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The Most Complete Free Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) A to D list of chemical information on the Internet

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Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) 

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With over 25,000 direct MSDS sources, and hundreds of thousands more 1 more click away,this is the most complete MSDS source on the internet.  It's also one of the very few that doesn't require you to either register or pay! To locate a manufacturer click on the first letter of the name or scroll down to see all the listings. Help us keep them current - Please notify us if you want us to add a link or a link is not working by telling us by Feedback or email!

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is required under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard . The MSDS is a detailed informational document prepared by the manufacturer or importer of a hazardous chemical.  It describes the physical and chemical properties of the product. MSDS's contain useful information such as flash point, toxicity, procedures for spills and leaks, and storage guidelines. For an explanation of the terms used in MSDS's, click here. Information included in a Material Safety Data Sheet aids in the selection of safe products, helps you understand the potential health and physical hazards of a chemical and describes how to respond effectively to exposure situations. Although there is an effort currently underway to standardizes MSDS's the quality of individual MSDS's vary. A MSDS may be useful but it can not substitute for prudent practices and comprehensive risk management.

Consumer Products note: The Department of Labor (DOL/OSHA) rules are aimed at the workplace, not the home, so technically, there is no requirement for an MSDS to be provided for household products (unless they are used in a workplace meeting the OSHA definition).  So, some manufacturers of consumer products (home and garden), have taken their MSDS's off the internet.  For example, for "Roundup" (tm) Monsanto's website says: 

" Sorry. We do not list Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on our Web site. Call the number on the label for more information. Please be prepared to provide the exact name of the product (as it appears on the label"

That being the case, if you are looking for the msds for a household product, you may want to try the household products search first.
Click here for household products master list

And if you are not a scientist, and are looking for general information about the safety of a common household product, you might want to try this search engine, Scorecard , rather than the list below.

Some of the companies listed are distributors. Accept an MSDS as current only from the manufacturer.

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Material Safety Data Sheets

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1 Shot, LLC          Paints for the graphics artist
3M     Entire 3M product line     Can search by 3M MSDS#, 3M Identifier #, or UPC#

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A-1-A Brand - Penetrants and lubricants  (Apparently, they've gone out of business - if you know where to find their MSDS's or have an old one to share, write us !
AABACO Industries, Inc.
A & L Shielding       Radiation shielding
AAVID Thermal Products, Inc.      Heat sinks for microprocessors
Abbott Laboratories
ABC Compounding  (Aero Chemical Company)      Sanitary cleaning chemicals  [Click on product to find MSDS]
A.B. Dick      Graphic arts and printing supplies     Fax back only - To get MSDS sheets you need to use their faxback system, the number is (800) 995-0088.  Abrasives & Equipment of Atlanta       Abrasive blasting products
Absorbit Inc.    Spill clean up products   
AbTech Industries      oil spill clean up products   Online request only
Aceto      Industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals   Online request only
Acustrip Company, Inc.
      Engine coolant and water test products    Online request only
Acros Chemicals (includes Fisher Scientific and Maybridge) also Fisher Scientific   (Fisher)   
Adapco, Inc.      Mosquito control products
ADC Telecommunications       [Enter "MSDS" in Tech Pub Titles]
Adeka Ultra Seal USA       Hydrophilic waterstop products
A.D. Mackay, Inc.       High purity metals, alloys and inorganic chemicals    Phone request only
ADURON       Roofing materials     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Advance Adhesive Technology, Inc.
Advanced Blending       Laundry and janitorial cleaning products   Phone and email request only
Advanced Lubrication Technology Inc .
         Motor Silk� Engine Oil Additive   (8K) Rev. 20010322
         LubriSilk� Synthetic Grease   (17k) Rev. 20080624
         LubriSilk� Gear Lube   (9K) Rev. 20010322
         Motor Silk� Automatic Transmission Fluid   (19K) Rev. 20010322
         LubriSilk� Pipe Cleaner   (18K) Rev. 200702
         LubriSilk� Aluminum Forming Fluid   (19K) Rev. 200703
Advanced Specialty Gas Equipment      Gas handling equipment
Advanced Sterilization Products (Johnson & Johnson) - Hydrogen Peroxide
        Catalase Reagent
        CIDEX Activated
        CIDEX Activated Activator
        CIDEX OPA
        CIDEX PLUS
        CIDEX PLUS Activator
Advanced Surfaces, Inc.       Decorative concrete products
Advance Repair Technology             Epoxy products
Aero Chemical Company (ABC Compounding )    Sanitary cleaning chemicals  [Click on product to find MSDS]
Aervoe Industries Inc. (Crown North American Prof Prod) Industrial aerosol products
AG Environmental Products L.L.C.
Agfa-Gevaert Group      Photography and digital imaging products   Fax/Phone request
Ag Formulators, Inc.
Agrimar Corporation
Ag-Tek (Division Kane Enterprises, Inc.)      Veterinary products
AgraQuest, Inc.
Agriliance Crop Nutrient
Agtrol       Agrichemicals
AIM Solder Products      Solder, flux, adhesives
AIP, Incorporated      Ultrasonic Couplant Gel    Phone, online, and email requests only
Aircraft maintenance
Aire-Master       Janitorial and cleaning supplies
Air Engineering, Inc.     Compressor parts and lubricants    Phone and email request only
Airex Laboratories (Bullen Companies)
Airgas, Inc       Gases and mixtures
Air Krete, Inc.           Cementitious foam insulation 
Air Liquide  Compressed gases  Calgaz
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.     Industrial gases, chemicals
Akzo Nobel, Inc.       [enter "msds" in search box]   Paints and finishes 
     Akzo Nobel Alkyl Acid Phosphates    [Phone contact at bottom of page]
     Akzo Nobel Polymers
     International Marine Coatings (Akzo Nobel)  Paints and coatings  [Requires registration]
      Interlux Paints   Yacht paints and finishes
     Akzo Nobel Sign Finishes   (Grip-Flex, Grip-Gard, Grip-Gard HS)     Online request only
     Akzo Nobel Surfactants America
     Akzo Nobel EKA bleaching agents
Albatross USA, Inc.
Alabama Pigments Company      Black and natural red iron oxide pigments
Alaskan Copper & Brass Company        Pipe, rod, bar, sheet, coil, plate, tubing, fittings and flanges
Albatross USA, Inc.
Albaugh Inc./Agri Star
Alcoa (including Alcoa Building Products)        Aluminum siding, trim, and shutters
       Alcoa Industrial Chemicals     
Alconox       Detergents
Alco-NVC, Inc.    Construction products
AlcoTec Wire Corporation (ESAB Group, Inc.)
Alden Leeds, Inc.     Swimming pool chemicals
Aldon Corporation       1500 laboratory and industrial chemicals   Online request form only
Aldrich    (Sigma-Aldrich)    You can search for product, but must register to get MSDS  Help Desk
Alfa Aesar - Very complete search engine for 14000 products
Alken Murray Corp.      Fuel additives, aquatic restoration, bioremediation, water & waste treatment, grease degraders, odor control
Allegro Industries       Safety products     Online request only    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Allerpet, Inc.       De-Mite laundry additive
Alliant Techsystems     (Alliant Powder Products)
Alpha Aesar (A Johnson Matthey Company)  Research chemicals, metals and materials (if the first link isn't working, try this: Alfa Aesar and then select MSDS search from the top of the page)
ALPHA Associates, Inc.
Alpha Metals, Inc.      Solder Paste, Cleaners, Solder, Soldering Fluxes - enter "MSDS" and the product name in the search box there
Altosid     Mosquito control products
Amaranththine Aromatics       Essential oils and aromatherapy supplies
Amerex Corporation
American Absorbants Natural Products, Inc.
American Binding Company, Inc.   Paper shredder oil   [PDF file}
American Concrete Chemicals, Inc.     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
American Cyanamid Company (BASF)        Agricultural Products
American Foundry Society    MSDSs on aluminum, copper, iron, and steel alloys
American Hydrotech, Inc.       Roofing and waterproofing products
American Master*Tech Scientific       Laboratory supplies
American Polywater Corporation        Cleaners and Lubricants
AmeriCeil, Inc.      Ceiltech ceiling cleaner      no longer has a web site
Ameripol Synpol Corporation      Polymers 
Ameron     Performance Coatings and Finishes Group
Amgen        Cellular and molecular biology therapeutics
Amoco Chemical     (BP Amoco)
Amorphous Materials Inc.       Optical materials for night vision  [Click on product to find MSDS]
AMP Incorporated     Electrical components    Online request only
Amrep, Inc.     Disinfectants, deodorizers, lubricants, insecticides Click on the category; the msds link is next to each product.  For example: MSDS for their wipes
Amresco      biochemicals & reagents  [Click on product to find MSDS - requires sign in]
Amtech, Inc.    Solder products
AMVAC Chemical Corporation     Agricultural and specialty chemicals
Anachemia Canada, Inc.      Chemical distributor    Caution- MSDSs from other manufacturers - may not be current
Anchor Chemical ( AnchorLube )
Angus Fire      (now part of KiddeFire)         Fire fighting foam products  Email request only
Ansul       Fire protection products
Apex Chemicals     Fine Chemicals    - It appears that they have gone out of business
Apex Engineering Products Corporation
       RDO-Rapid Decalcifier
APOC       Roofing products , such as APOC 100- Plastic Roof Cement, coatings, etc.
Apple Computer      Toner cartridges and supplies
Apollo Industries, Inc.     Cleaners, disinfectants, deodorants, insecticides   Online request only
Applied Biochemists
Applied Concrete Technology, Inc.    Protecrete products    Must register to access MSDS
Applied Hydro Technologies, Inc.       Water treatment products    Phone and email request only
Aqua Phase (Div. Mid-State Stainless, Inc.)   Medical equipment sanitation products
Aquatreat      Water treatment chemicals
Aquatrols Corp. Turf Products     Greenhouse & nursery surfactants and specialty chemicals
     Grower Products
Arborchem           Herbicides and adjuvants
Arch Chemicals, Inc.     Water treatment chemicals     Water treatment chemicals: MSDS Consultation Line at  1-800-511-6737 to request an Arch Chemicals Material Safety Data Sheet.  You may also request an Arch Chemicals Material Safety Data Sheet by fax, regular mail or by E-mail . Arch's MSDS Consultation Line is available from 8 am until 12 midnight (EST) seven days a week, 364 days a year.  Trained Arch specialists are available to provide technical expertise and help interpreting an Arch Chemicals MSDS. 
        Biocides       Online request only
        HTH   Water Chemicals
        Hydrazine,   propellants,  and HAN products      Online request only
        Performance urethanes and organics        Online request only
        Semiconductor photopolymers        Phone request only
Architectural Roof Coatings
Arconium Alloys     ( the company has changed hands) Indium-based products including solders, salts, oxides, plating chemicals
Ardex, Inc.        Specialty cements for flooring and building professionals  [Click on product for MSDS]
Ardrox         Dye penetrant, magnetic particle, NDT supplies
Aristo Craft     Dry cleaning, laundry, and tailoring supplies         Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Arjay Technologies, Inc.       Products for the composites fabrication industry
Arm & Hammer Performance Products Group - Food Products (Church & Dwight Co., Inc.)
      Health & Beauty Products
      Swimming Pool and Water Treatment Products
      Air Pollution Products
      Industrial/Manufacturing Products
      Armakleen    Aqueous Cleaners
      Armex    Cleaning and coating removal systems
Armor All      Car care products  (Online request only)
Armor Manufacturing       Asphalt seal coating products
Armstrong Manufacturing Co.   Saw maintenance equipment
Armstrong World Industries - Flooring   Phone and online request only
       Armstrong World Industries - Ceiling   Phone and online request only
       Industrial Specialties    Online request
Ardex (The W.W. Henry Company)   Specialty Cements   
Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
       Purging compound for plastic injection molding machines and extruders
Ashland Chemical        Fax back system    or Phone request
Astoria-Pacific, Inc.      Dip 'N Grow Liquid Rooting Hormone
Astro Chemicals, Inc.     Fine chemical distributor       Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
         A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
ATI Black Diamond
(Abrasive Technologies, Inc.)       Abrasives
Atlas Fibre Company
Atofina Chemicals (Elf Atochem)    
        Fluorochemicals      Forane� products
        Plexiglas Sheets
        Resins     Atoglas plexiglas
        Thio & Fine Chemicals     [Click on product group to find MSDS]
ATP Professional Auto Parts
ATR Corporation       Waste water treatment and specialty chemicals     Phone and email request only
Auburn Manufacturing       High temperature textiles
Audiosears Corporation - distributor of resins, inks, solvents, lubricants, etc.
Austin American Technology Corporation      Megasolv          Batch and inline cleaners
Automatic Rain      Landscape and irrigation products   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Automotive Body Parts Association     Auto repair products    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Automotive International, Inc.      Auto preservation products     Phone, email, fax request only
Auxein Corporation         AuxiGro plant metabolic primer
Aventis - Crop Science      Herbicides, fungicides and insecticides
    Aventis Pharma      Pharmaceuticals
Aviall, Inc.          Aviation parts distribution    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Aviation Laboratories    Fuel additives, de-icers, chemicals    ( Online request only )
    AVL Fast Acting Cleaner/Degreaser
    AVL TKS Anti-Icing De-Icing Fluid
    AVL Eco-Safe Cleaner/Degreaser Aviation Products, Inc.    Epoxies     Phone or Email request only    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Avitrol Corporation       Chemical bait
A.V.W. Inc.    Blow Off Products
Axel Color ( Divisione Foto-Tecnochimica s.r.l.)    Photo chemical products  [Online request only]
Ax-it International       Ultrasonic cleaner     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Azalea Color Company      Curing agents, dispersants, and pigments        Request form only

B    Top   

Bacharach, Inc.     Gas detection and analysis instrumentation
Backscratchers Salon Systems, Inc.       Personal care products
Baddley Chemicals, Inc.       Laboratory chemicals     Phone and email request only
Badger Fire Protection   Fire extinguishers
Bajamar Chemical Company, Inc.       Potassium dietary supplements
JTBaker (US MSDS's) or, for other countries, use this link      Laboratory reagents
Ballard Medical Products      Critical care & pain mgmt. products   Email & phone request only
Bane-Clene Corporation
Barber & Lundberg (National Logistics Services, L.L.C.)    Veterinary Supplies    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Baroid Industrial Drilling Products       Phone and email request only
Barrett Healthcare - Their web site is gone and this link no longer works.  No one else has it, either!  Anyone have a copy of their MSDS's?
Bartek Ingredients Inc.    Food grade malic and fumaric acid . Food grade malic and fumaric acid. Click on the compound you want an MSDS for, on their website.
Barton Mines Company, L.L.C.     Garnet abrasive products
Basch Co., Inc.
Base Line Graphic Arts Products
BASF Corporation           Online Request only     Other business groups not listed
        Agricultural products
        Acrylic Monomers Group      Online request only
       Automotive Refinish Group      Phone and online request only
        Oxo Products Group       Online request only
       Specialty Intermediates Group      Online request only
        Speciality Products Department (American Cyanamid)     Weed and pest control products
Bayer CropScience - click on Labels/MSDS at the top of the page  - Bayer Corporation, Agricultural Division, Crop protection products
        Bayer Corporation, Agricultural Division   (CDMS)   Crop protection products
Bayer Diagnostics (Chiron Diagnostics)     Email request only
BBJ Chemical Compounds, Inc.    HVAC contamination control Chemicals 
BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)     Medical and laboratory supplies
BDH, Inc.
(EM Science)   Searchable database    NOTE: their website is gone. 
        A and C Chemical
        JT Baker
        VWR Scientific Products
Becker-Underwood   Turf, agriculture, seed treatment, vegetation, forestry, andl pest control
Beckman Coulter       Laboratory automation products
Becton, Dickinson and Company     Email and phone request      Search Catalog    [Click on product to find MSDS]
Bedoukian Research, Inc.     Flavors and Fragrances
        Technical Pheromones
E. Begerow GmbH & Co.      Filter systems, filter aids, and beverage treatment
Bell Laboratories, Inc.    Rodenticides (not telecom equipment)
Benjamin Moore      
Bennette Paint Mfg. Co., Inc.       Primers, undercoats, and paints
Bergdahl Associates, Inc.       Tramos Cleaning and degreasing products      Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Berryman Products, Inc.
Betco Corporation       Sanitation chemical specialties   
BFG Industries, Inc.      Fabrics
BF Goodrich Kalama, Inc
BF Goodrich Performance Materials, Inc.      Chemicals for textile processing     Email request only
Biagro Western Sales Inc.     Nutri-Phite fertilizer
BIC Corporation     Pens, markers, Wite-Out    
BioChem Systems, Inc.
Biochrom, Ltd      Amino Acid Analyser Chemicals
Biogen    (Phone request only)
BioMagic LLC     Aerobic bacteria accelerator   [MSDSs at bottom of page]
Bio Pac, Inc.       Cleaning Products
Bio-Rad Laboratories       Life science research products [Registration required]    or phone
BioSafe     Antibacterial Skin Protectant     (Phone and email request only)
Biotrol International (A Pro-Dex Company)       Dental infection control products
BioVectra      Biopharmaceutical products   [Click on Catalog # to see MSDS]
BioWhittaker ViaLight   (Cambrex)   Cell culture and endotoxin detection products
        Luciferase Reagent     
BioWorks, Inc. Biological products for plant diseases
Bird Shield Repellent Corporation          Bird repellant
Bisco, Inc.      Dental adhesives and composites
Blacklock Medical Products, Inc.       PeriAcryl dental cyanoacrylates tissue adhesive
Black Swan Manufacturing Co.      Plumbing chemicals and accessories
Blaser Swisslube, Inc.      Cutting fluids and lubricants
Blow Off Products   (A.V.W. Inc.)
Blue River Coatings, Inc.       Specialty coatings     Email and phone request only
BNZ Materials
        BNZ - 375, 375L, D375L Cement
        BNZ - 460 Cement
        BNZ - 508 Cement
        BNZ - BNZ Insulating Fire Brick- All Grades
        BNZ - Blakbond, Super Blakbond, Hellite, 2986,
        BNZ - Blazecrete 2500HS, 2600, 2800
        BNZ - Blazecrete 3000, 3200
        BNZ - Blazelite 2000, Blazecrete 2300 AR, 3000 ZX-11
        BNZ - Blazelite 2100, 2300, 2300LI, VLI, 2500, VLI, 2600LI
        BNZ - CS85 [Calcium Silicate Board]
        BNZ - Firelite Aggregate 2337, 2645, 2653, 2855,2861
        BNZ - I FIX HOT
        BNZ - IFB Dust Collection Fines
        BNZ - Marinite 2200
        BNZ - Marinite A
        BNZ - Marinite I M, P, IL and ML
        BNZ - No 20 Cement
        BNZ - Transite HT
        BNZ - ZELIEBLOK 2000
BOC GROUP - BOC Edwards      Semiconductor manufacturing products
        BOC Industrial gasses          or Phone and email requests
        BOC High vacuum equipment
Boehringer Mannheim
        Roche Diagnostics Div.    Reagents, Cleaning Solutions, Calibrators and
       Controls, Drugs of Abuse, ES 300, Immunoassay System, Elecsys
Bohler Tyhssen Welding USA, Inc.       Welding consumables
Bondline Adhesives, Inc.      S3003M Red, S3004M Neutral, and S3004MB Black Adhesive
Bonide Products, Inc.       Insect, weed and disease control products
Bonney Forge       Valves and steel fittings
Bortz Products      Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Bostik Findley Corporation       Adhesive fastening systems
H L Bouton Visionaid Rainbow II   Eye protection products
BP Amoco , BP Gas, Power and NGL   - view, print and download the data sheets by simply entering the full product name in the keyword box and select type of data sheet, or view the entire list available. For further inquires please contact us at + 877-569-5552 or by email at [email protected] .
BPI (Brain Power Incorporated)      Optical tints and dyes
Bramec Coproration      HVAC products     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Brandt Consolidated, ClawEl Division
Brenntag N.V.       Industrial and specialty chemicals
Bright Solutions, Inc.     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Bronner Chemical    Snofoam
Briwax Woodcare        Wood care products     Toll free phone or email only
Brush Wellman
Bryte Technologies, Inc.     Epoxy and cyanate ester resin products
Buckeye International, Inc .   Floor care, cleaners, disinfectants, degreasers
Buehler        Metallographic consumables
Building Products, Inc.    Decorative surfacing products   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Bullen Midwest, Inc.         Cleaners, disinfectants, and floor care products
Burke Oil - Fleetline Petroleum Products  (Dennis K. Burke, Inc)      Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
     Shell Lubricants
     America's Choice
Burke-Parsons-Bowlby Corporation       Treated wood products   
Burns Veterinary Supply, Inc.    Online request only    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Butcher Company   Floor care, carpet and disinfectant products
BYK-Chemie      Coatings and ink additives

C    Top  

Cabot Stains Samuel Cabot Inc.
CAIG Laboratories, Inc.
Calbiochem-Novabiochem Corp.      Research chemicals   Phone, email request only  Online search
Cal Crop USA
Calgaz (Air Liquide)
CalGraph, Inc. (CalComp, Inc.)    Printer inks and toners
California Dental products, LLC.   
Caltech Industries, Inc.    Healthcare disinfectants   [Click on product to find MSDS]
Cal-Tek Industries      Steamite alkalite cleaner
Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd.    Petroleum products   [Enter a "%" in the product box - click search for a list of all MSDSs]
C&D Technologies Powercom Division       Batteries
CAM2 Oil Products Company      Oils, antifreeze, and hydraulic fluids
Cambridge Display Technology      Light emitting polymers      Poly (p-xylylene-a-tetrahydrothiophene bromide)
Campo Research      You'll need a password to get to MSDSs
Canadian Gypsum Company, Inc.      Gypsum wallboard and ceiling products
Canadian Theatre Products Ltd.    [Clink on product to find MSDS]   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
C & P Press Greenbook
Cannon Office, industrial, and consumer products
Carbonic Systems, Inc.
CarBright      Auto care products    Request form only
Carrington Laboratories, Inc.   Skin care, odor control, wound care, and incontinence products
Casilite Group (The)       Insulation products
Castle International Resources       Cross-Linked Polyacrylamide (CLP)
CB Professional Products     Insect control products 
CCT Corporation

Cedar Chemical Corporation
Cement Lining Co., Inc.     X-pando
Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices
CertainTeed Corporation      Insulation products
CETCO (Colloid Environmental Technologies Co.)  Waterproofing and roofing materials  Phone or email request only
       Aduron Roofing systems    Fluid applied roofing
C.F.C. Reclamation & Recycling Service Inc.     Compressed gases
CFR Corporation       Cleaning solutions
CGC   (Canadian Gypsum Co)     Gypsum wallboard and ceiling products
Champion Chemical Company, Inc.     Janitorial and housekeeping products
Champion Technologies    Oilfield specialty chemicals
Chavant, Inc.    Clay products
Chemical Solutions Int'l, Corp.  Remediation Products     [Click on product to see MSDS]
        Industrial Cleaners
Chemical Specialties, Inc.     Wood treatment products  (Click on product to find MSDS)
Cheminova, Inc.
Chem Lab Products, Inc.    Pool and spa products - Broken link - this company has vanished - Has anyone seen an MSDS for their products?
Chemopetrol       Chemicals     Phone request only
Chem Pak, Inc.     Aerosol packing and industrial cutting fluids   (Phone and online request only)
Chem Service, Inc.       Analytical reference materials       (Request form only)
Chemtool Incorporated     Metalworking fluids, lubricants, greases, and cleaners
Chemtronics      Specialty chemicals, supplies and desoldering products
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company (Plexco Pipe Division)      Pipe, conduit and fittings
Chevron Oil Company    Fuels and lubricants      in Spanish
      Aviation Lubricants
      Base Oils       or Online request
Chiron Diagnostics (Bayer Diagnostics)    This one appears to have been removed from the internet when Bauer acquired them.
Chlor*rid International Inc.   CHLOR*RID    Organic bonding chemicals
Church & Dwight Co., Inc. - Food Products  (Arm & Hammer Performance Products Group)
      Health & Beauty Products
      Swimming Pool and Water Treatment Products
      Air Pollution Products
      Industrial/Manufacturing Products
      Armakleen    Aqueous Cleaners
      Armex    Cleaning and coating removal systems
Cine' Shoppe       Special effects fogging oil   
Circuit Specialists, Inc.      Computer equipment and supplies     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
CITGO Petroleum Corporation    Fax back system only
Cleanco Cleaning Sys  (Esteam Manufacturing LTD.)   Carpet, duct cleaning products  
Cleary Chemical       Pesticides and specialty products  [Click on product for MSDS]  
CL Marketing Inc. (Tabex)          Swimming pool water treatment products
Clorox Company      Email request only
CME Plastics, Inc. 
  Chromex die and mold cleaner    (Online and phone request only)
Coastwide Laboratories     You need their viewer to see these files?????
Coatings For Industry, Inc 
Cold Ice, Inc.        Gel ice and insulated shipping containers
Coleman Company, Inc.    Lantern, propane, and gaz fuel
Colgate Palmolive       Online request only
     Colgate Palmolive Oral Pharmaceuticals      Email and phone request only
Colin Campbell     Plant and crop protection products
Color Putty Co., Inc.
Columbian Chemicals Company      Carbon black
ComPaq    Computer ink cartridges   Email and phone request only
Compax, Inc.      Nickel powder        Phone or email request only
Compotite Elastiseal
    Vinyl Coated Fabrics
Concorde Battery      Lead acid and dry charged batteries
Concrete & Tile Technologies, Inc.         Protecrete products     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Conoco, Inc.       Lubricants
Conostan (Conoco Specialty Products, Inc.)     Oil soluble standards
Conros Corporation     Fire starter, candle, and glue products     Phone and email request
Consep, Inc.  - Biolure        Pest control products 
Contact East      Testing & repairing electronic equipment  
Continental Sulfur Company
Controlled Release Technologies Incorporated    HVAC hygiene products
Control Solutions, Inc.         Pesticides     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Coogee Chemicals     Inorganic chemicals
  Cookson Electronics ( Polyclad Div.)    More MSDS     High performance laminates
        Enthone    Functional and decorative coatings    Canadian MSDSs
Cooper Crouse-Hinds (Div. Cooper Industries, Inc.)
        Industrial lighting products   
Cooper Power Systems      Transformers and fluids   Email and phone request only
Cooper Tools       Power & Hand Tools   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Corbond Corporation      Foam Insulation
Cosa Instrument Corporation       Industrial instrumentation      Phone and email request
CPD       Construction products   Online request only
C.P.F., Division of Courtalds Coatings Inc . 1 Shot paints
CPI, LLC.      Urethane remover   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
CRC Industries, Inc.     Specialty chemicals for maintenance & repair   Phone, Fax-back & emai l
Creative Marketing & Research, Inc.
Crescent Hardwood Supply    BC, Bostic, Duraseal, Minwax, Glitsa, Wearmax, Gerner's, Hillyard, Crown, Shefield, 
Cresset Chemical Company
      Release Agents, Curing Compounds, Sealers, and Hand Cleaners
Crew Cleaner, Inc.         Bilge cleaner   Phone and email request only
Critter Company
C R Minerals Company, LLC       Diatomaceous earth, amorphous silica, and pumice
Crompton Corporation (Uniroyal)     Chemicals and polymer products. To request an MSDS document, please contact our MSDS department. E-mail correspondence is preferred and will result in a quicker response to your request. US: 1-866-430-2775. World: +1-203-573-3303. FAX: +1-203-573-4531. E-Mail: [email protected]
Crop Data Management Systems     For the following company's MSDS: (Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current)
     Abbott Laboratories
     Ag Formulators, Inc.
     AgrEvo USA Company
     Agrimar Corporation
     Agtrol International
     Albaugh Inc.
     American Cyanamid Company
     Amvac Chemical Corporation
     Auxein Corporation
     BASF Corporation
     Bayer Corporation
     Brandt Consolidated, ClawEl Division
     Cal Crop USA
     CCT Corporation
     Cedar Chemical Corporation
     Cheminova, Inc.
     Consep, Inc.
     Continental Sulfur Company
     Creative Marketing & Research, Inc.
     Custom Agricultural Formulators
     Dow AgroSciences
     Drexel Chemical Company
     E.I. duPont de Nemours & Co., Inc
     Ecogen, Inc.
     EDM Industrial Equipment
     Elf Atochem North America, Inc.
     Entek Corporation
     FMC Corporation
     Gowan Company
     Griffin LLC
     Helena Chemical Company
     Independent Agribusiness Professionals, Inc.
     J. R. Simplot Company
     John Taylor Fertilizers
     Knapp Manufacturing Company
     Loveland Industries, Inc.
     Merck AgVet Division
     Micro Flo Company
     Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corp.
     Mineral Research & Devel. Corp.
     Monsanto Company
     Monterey Chemical Company
     Mycogen Corporation
     NORDOX Industrier AS
     Novartis Crop Protection, Inc.
     Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc.
     Oregon-California Chemicals, Inc.
     Pace International LP
     Pacific Biocontrol Corporation
     PBI Gordon Corporation
     Phelps Dodge Corporation
     Plant Health Technologies
     Rhone-Poulenc Ag Company
     Riverdale Chemical Company
     Rohm and Haas Company
     Ruona Nutrients & Adjuvants Corp.
     Setre Chemical Company
     Sostram Corporation
     Sundance AG Inc.
     TENKOZ, Inc.
     Thermo Trilogy Corporation
     TOAGOSEI Co., Ltd.
     UCB Chemicals Corporation
     Uniroyal Chemical Company, Inc.
     United Agri Products/Platte Chemical Company
     United Phosphorus Inc.
     Valent USA Corporation
     Webb Wright Corporation
     Western Farm Service
     Wilbur-Ellis Company
     ZENECA Ag Products
Crown North American Prof Prod    (Aervoe Industries Inc.) Industrial aerosol products
Cryotech Deicing Technology 
     Acetate-based deicers
Crystran Ltd
C.S.S. Technology, Inc.
CTS Cement Manufacturing Company  (Rapid Set� Products)  Cement products
Curtin Matheson Scientific (includes Acros Chemicals and Fisher Scientific )
Custom Agricultural Formulators
Cyber Fluid Corporation      Metal working fluid
CycleSorb (The Piedmont Group, Inc.)
Cytec Industries, inc.      Specialty chemicals and materials

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Dade Behring, Inc.      Medical products
Daikin    Unidyne
       Fluoronated Intermediates    Online request only
       Zeffle       Online request only
Daisytek      Office Equipment     Online request only
DAKO Corporation     Medical diagnostic products   At present Package Inserts and MSDSs are not available online for all products. If not available please contact your local Dako-Office .
D&D Chemical Inc.      Pest Control Products          Email request only
Danosa Caribbean, Inc.      Roofing products    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Dantronix Research and Technologies      Laser products
DAP   Adhesives,sealants,glues    Phone and email request
      Retail      [Clink on product then MSDS]
David Gray and Co. Pty Ltd    Chemicals and fertilizers
Day-Glo Color Corp.     Fluorescent pigments, offset printing bases, screen inks, and paints    Toll free or online request only
Deb Canada -  Manufacturers of lotion and foaming soaps.
Decal Chemical Corp.    Bone decalcification products
Decon Laboratories, Inc.        Cleaning agents, disinfectants, and professional skincare specialities
Degesh America         Aluminum phosphide products
Degussa   Specialty chemicals
Deitermann       (In Danish)
Delasco         Phone and email request only
Delco Cleaning Systems of Fort Worth       Pressure power wash products
Dennis Petroleum       Petroleum and environmental products      Online request only
Dentsply      Dental products
Department of the Army    Edgewood Research Center
DermaPet      Pet products
Dermik Laboratories, Inc. (Rh�ne-Poulenc)      Dermatology products
Devcon      Epoxies, Floor savers, urethanes, adhesives   [Click on product group to find MSDS]
Diagnostic Chemicals Limited
      Chemicals, biochemicals,  and clinical chemistry   reagents
Diamond Vogel Paints       Interior, exterior, and heavy duty coatings
Diana Industries International, Inc.     Shop wipes and paint cleaners     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Digital Design, Inc, (Genesis Ink Jet)     Contact printing inks and products
Dillon Chemical Supply       Floor maintenance and sanitary chemicals      Online request only
Dionex      Chromatography products   Online and phone request only
Discus Dental      Dental products
DoAll Company       Industrial supplies & equipment
Dojindo Laboratories       Drug intermediates, analytic reagents, & bioactive materials
Dominion Sure Seal Limited      Epoxies, Urethanes, Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings    On line request only
        Meguiar's Canada Inc.    Cleaners, waxes, polishes     Phone and email request only
        Rust Check Corporation    Rust preventative     Phone and email request only
Douglas Products & Packaging    Pest management, safety, and RV products     Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
Dow Chemical Company      Product look-up        Phone, Fax, and Email requests only
        Acrylic Monomers       HEA, HPA, GMA
        Caustic Soda Products     
       Chlorinated Solvents and Intermediates      Aerothene, Methylene Chloride, Trichloroethlyene, Perchloroethylene   [Registration required]   Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian
        Cyclotene       Polymers for thin-film microelectronics
        Engineering Plastics       ABS, polycarbonate, polypropylene     Email request only
Dow Corning - Dow MSDS search box or Product Finder   or  By Industry
D.O. Weaver & Company       Skin Prep products
Drexel Chemical Company
DriTac Adhesive Group, Inc.       Flooring adhesive
Dr. T's Nature Products, Inc.     Manufacturer of registered animal repellents      Online request only
Dryden Aqua, Ltd.       Water treatment products
Dryvit Systems, Inc. - US.      Exterior insulation and finish systems
DSM Engineering Plastic Products, Inc.     Chemicals and plastics
DTC (Denmark)    Cleaner  (Other Languages A BF BNL CZ D DK E F FINS FINFIN GB I IS N NL P S )   Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
DTW Inovative Solutions, Inc.       Industrial cleaner
Dudick Inc.      Flooring, Linings, and Coatings      Request form only
Du-Lite Corporation      Black Oxide & Bluing Chemicals
Duncan Enterprises     Craft and Ceramic Products
Duniway Stockroom Corp.       Ion, fusion, & mechanical pumps and supplies    Caution- not manufacturer's site - may not be current
DuPont        Search for an MSDS    MSDS Corp. Information Center 800#
        Agricultural Products      or Product List
         CoolMax (Dacron)    Online and phone request only
        Cromalin Toners      
        DuPont Crop Protection
        Dymel    Online and phone request only
        Fire Extinguishants      FE-36, FE-13, FE-25, FE-241
        Glycolic Acid          Phone or email request only
        Industrial Polymers
       Oxone         Phone and email request only 
        Powder Coatings     Online request only
        Suva Refrigerants     Suva, HFC, Freon
        Titanium Dioxide          
       Tyvek & Tychem     Email request only
        Zonyl       Floroadditive
D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd.       Stabilant products
Dychem     Layout fluids, thinners and removers, staining colors, also see this website for Dychem msds.
Dymon      Insecticides, cleaners, disinfectants; click on the red MSDS box on the page
Dynamold      Moldable shims and solvents
Dynetherm      Refrigerant pads and boxes    Toll free number or email request only

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