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Food Safety - Help for Students Writing School Reports - Free

Food Safety - Help for Students Writing School Reports - Free

Food Safety - 

Help For Students Writing A School Report

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Tips for Researching and Writing a School Report
Selected Topics For School Reports
Conducting Your Own Research
Being A Good Consumer and Citizen

Tips for Researching and Writing a School Report

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Get Information from Multiple Sources

bulletFood Safety: A Team Approach
Provides an overview of the responsibilities of the different government agencies responsible for monitoring the safety of the food supply and links to the agencies web sites.
  bulletOther Non-Government Food and Nutrition Web sites
Provides a list of selected non-government web sites related to food and nutrition topics.
  bulletSelected Sources On The History Of FDA
Provides an extensive bibliography of public affairs on the history of FDA and the regulation of foods in the US. horizontal rule

Assure that the Information you get is reliable

bulletHealth Information on Line
Provides tips and links for finding information on the web as well as advice to help you determine the reliability of different web sites.
  bulletRecognizing Good Research
Provides guidance for evaluating a research study's scientific standards
(from International Food Information Council).
  bulletUnderstanding and Interpreting Scientific Studies
Provides an overview for understanding and interpreting food and health-related scientific studies (from International Food Information Council).
  bulletA Guide to Finding Reliable Information
Advice from the World Health Organization to help internet users obtain reliable, independent, and comparable information on the internet. horizontal rule

Use the facts to write your own report, don't copy word-for-word

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Selected Topics for School Reports

History of Food and Cosmetic Regulation in The USA

bulletMilestones in U.S. Food and Drug Law History
Provides a chronological summary of key FDA events.
  bulletThe Long Struggle for the 1906 Law
Provides the story of the events that led to the enhancement of the 1906 Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act.
  bulletThe "C" in the Food Drug & Cosmetic Act
Shows biographies of FDA commissioners and their predecessors. horizontal rule

Current Food and Cosmetic Program

bulletOverview of the Food and Drug Administration
Provides an overview of the agency, which regulates food ,drugs and medical devices.
  bulletOverview of Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Provides an overview of the FDA organization whose responsibility for ensuring that food is safe, nutritious and wholesome, and cosmetics are safe; and that they are honestly, accurately and informatively labeled. horizontal rule

Specific Food & Cosmetic Topics

bulletCosmetics bulletFoodborne Pathogens bulletFood Additives bulletFood Labeling bulletHealth Fraud bulletLosing Weight and Maintaining Healthy Weight bulletNutrition bulletPesticides horizontal rule

Crosscutting Topics

bulletHow Laws Are Made
Provides a brief overview from the House of Representatives on how federal laws are made.
  bulletFood Law and Regulation
Provides access to the full text of federal government regulations and laws.
  bulletConsumer Research on Food Labels and Food Safety
Provides brief summaries of consumer research conducted by FDA and USDA horizontal rule

Conducting Your Own Research

bulletSelected Sources on the History of FDA
A bibliography of interpretive secondary sources with ample reference to additional literature bulletWhat is the Scientific Process and Ideas for Science Projects
Provides an explanation of the scientific process and suggests ideas for agricultural science projects.
  bulletScience Fair Projects: Food & Nutrition, Animals, Plants, Environment, and General Science
Books, articles, internet resources, and educator's resources for science fair projects
  bulletRequesting Information From FDA
Provides guidance on how to request information from FDA.
  bulletRequesting Records from FDA
Provides guidance on how to use the Freedom of Information Act to request FDA records.
  bulletHow an Outbreak Investigation is Conducted
Provides an overview of the procedures followed in conducting an investigation of an infectious disease outbreak. horizontal rule

 Being a Good Consumer and Citizen

bulletConsumer Advice
Provides Food Safety advice in a question and answer format.
  bulletHow to Report Illness and Product Problems
Provides links to the government agencies that follow-up on problems with food products.
  bulletMaking Your Voice Heard
Provides guidance for how you can comment on FDA regulations. bulletBecome A Food Scientist
Provides information from the University of California about What is Food Science, and answers questions about making Food Science your career.

Other Related Government Websites

bulletEPA Student Center bulletNIH Office of Science Education horizontal rule

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