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Women’s Health and the Environment

Information for Pregnant Women

Information on Food and Nutrition from FDA bulletConsumer Advisory: How to Safely Handle Refrigerated Ready-to-Eat Foods and Avoid Listeriosis March 2001 bulletDangers of Lead Still Linger January-February 1998 bulletFolic Acid bulletFDA Announces Name Changes for Lower-Fat Milks and Folic Acid Fortification for Bakery Products December 1997 bulletHow Folate Can Help Prevent Birth Defects February 1999 bulletHealthy Pregnancy, Healthy Baby March-April 1999 bulletKeep Your Baby Safe: Eat Hard Cheeses Instead of Soft Cheeses During Pregnancy July 1997 bulletA similar brochure from CDC in Spanish September 2000bulletFDA and EPA Announce the Revised Consumer Advisory on Methylmercury in Fish March 19, 2004 bulletFlyer: What You Need to Know About Mercury in Fish and Shellfish March 2004
(also available in PDF and Spanish PDF) *New* bulletBackgrounder for the 2004 FDA/EPA Consumer Advisory: What You Need to Know About Mercury in Fish and Shellfish March 19, 2004 bulletListeriosis and Pregnancy: What is Your Risk? September 2001

 bulletInformation for Women about Infant Formula

Other Information from FDA

bulletPregnancy and the Drug Dilemma May 2001 bulletX-Rays, Pregnancy and You


Information from Other Federal Government Agencies bulletCenters for Disease Control and Prevention bulletWhy Folic Acid is So Important (also available in Spanish) bulletFolic Acid: Frequently Asked Questions bulletPregnancy bulletPregnancy, Breast-Feeding, and TravelbulletPregnancy, Diabetes, and Women's HealthbulletSmoking and Pregnancy

 bulletDepartment of Health and Human Services HealthfinderbulletPregnancy

 bulletNational Women's Health Information Center bulletHealthy Pregnancy

 bulletNational Library of MedicinebulletPregnancy (MEDLINEplus)

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