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Government Food Safety Agencies

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bulletFood safety network bulletU.S. Federal Agencies bulletState and Local Agencies bulletInternational Agencies horizontal rule

The Food Safety Network

Many federal, state, and local agencies work together to monitor food safety. The responsibilities of each of the agencies are described in Food Safety: A Team Approach. horizontal rule

Federal Government Agencies

bulletAgricultural Research Service, USDA bulletAnimal and Plant Health Inspection Service, USDA bulletCenter for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, FDA bulletCenter for Veterinary Medicine, FDA bulletFood Safety and Inspection Service, USDA bulletDivision of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases, CDC bulletCooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES), USDA bulletOffice of Pesticide Programs, EPA

For additional federal agencies, see Food Safety: A Team Approach.

Federal Government/Private Sector Partnerships

bulletPartnership for Food Safety Education (Fight BAC!) horizontal rule

State and Local Government Agencies

bulletOverall Listing of State, County, and Territory Agencies bulletState and Territorial Health Agencies bulletNational Food Safety Contacts bulletExtension Agents and Other Food Resource People bulletState, County, and City Government Consumer Protection Offices bulletState Health Agencies bulletU.S. State and Local Government Sites


bulletAlabama bulletDivision of Food, Milk, and Lodging bulletAlaska bulletEnvironmental Sanitation & Food Safety bulletCalifornia bulletDepartment of Food and Agriculture bulletKings County Division of Environmental Health Services bulletCalifornia Sea Grant Extension Program bulletColorado bulletConsumer Protection Division bulletColorado Cooperative Extension Service Food and Nutrition Publications bulletDelaware bulletDepartment of Agriculture Food Products Inspection bulletDelaware Cooperative Extension Food and Nutrition Facts bulletFlorida bulletDepartment of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Food Safety bulletDepartment of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Hotels and Restaurants bulletFlorida Cooperative Extension Service National Food Safety Database bulletHawaii bulletEnvironmental Health Administration bulletIllinois bulletChampaign-Urbana Public Health District, Division of Environmental Health bulletIndiana bulletIndiana Cooperative Extension Service: Foods and Nutrition bulletMarion County Health Department, Foodborne Disease Prevention bulletIowa bulletIowa Cooperative Extension Service Food Safety Project bulletKansas bulletBureau of Environmental Health Services bulletKansas Cooperative Extension Service bulletMichigan bulletDepartment of Agriculture, Food Safety bulletMinnesota bulletDepartment of Health bulletMinnesota Cooperative Extension Service bulletMississippi bulletMississippi Cooperative Extension Service Food Safety and Quality bulletNebraska bulletNebraska Cooperative Extension Service, Food Safety Website bulletNorth Carolina bulletNorth Carolina Cooperative Extension Service Food Safety Information Retrieval System bulletNorth Dakota bulletNorth Dakota Cooperative Extension Service Food Safety and Substitutions bulletPennsylvania bulletDepartment of Agriculture, Bureau of Food Safety and Laboratory Services bulletSouth Dakota bulletOffice of Health Protection bulletTexas bulletBureau of Food and Drug Safety bulletVirginia bulletDepartment of Agriculture and Consumer Services Food Safety Programs bulletDivision of Food and General Environmental Health Services bulletWashington bulletSeattle-King County Department of Public Health bulletWest Virginia bulletBureau of Public Health horizontal rule

International Government Agencies

bulletWorld Health Organization bulletFood Safety Program horizontal rule

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