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Risk Management Plan (RMP) Submission Instructions and Guides and publications - free from EHSO

Risk Management Planning (RMP)
Submitting a Risk Management Plan

After you have prepared your plan using RMP*Submit 2004, please review the following reminders and then submit your plan.

Important Reminders about Submitting a Risk Management Plan (RMP)

Certification Letter - To avoid receiving an error notice for an incomplete RMP you must include a certification letter with your RMP submission for each facility that you are reporting for. The proper format of the certification letter can be found from the first screen of RMP*Submit (called the "Main Menu"). Click on "Tools", then click on "Edit Certification Letters". Select the certification letter template based on the program level of the process(es) you are reporting. Cut and paste this narrative into your word processor to edit. Print the certification letter and have the owner/operator sign. The certification statement submitted must bear the original signature of the person making the certification. An "original" signature means one written by the signer in ink. Photocopied, faxed or otherwise duplicated signatures are not originals. Be sure to include this signed copy with your RMP submission.

Damaged Diskettes or CDs - Avoid any damage to your RMP disk or CD in the mail by using cardboard disk mailers. By using the padded disk mailers, you can ensure that the RMP Reporting Center will receive your RMP in good condition. This will prevent you from having to re-submit RMPs due to damaged disks.

Executive Summary - Make sure your Executive Summary is in ASCII DOS Text format. If your Executive Summary is too long to fit in the text box (more than 60 KB), you will need to save it as a text file and identify the name of the text file in RMP*Submit. If you developed your Executive Summary in Word, Word Perfect, or another word processing program, you MUST SAVE THE FILE IN ASCII TEXT. To save in ASCII: choose "SAVE AS..." and choose ASCII DOS Text, or Text (MS-DOS) format as the File Type. Your best bet is to enter it into the text box within RMP*Submit - as long as it will fit - so that no converting will be necessary. You can do this by "cutting and pasting" from your word processor. Also make sure that the file name in the RMP and the actual name of the file match exactly or there will be an error.

Graphics. If you submit graphics, make sure the file name in the scenario and the actual name of the file match exactly. Make sure they are identified in the RMP with a specific worst case or alternative release scenario and that they are actually stored on the diskette being submitted.

Paper Form. If you submit in paper, be sure to use the official form. If you don't use the official form, your RMP cannot be processed. The official form is found in Appendix A (46 pp, 453K, About PDF) of the RMP*Submit 2004 User's Manual.

Confidential Business Information. If you consider any of the information you are required to report to be confidential business information (CBI), please read this:

ATTENTION - If you consider any of the information you are required to report to be confidential business information (CBI), please read the following:

  • Before you submit your RMP, review the regulatory provisions (40 CFR CFR#2.208) governing CBI claims and decide if the information you consider confidential meets the applicable criteria for CBI.
  • DO NOT include the information you believe meets the criteria for CBI in your RMP (regardless of whether you use RMP*Submit or the paper RMP form). As required by the Clean Air Act, EPA will make all RMPs available to the public. Your RMP (except for the OCA section) will automatically be posted on the Internet. As a result, any information you include in your RMP CANNOT be claimed CBI in the future.
  • At the same time you submit your RMP, you must submit ON SEPARATE PAPER FORMS the information that you are claiming CBI and your substantiation that the information meets the criteria for CBI.

Refer to Chapter 4 of the User's Manual for complete instructions on how to submit CBI.

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Mailing a Risk Managment Plan

Risk Management Plans (RMPs) must be sent to:

Risk Management Plan (RMP) Reporting Center
P.O. Box 1515
Lanham-Seabrook, Maryland 20703-1515

For courier and fedex packages, the address will be:

Risk Management Plan (RMP) Reporting Center
c/o CSC
Suite 300
8400 Corporate Drive
New Carrollton, MD 20785