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Environmental Management in India, Pakastan, Bangladesh - Free Information, Resources & Links by EHSO

Environment in Asia:
India, Pakistan, Bangladesh

Here are links to sources of environmental information for and about India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. The list is growing all the time. If you want to suggest a link or recommend information for a countries - click here to tell us!

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The Environment in Asia has information on environmental services, policies and regulations for each country in the region.

The Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN) was launched to facilitate communication between policymakers and activists about Bangladesh's growing environmental degradation. Started in 1998, BEN already makes a number of publications available on air pollution, flood management and drinking water issues.

Environmental Information about India: Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) iThe Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) is public interest research and advocacy organization based in New Delhi promoting environmentally sound development strategies and enhancing public awareness. The Centre has produced numerous publications to increase environmental awareness, including the pioneering reports on the State of India's Environment, which began in the early 1980's. A recent CSE effort is the Green Rating Project. Co-sponsored by the India's Ministry of Environment and the U.N. Development Programme, the Green Rating Project rates Indian companies on the basis of environmental performance and resembles ongoing public information disclosure programs in other developing countries.