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Asbestos OSHA Compliance Self-inspection Checklist

Asbestos OSHA Compliance Self-inspection Checklist

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Self-Inspection Checklist:
Name of Business or department:
Date of Inspection:
Area Inspected:
Signature of Inspector:
1. Have you identified the presence, location, and quantity of all asbestos-containing materials in the work place? [1910.1001(j)]
2. Have employees been informed of all asbestos-containing materials in their respective work areas? [1910.1001(j)]
3. Have identifying signs and labels been attached or posted so all employees know to avoid these materials? [1910.1001(j)(3)]
4. Are all materials suspected of containing asbestos in facilities constructed before 1981 handled as if they do contain asbestos until proven otherwise? [1910.1001(j)(1)]
5. Have employees and contract employers and their employees (including housekeeping personnel) received initial awareness or worker training as well as annual refresher training appropriate to their work assignments and is the training material available for employees and regulators to inspect? [1910.1001(j)]
6. Are regulated areas established and demarcated, and is access restricted appropriately? [1910.1001(e)(1), (e)(2), and (e)(3)]
7. Is drinking, smoking, chewing gum or tobacco, and application of cosmetics prohibited in the regulated area? [1910.1001(e)(5)]
8. Is smoking prohibited in all work areas? [1910.1001(e)(5), (i)(4)]
9. Is a written respiratory protection program and a medical surveillance program in effect? [1910.1001(f)(2)(i), (l)(1)(i)]
10. Are workers provided with protective work clothing and equipment appropriate to the work assignment, and are workers provided with clean clothing and equipment at least weekly? [1910.1001(h)(3)(i)]
11. Are workers provided with a clean room and shower facilities appropriate to the work being performed, and is the change room separated from the storage area where potentially contaminated clothing and equipment are kept? [1910.1001(i)]
12. Is all potentially asbestos-contaminated clothing that needs to be laundered containerized, labeled, handled, and transported appropriately and is anyone handling or laundering it fully informed of the potential hazards? [1910.1001(h)(2)(iv), (h)(3)(v)]
13. Is a positive-pressure, air-filtered lunchroom provided, and are employees required to wash their hands and face before eating and smoking? [1910.1001(i)(3)(ii)]
Asbestos Time Weighted Averages (TWA)YesNoN/A
14. Is employee exposure to asbestos over 0.1 fibers per cubic centimeter (f/cc) of air on an 8-hour, time-weighted average (TWA) prevented? [1910.1001(c)(1)]
15. Is employee exposure to asbestos over 1.0 f/cc for a 30 minute excursion limit (EL) prevented? [1910.1001(c)(2)]
16. Is employee exposure over 0.5 f/cc TWA and 2.5 f/cc EL prevented in the following job descriptions? [1910.1001(f)(1)(iii)]
  • Coupling cutoff in primary asbestos-cement pipe manufacturing
  • Sanding in primary and secondary asbestos-cement sheet manufacturing
  • Grinding in primary and secondary friction product manufacturing
  • Carding and spinning in dry textile processes
  • Grinding and sanding in primary plastics manufacturing
17. Are representative employees monitored for TWA and EL at least every 6 months? [1910.1001(d)(3)]
18. Is a written program to reduce employee exposure below the TWA and EL in place, and is the program reviewed and updated as necessary? [1910.1001(f)(2)(i)]
19. Is asbestos handled, mixed, applied, removed, cut, scored, or otherwise worked in a wet state sufficient to reduce employee exposure below the TWA and EL? [1910.1001(f)(1)(vi)]
20. Are engineering controls used to reduce employee asbestos exposure to the lowest achievable levels and is local exhaust ventilation designed, constructed, installed, and maintained in accordance with ANSI Z9.2-1979? [1910.1001(f)(1)(iv)]
21. Are all hand-operated and machine-operated tools that could produce or release asbestos fibers equipped with local exhaust ventilation? [1910.1001(f)(1)(v)]
22. Are respirators used during installation or implementation of: [1910.1001(g)(1)] [1910.134]
  • engineering and work practice controls,
  • work such as maintenance and repair activities where engineering and work practice controls are infeasible,
  • all operations where engineering and work practice controls are not yet sufficient to reduce exposures below the TWA and EL, and
  • during emergencies?
23. Are appropriate respirators used in regulated areas? [1910.1001(e)(4)]
24. Are asbestos-containing cements, mortars, coatings, grouts, plaster, and similar materials removed from containers while either wet, ventilated, or enclosed? [1910.1001(f)(1)(viii)]
25. Is using compressed air to remove asbestos prohibited unless it is done in a containment that will capture all dust? [1910.1001(f)(1)(ix)]
26. Is sanding of asbestos-containing flooring prohibited? [1910.1001(f)(1)(x)]

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