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A summary of the 1998 PCB MegaRule - free from EHSO

PCB MegaRule Summary
Also Known as The PCB Disposal Amendments

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What is the background of PCB disposal regulations?

Section 6 (e) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976 required EPA to promulgate rules governing the manufacture, use, and disposal of Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). Regulations became effective in 1978 and minor rule making has occurred over the years. The manufacture and import of PCBs was prohibited after July 2, l979. On June 29, 1998, the Disposal Amendments (dubbed the Megarule by industry) were published in the Federal Register. Most of those regulations became effective on August 28, l998. Click here to download the entire PCB megarule (1 mbyte pdf file)

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Who needs to be concerned?

Anyone who uses, disposes of, or remediates PCBs. Most impacted facilitates are electrical utilities and businesses which own electrical equipment.

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Where are PCBs found other than those in electrical equipment?

Paint, waterproofing, adhesives, lubricants, plastics, industrial coatings, fireproofing, and small capacitors in appliances, submersible pumps, and florescent light ballasts.

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When do I have to comply?

By December 28, l998, all owners of PCB transformers must register them with EPA, Washington, D.C. by submitting Form 7720-12. Better do it before the TSCA enforcement guys show up at your door!

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