Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm; Saturdays from 7:30 am to 12:00 pm (NO STICKERS/PERMITS ISSUED). NO DROP OFFS OR STICKERS/PERMITS ON TUESDAY OR THURSDAY. CLOSED all Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays, Snow Days, & Holidays.
  • Somerset County - Click here for locations, updated information and more details.
    Curbside - Unadorned Christmas Trees (no bags please) are picked up for recycling from the curb starting January 2 through the second full week of January each year. After that, the garbage contractor will collect the trees on garbage day.
    Drop-off - Somerset County residents may bring their tree to Colonial Park, Parking Lot F, 156 Mettlers Road in Somerset, Franklin Township or to North Branch Park, 355 Milltown Road in Bridgewater at the northern end of the parking lot near the lighted ball field. Both facilities will accept trees from 8 am to 4 pm, seven days a week. Each family is limited to only one tree that must be free of all ornaments, wires, netting, and tinsel. Only natural trees will be accepted. Wreaths and garland will not be accepted as these items cannot be recycled. Deliveries from groups or dealers will be rejected. Following these guidelines is necessary to maintain a manageable recycling program. Trees will be chipped into wood chip mulch which will be used throughout the park system to mulch plantings. Some chips/mulch will be made available to the public at each of the drop-off sites at no cost. For information, call the Somerset County Park Commission Horticulture Department at 732 873-2459, ext. 21. Phone: 732-469-3363. Email: [email protected].
  • South Brunswick, NJ - Christmas Trees: Unadorned Christmas Trees (no bags please) are picked up for recycling from the curb starting January 2 through the second full week of January each year. After that, the garbage contractor will collect the trees on garbage day.
  • South Orange, NJ - Christmas Tree Collection - The Department of Public Works will be collecting Christmas Trees beginning soon after New Year's Day and continuing through the month. Please be advised of the following guidelines regarding the curbside collection: 1. Do NOT wrap Christmas Trees in plastic for collection. 2. Do NOT leave ornaments, garland, or lights on the tree. 3. Wreaths will NOT be picked up as part of this collection. Residents should adhere to these guidelines as to not have the pickup rejected.
  • Toms River, NJ - From mid-January through January 31, Public Works will collect Christmas trees. Place the trees at the curb for collection. Also, from January 2nd through January 31st, residents may recycle Christmas trees by taking them to any one of the following locations below. After January 31, all trees must be dropped off at our Recycling Convenience Center on Church Road. The trees will be made into wood chips rather than being added to the landfill thus saving landfill tipping fees.
    - Skyview Park (Vaughn Avenue)
    - Riverwood Park (Riverwood Avenue)
    - Silverton Park (Maine Street)
    - Bayside Park (Bay Blvd., Ortley)
    - Bey Lea Park (Tennis Court and Parking Lot)
    - Chadwick Beach Park (Strickland Blvd.)
    - Money Island Park (Longfellow Avenue)
    - Winding River Park - South (Off Rt. 37 West)
    - Toms River Township Recycling Center (Church Road)
  • Somerset County -
    The Somerset County Park Commission is hosting a free, live Christmas tree recycling program from December 26 until the end of January. Trees can be dropped off from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at one of two locations:
    North Branch Park located at 355 Milltown Road, at the lighted baseball field, (Bridgewater)
    Colonial Park Gardens, located at 156 Mettlers Road, Parking Lot F, in Somerset (Franklin Township)
    The recycled trees will be used for mulch and woodchips throughout the park system, officials said. Free mulch will be available at the drop-off sites on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Warren County - The Warren County Pollution Control Financing Authority will recycle your used Christmas tree free of charge.
    Warren Township Public Works Department will be accepting Christmas trees for recycling through the FIRST Wednesday in January. Just bring your Christmas tree to the Municipal ball fields and follow the signs,
    I cannot confirm for this year, so for further information, call (908) 453-2174) but in past years, you could also bring your trees to the Convenience Center located at the Warren County District Landfill located at 500 Mt. Pisgah Avenue, Oxford, NJ from January 2nd through February 28th, Monday through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm and Saturday, 7 am to 11 am. Check with your municipality to see if trees are picked up and if there is any charge. All stands, lights, decorations, and tinsel must be removed because real Christmas trees go through wood chipping machines and anything else on the tree can jam the machine. Artificial Christmas trees can not be recycled. They must go out with the garbage. Wreaths, whether they are real or artificial, must go out in the garbage. Since wreaths are held together with wire and plastic, they can not go through a wood-chipping machine like a real Christmas tree.
  • Woolwich Township - CHRISTMAS TREES will be picked up during a couple of special collections in mid-January. (REFER TO The Woolwich NJ Yard Waste Schedule for the day of week and dates). (trees with tree stands , lights or ornaments remaining will not be collected)

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