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CAA - Clean Air Act - Operating Permit Forms and Applications - Download Here

CAA - Clean Air Act - Operating Permit Forms and Applications - Download Here

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10-2-98Instructions for part 71 forms
  • 0.pdf
  • 10-2-98General Information and Summary (GIS) form
  • 123.pdf
  • 10-2-98Emission Unit Description forms (EUD1, EUD2, and EUD3)
  • 4-7.pdf
  • 10-2-98Insignificant Emissions (IE), Emission Summary (EMISS), and Potential to Emit (PTE) forms
  • 8-11.pdf
  • 10-2-98Fee Calculation Worksheet (FEE), and Fee Filing (FF) forms, Compliance Plan (CP), Compliance Certification - Method of Compliance
  • 12.pdf
  • 10-2-98(CC-1), Compliance Certification (CC-2), and Certification of Truth, Accuracy, and Completeness (CTAC) forms

    The Operating Permits Program was established by the 1990 amendments to the Clean Air Act in Title V sections 501 to 506.
    • Regulations for implementing the operating permit requirements were promulgated on July 21, 1992 and are located in 40 CFR Part 70(Adobe PDF).

    • Federal Operating Permit Regulations were promulgated as 40 CFR Part 71 on July 1, 1996.

      bulletThese regulations apply in those circumstances where an approved operating permit program does not exist.

    • These regulations were proposed on April 27, 1995 at 60 FR 20803.

    • Part 71 application forms, including detailed instructions, are available for sources to use to apply for a part 71 permit.

    • Federal Operating Permits Regulations were amended on February 19, 1999, to cover permits in Indian Country. See fact sheet and notice providing Regional Office Contacts.

    • Individual State and local permitting have adopted regulations that were approved by EPA as meeting the requirements of 40 CFR Part 70.

    • Revisions to monitoring and testing requirements and compliance certification procedures were promulgated with the Compliance Assurance Monitoring rule on October 22, 1997 at 62 FR 54899. See Fact Sheet.

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