Georgia Environmental Enforcement - GA EPD Enforcement Actions

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division uses enforcement actions to correct serious environmental problems and to bring businesses, individuals and government entities into compliance with environmental laws. The most common enforcement actions are consent orders and administrative orders. The order explains the nature of the problem, details the action necessary to correct the problem and may or may not include a settlement amount or fine.

Proposed Orders (notices that change weekly)

Georgia EPD provides notice and opportunity for public comment on certain proposed administrative consent orders. Notices are posted on this web site weekly, usually on Monday. A thirty-day comment period is provided. Comments, suggestions, hearing requests, and other information (including but not limited to letters, documents, photos and videos) should be mailed to the address shown in the notice.

Executed Orders (notices that change weekly)

Georgia EPD issues a notice of fully executed administrative orders and fully executed administrative consent orders issued by the director. The list is posted on this web page weekly, usually on Monday.

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