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Recycling Household Electronics

Looking for a recycler to handle a home computer, vcr or other household electronic product?  

Reuse & Recycling Opportunities


In donating or recycling your outdated electronics, you encourage the safe management of their potentially hazardous components and support the recovery and reuse of valuable materials. You also help reduce the pollution and energy costs tied to the production of new electronics. In addition, you may put a computer, TV, or cell phone in the hands of someone who really needs it.

See these sites for reuse and recycling opportunities:

TechSoup.org offers information on reuse to the general public and offers nonprofits free information, resources, and support for many of their technology needs. TechSoup works with their technology partners to provide nonprofits access to donated and discounted technology products through DiscounTech.

Ten Tips for Donating a Computer

Computer Recycling and Reuse Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in donating or disposing of unwanted electronics?
TechSoup provides non-profit and commercial resources for those who would like to donate hardware or acquire recycled hardware. These refurbishers and recyclers can make sure that your equipment goes to schools and churches in good working order, install legal software, wipe hard drives, and safely dispose of e-waste.

Are you a non-profit looking for donated technology?
TechSoup's list of organizations that recycle and refurbish hardware can help your school or charity find working equipment that will meet your needs.

Do you represent a U.S. nonprofit or school computer refurbisher looking for free Microsoft Windows OS?
A partnership between Microsoft and CompuMentor, the Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) Donation Program distributes donated Windows operating systems to US non-profit and school computer refurbishers.

The Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA) Consumer Education Initiative or "CEI" is a web-based resource that provides consumers with information on reuse and recycling opportunities for used electronics. These opportunities include state and local collection programs, charitable organizations, and recyclers that accept used electronics. The information can be sorted by state and county, and also includes a section on national programs. EIA is a national trade organization representing more than 80% of the electronics industry.
Earth 911 is a non-profit organization which maintains a website with community- specific information on reuse and recycling opportunities. These opportunities include state and local collection programs, charitable organizations, and recyclers that accept used electronics. The website is sorted by zip code and includes resources with information about electronics recycling and the environment.

Collection Events in Your Area

If you do not find any collection events listed in your area, please contact your local government's recycling and/or household hazardous waste program. There are also several mail-in collection programs sponsored by electronics manufacturers listed below.


National Collection Events

LocationDate(s)CostItems AcceptedPartners
All AT&T Wireless Retail StoresOngoingNo feeCellular phones & accessories, batteriesAT&T Wireless
Anywhere, service through mailOngoing$15/unit
Printers - $0
Computers & peripherals, monitorsDell

Plug-In to eCycling Contents

Reuse and Recycling Opportunities How to Become a Partner

EPA, Staples, the Product Stewardship Institute, and Nine Manufacturers Launch Electronics Take-Back Pilot

List of collection events and programs, reuse programs, and tips for donating unwanted equipment, finding recycled hardware, and acquiring donated equipment.

Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association's Wireless . . . The New Recyclable Program 

Electronic Industries Alliance's Consumer Education Initiative 

Earth 911 

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation 



EPA thanks our Campaign Leadership Partners for their generous support of the Plug-In To eCycling Campaign.

Partnership Information for the Private Sector - Learn more about how your company can become a Plug-In To eCycling Partner.

Partnership Information for the Public Sector - Learn more about how your organization can become a Plug-In To eCycling Partner.

Resources Other Links of Interest

Plug-In To eCycling: Guidelines for Materials Management - Guidelines for safely managing used electronic equipment.

News & Media Resources - News Coverage of the Campaign, Press Releases, Press Advisory and Campaign Logos available for download.

Plug-In To eCycling Brochure - Adobe Acrobat PDF File [225 KB] Official tri-fold informational brochure of the EPA Plug-In To eCycling Campaign.

Event Toolkit - Guide to hosting an electronics collection event. Includes media alert, sample data reporting form, and sample event survey.


What You Can Do

Product Stewardship: Electronics



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