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United Kingdom: Department of the Environment

Here are links to the DETR's environmental information for and about the United Kingdom (Great Britain). The list is growing all the time. If you want to suggest a link or recommend information for a countries. See this page for free UK EHS publications

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Environment Agency Links

Environmental topics for consumers

  • What's in your backyard? Use our interactive maps to find out more about the environment where you live. Type in a postcode or place name, zoom-in, zoom-out, pan around and click on the map to find out whether your area is at risk of flood, whether there's a landfill site near your house or how healthy the rivers are in your area.

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Environmental protection - general topics

Environmental topics for business

Use this section to access guidance on environmental issues that are relevant to businesses.

  • Environmental permitting - Information on the new Environmental Permitting Regulations introduced from 6 April 2008. The regulations will streamline the waste management licensing and pollution control regimes.
  • Flood preparation guide for business - Don't let a flood drown your business. Make a plan that'll keep your business afloat if the worst happens. Your business is more likely to flood than to burn down, so it is vital you prepare now.
  • Hazardous substances - Find out more about hazardous substances and the permits you need
  • Improving your environmental performance - Learn how to reduce waste and save water. Help prevent pollution with our ten-point checklist and pollution prevention guidance (PPGs). Find out how the cement, chemical, nuclear and dairy farming industries are performing with our Sector Plans and Report
  • Oil storage regulations - These regulations require anyone in England who stores more than 200 litres of oil to provide more secure containment facilities for tanks, drums and mobile browsers to prevent oil escaping into the environment.
  • Pollution and emissions - Find out more about the areas vital to the effective control of pollution and emissions to air and water in the UK
  • Waste - Learn more about how we manage waste and the processes that support our work
  • Water - Find out what your business needs to do to comply with water regulations and how you can save water.