Lab Pack Companies: Listing of Companies That Offer Labpacking Services Across the United States

Lab packs are a specific type of chemical waste - usually many small containers, such as those found in a lab, and there are specific regulations and requirements for them. See this page for more information about what lab packs are. Below is a current list of environmental services companies that provide lab packing services at your location. You should expect (and ask) that they:

  1. Have staff trained to meet Hazwoper and DOT HM-181 and subsequent regulations,
  2. Pack to meet applicable EPA, DOT and other applicable requirements.
  3. Supply chemists, not just technicians, onsite.
  4. Have adequate liability insurance (at least $1 million)
  5. Provide all completed paperwork, labels and shipping containers
  6. Provide federal hazardous materials licensed  transportation.

EHSO provides the list below without recommendation or qualification; these are simply firms that offer the services: ask questions and vette them!

  • AEG Environmental  - AEG's lab pack program provides proper handling, packaging, transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. Our highly trained chemists are skilled in chemical characterization and segregation. Their expertise assures superior customer service by keeping you in compliance with the latest EPA and DOT regulations.
  • Ashland's Lab Pack Services - Offering nation-wide services, Ashland is a large company with extensive experience in handling lab packs and can provide trained and qualified personnel to collect, segregate, package and label waste materials at your facility. Their lab pack program is geared toward economically identifying, packing and disposing of your laboratory's waste chemicals or small quantities of outdated chemicals. They will provide you with a quote from basic information (inventory list) you supply to them. Their personnel will pack these materials in compliance with EPA and DOT regulations.
  • Chemtron Labpack Services - Chemtron offers turnkey lab pack services. For all your small containers of various chemicals Chemtron will inventory, categorize and package, your material for proper waste transport and ultimate recycling or disposal. We also provide all necessary documentation including proper labels, markings and shipping documents. Chemtron can provide our "pack and pull" service upon request offering same day packaging and transportation. With an emphasis on safety, we offer the highest level of value to the marketplace through competitive pricing, safe, sound waste management practices and a common sense approach to problem solving. Employing our "one facility concept," Chemtron can accept over 540 various RCRA codes giving Chemtron the flexibility to offer a greater array of disposal options including the management of even "untouchables" by most companies, including: explosives, water/air reactives, pyrophoric, biological, shock sensitive, cylinders and unknowns. All services are performed with strict adherence to all applicable EPA, DOT and OSHA, regulations.
  • Clean Harbors CleanPack - Clean Harbors' national lab pack program, was created in 1986 to provide proper handling, packaging, transportation and disposal of hazardous chemicals.  Our highly trained chemists are skilled in chemical recognition and compatibility.  Their expertise helps assure superior customer service by keeping you in compliance with the latest EPA and DOT regulations.  CleanPack chemists utilize our CHOICE® waste management software system to support our packaging services and complete the regulatory information required for every pick-up.  As one of the largest providers of comprehensive environmental services in the United States, Clean Harbors has been helping customers solve complex disposal problems since 1980.  Our account managers and specialists provide customers with project estimates and technical assistance.
  • Environmental Enterprises - Lab Pack Services Division provides segregation and packaging services for the disposal of laboratory chemicals. Environmental Enterprises personnel are able to identify, segregate and package laboratory chemicals from Education, Industrial and Hospital facilities to meet stringent EPA and DOT requirements. These wastes are approved for acceptance at Environmental Enterprises, a Part B permitted Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF), upon packaging at the generator's site for immediate removal. Environmental Enterprises' facility has broad acceptance abilities derived from its RCRA, TOSCA, ATF and Pharmacy permits. This minimizes the number of facilities that a generator needs to employ to affect proper management of a wide variety of waste materials.
    • Unknown Identification
    • More Than 20 Years Experience
    • Same-Day Removal of Packaged Materials
    • Reduction of Liability
    • Part B Permitted Facility
    • Trained Chemists and Technicians
    • Contractor's Pollution Liability Insurance
    • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Proven Technology and Experienced Operations
    • Computerized Bar Code Tracking System
    • Chemical Treatment versus Landfilling
    • Average of 12.5 years experience per Lab Pack crew member
  • EnvironmentalService Group Lab Packing Service - The Enviromental Service Group provides total "Turn-Key" Lab Pack Services. Providing Complete Chemical Inventories; Completion of all required paperwork (packing slips, manifests, labels, etc); Supplying all required drums and packing materials; ESG Utilizes it own Transportation Fleet; Lab Pack Chemists are Trained to Screen and Identify "Unknowns"; Only the Most Economical and Environmentally Safe methods of disposal are utilized; Whether it be Low Level Radioactive Wastes, Polychlorinated Biphenols, Picric Acid, or Sodium Chloride....ESG promises you their commitment to SERVICE
  • Fleet Environmental Services LLC - Turnkey Lab Pack Services - Fleet Environmental Services offers comprehensive lab pack services for various types of waste generators.  Whether yours is a large manufacturing company, university, hospital or small research and development company, the problem of managing various hazardous wastes is a difficult one.  The professionals at Fleet offer effective, cost-efficient solutions for your specific needs. All our chemists have over forty hours of OSHA training and extensive "hands-on" field experience.  Our network of treatment, storage and disposal facilities allow us to manage a wide variety of lab pack wastes including reactives, cylinders, flammables, corrosives, toxic materials and unknown chemicals.  Fleet provides turnkey lab pack services. Our representatives will work with you to determine the most cost-effective and environmentally safe method to manage your lab pack wastes.
  • Legacee Environmental - Our lab pack team, led by a Master degreed chemist, is well versed in lab pack protocol and highly skilled in handling this type of material safely and effectively. Our turnkey service ensures proper inventory, packaging, transport and disposal of lab pack chemicals, along with computer generated inventory list for tracking chemicals to final destination. Unlike many of our competitors, we are able to minimize turnkey management costs by utilizing our Department of Transportation (DOT) Bulk Packing exemption. Simply put, we are able to bulk pack more chemicals per container, thus reducing the number of overall containers and lowering disposal cost.
    Classify, segregate, and properly package all chemical waste on-site
    - Identification of unknown chemical waste
    - Packaging and labeling
    - Computerized Inventory Tracking
    - Transportation and Disposal
  • Rader Environmental Lab Packing Service - Rader performs complete lab pack services including identifying and categorizing unused, obsolete or unknown chemicals, determining the optimum disposal process, and implementing lab pack disposal. In laboratories with established inventories, Rader will supply firm, up-front quotations for lab packing and lab pack disposal activities. In cases where un-inventoried chemicals are present, we can provide inventory assistance and will perform spot-testing and chemical analysis on unknown components. Rather than just packaging existing containers into drums, with the assistance of an onsite chemists, Rader personnel are able to consolidate and bulk some chemicals. Whenever possible, Rader will neutralize hazardous chemicals to render them non-hazardous. In some cases, our lab pack teams can find other users for obsolete or unwanted chemicals, again reducing liability for hazardous waste and a notable monetary savings. Rader is not an affiliate of a disposal firm, so they determine the appropriate lab pack disposal, treatment or recycling facility for each project, arranging the best solution to each unique situation. Rader handles everything from paperwork and permits to actual transportation arrangements. We also offer onsite treatment as an option for small quantity waste disposal projects for RCRA-exempt companies.
  • ScholAR ChemCare® Disposal Service -  a division of Univar, offers complete Lab Pack Services designed to safely dispose of aged chemical inventories, unwanted laboratory chemicals and other small quantity wastes. Efficient, worry-free waste management is easy. A ChemCare® professional will come to your site and inventory, classify, and segregate your unneeded chemicals into compatible groups Your waste chemicals will be segregated by hazard class, properly packaged into approved Department of Transportation shipping containers, and properly labeled. Manifest will be accurately prepared and ready for your signature. Transportation will be provided to assure timely and economical removal of the lab pack disposal containers. ChemCare® works in partnership with the most respected treatment, storage and disposal facilities in the waste management industry. With over 50 strategically located storage and disposal sites across the country, your lab packs will be disposed of in the most economically and environmentally sound manner possible, including financial indemnification against future liabilities.
  • SET Environmental, Inc. - SET Environmental takes pride in its ability to provide our customers with the best services available for the disposal of laboratory wastes. Since 1979, our goal has been to develop partnerships with customers in a variety of industries, including: general manufacturing, pharmaceutical, universities and research institutions. Our technical personnel include chemists, chemical engineers, environmental scientists and technicians who perform routine and highly specialized services for customers throughout the United States. SET also has a part B permitted facility located in Houston, Texas that specializes in the management of Lab Packs including treatment and disposal of reactive wastes and gas cylinders.