Information about Superfund Sites

Superfund Site Information


From this web page, you can view or download information about U.S. Superfund (CERCLA) hazardous waste sites. A new feature is the Dynamic Site Query function that allows you to design your own search of hazardous waste information according to a number of criteria.

The Site Information page is divided into three parts:

  1. NPL downloadable files and related EPA web pages
  2. Locate National Priorities List (NPL) Sites Using U.S. and State Maps - this allows you to identify the National Priorities List site(s) in your area of interest by clicking on a map of the United States.
  3. Searchable databases - Design Your Own Hazardous Waste Site Information Query - this function allows you to select information from a number of different categories, submit your query search, and retrieve hazardous waste site information that matches your criteria. You can perform either a Basic or an Advanced Query.

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