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Wetlands - Introduction and Detailed fact Sheets


Introductory Information

Wetlands Protection - Overview

Frequently asked questions

Values and Functions of Wetlands

Consequences of Losing or Degrading Wetlands

Economic Benefits of Wetlands

Facts About Wetlands

Wetland Quotes

The Administration Wetlands Plan: An Update

NRCS to Identify Agricultural Wetlands

Alaska Wetlands Initiative

Regulatory Information Clean Water Act Section 404

Section 404 of the Clean Water Act: An Overview

How Wetlands Are Defined and Identified

Was the Section 404 Program Intended to Regulate Wetlands?

Issue Resolution Procedures: Clean Water Act/Section 404(q)

EPA's Clean Water Act Section 404(c) Veto Authority;

Wetlands Enforcement

Wetlands Mitigation Banking

Wetlands Categorization

What about Takings?

Wetlands on Agricultural Lands: Section 404 and Swampbuster

Exemptions to Section 404 Permit Requirements

Other Federal, and State, and Local Programs

State, Tribal, Local, and Regional Roles in Wetlands Protection

State Wetlands Grant Program

State or Tribal Assumption of the Section 404 Permit Program

Section 401 Certification and Wetlands

Wetlands and Runoff

Planning and Partnerships

Wetlands and Watersheds

What Is a State Wetland Conservation Plan?

Advance Identification (ADID)

EPA's Outreach Efforts

Partnerships with Landowners

Wetlands Acquisition and Restoration: Funding and Technical Assistance

Contacts for More Information

Environmental Protection Agency Directory


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