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Superfund for Kids

The Superfund for Kids page developed by the EPA is intended to introduce children ages three and up to the basic concepts of the Superfund program. Currently, there are five options available for viewing. They were designed with different age groups in mind as explained in the table below:
Superfund StoriesWhen Greenville Turned Brown - An illustrated poem that explains the Superfund program's process based on a fictional site. This poem is intended for children ages 7 and up, or for anyone young at heart.
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The ABCs of Superfund - An alphabet of Superfund-related words. Each letter of the alphabet has a word, (e.g., "P" is for "pollution") that is related to the Superfund program. Each word includes a sentence using that word and a graphic that illustrates the concept. This option is intended to help very young children learn the alphabet (ages 3-5) and the basic concepts of the Superfund program to children ages 3 and up.
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Kids Adventure Story - A story in comic book format where children learn about a neighborhood Superfund site by talking to their science teacher, a neighbor who lives near the site and used to work there, and an EPA official at a community meeting. Includes a hands-on experiment that can be done in a classroom to show how our water sources can get contaminated and cleaned up. This story is intended for ages 9 and up.
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The Secret of Bog Creek Farm - A story in comic book format about a real Superfund site where children learn through the eyes of local residents. This is intended for ages 9 and up.
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Word Search - A word game where children search a scrambled set of letters for words from The ABCs of Superfund. The word search is intended for children ages 8 and up.
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Word Scramble - A word puzzle that uses five of the words from The ABCs of Superfund. The words have been scrambled so the letters are in a different order. The object is to figure out what the word is. A sentence for each word is provided, supplying clues to help unscramble the word. The word scramble is intended for children ages 8 and up.
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Coloring Page - Four pictures that can be colored by children: a polluted town, a worker removing contaminated material, a truck that is removing barrels of waste, and the same town cleaned up. The coloring pages are intended for children ages 3 and up.
Teach With Databases: Toxics Release Inventory This is a publication assembled by the National Science Teachers Association, with support from the EPA, in order to take advantage of the wealth of data that has been produced since EPCRA's implementation. The activities focus on using TRI as a tool with which students (grade 9 - 12) and teachers can learn more about the chemical history of their community. Its seven chapters offer hands-on and computer-based activities which incorporate the methods used by private and government facilities to monitor and test chemicals into the chemistry curriculum.
Other Kids LinksThis page provides additional environmental kids links, such as EPA Explorer's Club on the EPA Homepage, the Office of Water's Kid's Page and others.

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