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*True cases of environmental criminals and other violators and violations of environmental laws, regulations, statutes and pollution standards from real court cases and consent decrees

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  • The EPA and its federal, state and local law enforcement partners investigate and prosecute significant and egregious violations of environmental laws. These investigations involve, but are not limited to, the illegal disposal of hazardous waste; the illegal discharge of pollutants to a water of the United States; the illegal importation of certain restricted or regulated chemicals into the United States; tampering with a drinking water supply; mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering relating to environmental criminal activities.

    People often ask us, "It seems like companies get away with polluting all the time, just look at Exxon and the Valdez!" While it may be true that some companies treat the environment, your community's well-being and your health like a doormat and act as though their crimes are nothing more than a public relations expense; individuals and companies are being caught all the time. And the penalties are severe! Follow Detective Joe Friday and read on to learn about the appalling gall of these jerks and their crimes.

    It is EHSO's opinion that our society's obsession with money and instant wealth, combined with a generally apathetic public, and politicians more concerned with polls than pollution is leading to an increase in pollution and deliberate polluters. If you suspect a persistent polluter in your area, email us (or click here to use the EPA's report a violator form) for instructions to assist the EPA in catching him! To search a company's compliance history, click here!

    Disclaimer: The following news stories are all taken verbatim from EPA releases, so don't even think of trying to sue us if you or your firm's name is here! We will WELCOME the publicity! Will your company?

    EPA Fugitives - Captured/Surrendered

    Follow the links below to see information about fugitives who have either been captured and returned to federal authorities or who have surrendered to federal authorities. They will face their original charges; have a sentence imposed against them; or complete their original sentence. To view a complete listing of EPA Fugitives still at-large, please see EPA Fugitives .

    Current Fugitives

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    bullet David Enrique Ortiz
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    2010 Polluter and environmental enforcement cases

    12/30/2010 - EPA and Colorado-based shoe company settle case over antimicrobial claims

    12/30/2010 - Iowa beef feedlot to pay $30,000 civil penalty for unpermitted wastewater discharges into creek

    12/22/2010 - Clean Water Act settlement in Northeast Ohio to protect Lake Erie

    12/21/2010 - EPA announces $3.3 million settlement with DuPont for failure to report toxic chemical studies

    12/20/2010 - DuPont agrees to pay $15,600 civil penalty for failure to properly authorize Missouri company to repackage herbicide

    12/20/2010 - South Dakota men agree to civil settlement for unpermitted excavation, dredging near Missouri River in Nebraska

    12/16/2010 - Alaska company to pay $170,000 EPA penalty for "unpermitted discharges" at the Kensington Gold project

    12/15/2010 - Hefty fine for So Cal Company's untested "nano" claims

    12/13/2010 - DeKalb Country, Ga., agrees to major sanitary sewer system upgrades

    12/09/2010 - Construction companies cited for damages to Flathead Lake (Mont.)

    12/08/2010 - EPA and Commonwealth of Kentucky reach agreement with Logan Aluminum Inc. to resolve allegations of Clean Air Act violations

    12/07/2010 - Massachusetts printing company will pay $385,000 for clean air violations and to help clean wood stoves

    12/07/2010 - Washington petroleum distributor fined over $21,000 for failing to report chemicals

    12/06/2010 - EPA announces 2010 enforcement and compliance results

    12/06/2010 - Two firms face fines for ocean dumping violations in dredging operations in Massachusetts

    12/02/2010 - Massachusetts manufacturer to pay fine to settle clean water violations

    12/02/2010 - Residential homebuilder settles Clean Water Act violations in 21 states

    11/30/2010 - EPA fines California landfill operator for improper PDB management

    11/24/2010 - Iowa plating company ordered to address hazardous waste issues at metal electroplating facility

    11/23/2010 - EPA fines petroleum refinery for illegally disposing hazardous waste and improper sampling

    11/23/2010 - U.S. announces $270 million bankruptcy settlement with chemical manufacturer

    11/19/2010 - EPA secures $7 Million settlement for cleanup at chemical site in California

    11/15/2010 - HPI Products, Inc., related company and owner to Pay $150,000 in civil penalties for state, federal environmental violations

    11/15/2010 - Owner of Iowa livestock feedlot to pay $5,850 penalty for violating terms of discharge permit

    11/09/2010 - EPA works with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to enforce Clean Air Act

    11/04/2010 - EPA reaches multi-state agreement with major used oil recycler for improper handling of PCBs

    11/03/2010 - Mass. plumbing supply company cited for illegal sales of refrigerant

    11/03/2010 - Six New England companies face fines for chemical reporting violations

    11/02/2010 - EPA fugitive arrested in the Dominican Republic

    11/02/2010 - Rhode Island concrete manufacturing plant faces fine for clean water violations

    11/01/2010 - Four affiliated Missouri pesticide companies agree to penalties for selling unregistered or sales-restricted pesticide products

    10/28/2010 - EPA orders restoration of damaged wetlands on Massachusetts farm

    10/22/2010 - Civil complaint and compliance order issued to MagnaGro Corporation for hazardous waste issues

    10/21/2010 - Connecticut holding company pays fine for PCB violations

    10/21/2010 - EPA orders Oklahoma petroleum operator to stop discharging

    10/20/2010 - Calport Company to pay $350,000 to settle Clean Air Act violations

    10/20/2010 - Illinois producer and Missouri distributor to pay civil penalties for pair of misbranded disinfectant and sanitizer products

    10/14/2010 - Idaho oil company agrees to pay over $171,000 for storage tank violations at gas stations across Idaho

    10/14/2010 - Massachusetts pesticide importer/manufacturer faces fines for reporting violations

    10/13/2010 - ConocoPhillips, Sasol North America agree to reimburse cleanup costs for Louisiana estuary

    10/13/2010 - New York air monitoring firm, supervisors found guilty of fraud and conspiracy

    10/08/2010 - North America's largest lead producer to spend $65 million for environmental violations at Missouri facilities

    10/07/2010 - Central Oregon and Pacific Railroad pays $272,900 for diesel spill in Cow Creek derailment

    10/07/2010 - Maine metal finisher faces EPA fine for hazardous waste violations

    10/05/2010 - Nevada hazardous waste treatment company to pay nearly $500,000 for hazardous waste violations

    10/05/2010 - Rhode Island company faces fine for ammonia violations

    10/04/2010 - North Carolina producer and Wisconsin distributor to pay civil penalties for selling misbranded lawn herbicide-fertilizer

    10/01/2010 - Connecticut company faces fne for reporting violations

    10/01/2010 - Settlements at South Dakota ethanol facilities ensure air pollutant reductions, yield $225K in penalties

    09/30/2010 - BP Products agrees to pay largest single-facility Clean Air Act penalty for releases of hazardous pollutants at Texas City refinery

    09/30/2010 - Ohio lawn pesticide manufacter to pay $148,388 penalty for hazardous waste issues at Fort Madison, Iowa, facility

    09/28/2010 - Murphy Oil USA to pay $1.25 million penalty to resolve Clean Air Act violations

    09/27/2010 - Idaho fish farm could face penalties up to $177,500 for federal Clean Water Act violations

    09/27/2010 - Idaho oil distributor pays $15,000 penalty for inadequate spill prevention measures

    09/27/2010 - Puget Sound-area developers fined nearly $50,000 for storm water run-off violations

    09/23/2010 - Landowners ordered to restore wetlands in Ocean Shores, Washington

    09/15/2010 - EPA judge levies nation's largest pesticide fine on 99-cent only stores

    09/15/2010 - Failure to report ammonia release costs Washington fruit processor close to $107,000 in EPA penalties and plant improvements

    09/10/2010 - Massachusetts-based landlord faces nearly $85K penalty for failure to disclose lead paint to tenants in Springfield

    09/09/2010 - Iowa circuit board manufacturer to pay $26,000 penalty for Failure to Report annual toxic release inventory for lead

    09/02/2010 - Missouri landowners and two businesses ordered to halt hazardous waste pollution at chemical processing site

    09/02/2010 - Orders issued to Missouri Department of Transportation for construction stormwater violations in Camden, Wayne counties

    09/02/2010 - Port of Tacoma ordered to restore wetlands destroyed by unauthorized work in Commencement Bay

    08/30/2010 - Nebraska landowner and excavation contractor to pay $30,000 civil penalty for building unauthorized dam

    08/26/2010 - U.S. takes action to stop illegal acid waste from Texas chemical plant

    08/25/2010 - Pesticide maker to pay $37,790 for failure to implement risk program, perform accident review at Kansas City cacility

    08/25/2010 - Settlement with Massachusetts city addresses wastewater, stormwater discharges

    08/24/2010 - Chemtura Corporation has agreed to resolve its liabilities at 17 sites across the U.S. for approximately $26 million.

    08/24/2010 - U.S. announces $26 million bankruptcy settlement with chemical manufacturer

    08/23/2010 - Colorado sugar cooperative to pay $56,736 penalty and upgrade plant to settle Clean Water Act issues in Nebraska

    08/18/2010 - Washington cheese manufacturer to pay U.S. $315,000 for exceeding discharge levels Into Idaho creek

    08/18/2010 - Washington landowners fined $18,000 for wetlands violations

    08/17/2010 - U.S. files amended complaint against owners and operators of Massachusetts plant that exploded in 2006

    08/12/2010 - Eight beef feedlots in northwest Iowa face enforcement actions as EPA emphasizes compliance with Clean Water Act

    08/11/2010 - New York gas station owner to install new equipment to ensure underground petroleum tanks are not leaking into groundwater

    08/11/2010 - Owner of fertilizer and feed supplement maker in Nebraska to pay $30,000 penalty for violations of Clean Water Act

    08/10/2010 - EPA, DOJ, state of Hawaii, environmental groups, reach agreement with the city and county of Honolulu to address wastewater collection and treatment systems

    08/10/2010 - Plains Pipeline to spend $41 million to prevent oil spills across 10,000 miles of pipeline

    08/10/2010 - Tanco Kansas City to pay $97,845 civil penalty for violations of Clean Water Act, failure to prepare facility response plan

    08/09/2010 - New Jersey landfill owners agree to comply with Clean Air Act

    08/06/2010 - U. S. takes action to reduce hazards from fertilizer manufacturing plant in Florida

    08/05/2010 - John R. Young and Co. to pay $40,000 penalty for violations at Pennsylvania oil storage facility

    08/04/2010 - Eight drinking water systems in Alaska are in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act

    08/04/2010 - MBTA to send mllions to rduce commuter train emissions in Clean Air Act settlement

    08/03/2010 - Idaho dairy operator fined nearly $15,000 for storm water violations

    08/03/2010 - Idaho fish hatchery fined $98,000 for Clean Water Act violations

    08/03/2010 - Nebraska landfill to perform diesel retrofits, pay $10,080 penalty to resolve issues over proper air permit

    07/30/2010 - Order issued to HPI Products, Inc., to stop sale and distribution of tainted Warthog 2 EC herbicide

    07/29/2010 - EPA takes penalty actions against 10 wastewater treatment plants for Clean Water Act violations

    07/29/2010 - Los Angeles area polystyrene manufacturer pays $450,000 over violations of federal, state clean-air laws

    07/29/2010 - New Hampshire gas station to pay nearly $50K for oil spill violations

    07/29/2010 - North Providence fined, will take action on sewer overflows

    07/29/2010 - Rhode Island town fined, will take action on sewer overflows

    07/28/2010 - Pennsylvania Steel Beam and Concrete Manufacturers settle chemical release reporting violations at Lancaster, Williamsport and Denver plants

    07/28/2010 - Settlement reached to expedite cleanup for Walpole, Mass., Superfund site

    07/26/2010 - Rhode Island Airport Corp. and contractors fined for reporting violations at Warwick airport

    07/21/2010 - 3 Mass. real estate development and construction companies fined for clean water violations

    07/20/2010 - Boston landlord faces nearly $85K penalty for failure to disclose lead paint to tenants

    07/20/2010 - Rhode Island concrete manufacturer pays penalty for clean water violations

    07/20/2010 - Two New Hampshire companies face fines for oil spill prevention violations

    07/19/2010 - National Car Rental fined nearly $500K for diesel idling violations at Logan and Bradley airports

    07/15/2010 - City of Tacoma settles for nearly $525,000 for release of ozone-depleting gases

    07/15/2010 - Settlement clears way for cleanup of Easthampton, Mass. site

    07/14/2010 - Arizona construction co. required to pay more than $100K for Clean Air Act violations

    07/14/2010 - Kansas aircraft component company to pay $132,500 civil penalty to settle issues involving hazardous waste management

    07/14/2010 - McWane Inc. agrees to resolve environmental violations at manufacturing facilities in 14 states

    07/14/2010 - Settlement ensures cleanup of contaminated soil at Rhode Island site

    07/13/2010 - Anchorage man faces up to $177,500 in EPA fines for destroying wetlands and streams

    07/09/2010 - EPA orders Illinois livestock operation to pay $40,000 penalty for unauthorized waste discharges

    07/08/2010 - EPA fines Monsanto for distributing misbranded genetically engineered pesticide

    07/01/2010 - Iowa concrete-mix equipment manufacturer to pay $59,775 civil penalty for hazardous waste violations

    06/29/2010 - Alaskan seafood processor fined $135,000 for Clean Water Act violations

    06/29/2010 - EPA settles with Michigan engine company on hazardous waste violations; $104,100 penalty assessed

    06/28/2010 - Washington chlorine distributor agrees to pay over $19,000 to settle EPA Risk Management Program violations

    06/28/2010 - Washington seafood distributor to pay $35,000 for failure to properly report release of ammonia

    06/24/2010 - Florida city and Quality Enterprises USA, Inc. agree to pay penalty to resolve Clean Air Act violations

    06/24/2010 - Tyler Amon named "Top Cop" for EPA's criminal enforcement program in the Northwest and Alaska

    06/22/2010 - Houston man added to EPA's fugitive list

    06/22/2010 - Two Massachusetts companies face fines for Clean Water Act violations

    06/17/2010 - Pontotoc Union Lee Alliance ordered to pay $70,000 in penalties for stormwater violations in Mississippi.

    06/17/2010 - Washington coatings manufacturer fined for chemical reporting violations

    06/15/2010 - DuPont ordered to pay $59,000 penalty for mercury discharges at North Carolina facility

    06/15/2010 - Sunoco pays $81,000 penalty for environmental reporting violation

    06/14/2010 - EPA finalizes enforcement cases against County of Hawaii and Johnson Resort Properties for cesspool violations

    06/14/2010 - EPA issues penalty to Northern Mariana's utility for failing to comply with wastewater, drinking water order

    06/14/2010 - Three parties to pay nearly $2 million for clean-up at Massachusetts site

    06/10/2010 - Environmental services company to pay $150,000 penalty for hazardous waste issues at Nebraska facility

    06/09/2010 - Iowa battery manufacturer to pay $53,547 penalty for failure to monitor and report wastewater discharges

    06/09/2010 - Three beef feedlots in Iowa face civil enforcement actions

    06/08/2010 - EPA and Wyoming petroleum facility resolve enforcement action

    06/03/2010 - Former West Virginia business owner pleads guilty to environmental violation

    06/02/2010 - Connecticut-based landlord fined for failing to warn tenants about lead paint

    05/25/2010 - Pipeline company to pay $46,200 penalty for Iowa oil spill and facility response plan issue at Valley Center, Kan.

    05/24/2010 - Civil enforcement actions taken against beef feedlots in Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska for violations of Clean Water Act

    05/24/2010 - Providence R.I. shipyard faces penalties for environmental violations

    05/21/2010 - Massachusetts bandage maker pays $215K penalty for environmental violations

    05/14/2010 - Missouri retail store owner to pay $98,520 to settle alleged violations of hazardous waste laws

    05/12/2010 - EPA fines three Arizona charter school operators $27,480 for asbestos violations

    05/11/2010 - Las Vegas man added to the EPA fugitive list.

    05/11/2010 - Washington wireless facility faces $57,000 fine for diesel spill

    05/10/2010 - Owner of Missouri corn ethanol plant agrees to pay $79,367 to settle alleged violations of federal Clean Air Act

    05/10/2010 - Pep Boys agrees to pay $5 million to resolve Clean Air Act violations

    05/06/2010 - Missouri metal engraving firm to pay $31,612 to settle alleged violations of federal Right-to-Know' act

    05/06/2010 - Washington plastics company fined $46,000 for chemical reporting violations

    05/05/2010 - Iowa agrichemical company to pay $27,360 civil penalty for alleged importation of misbranded pesticide from Argentina

    04/29/2010 - Oklahoma pipeline company fined over $400,000 for gasoline spill

    04/29/2010 - Toppenish, Wash., gas station required to clean up groundwater contamination caused by petroleum spill

    04/20/2010 - Residential homebuilder settles Clean Water Act violations in 18 states and D.C.

    04/19/2010 - Alaska seafood company agrees to pay more than $500,000 to resolve alleged environmental violations

    04/19/2010 - Seattle plating company pays $60,000 penalty for improper spill reporting

    04/15/2010 - Site owner agrees to pay for cleanup of New Jersey Superfund site

    04/15/2010 - Two Exxon Mobil Corp. subsidiaries in Guam and CNMI agree to $2.4 million fine for air pollution violations

    04/14/2010 - Texas company fined $128,300 for violating federal pesticide law

    04/13/2010 - Landowners ordered to restore salmon stream and wetlands in Alaska

    04/08/2010 - NYC landlord fined for failing to provide lead paint information

    04/07/2010 - EPA issues penalties to Hawaii lodge and restraunt owner for failing to close cesspools

    04/01/2010 - DeLamar Mine in Southwest Idaho fined $35,000 for alleged stormwater violations

    04/01/2010 - EPA, DOJ announce $3.87 million settlement for cleanup work at California Superfund site

    03/31/2010 - Two Shell chemical companies agree to reduce harmful emissions under comprehensive Clean Air Act settlements

    03/30/2010 - EPA fines builder for stormwater pollution at New Jersey construction site

    03/25/2010 - Veterans Affairs Department cited for petroleum storage tank violations in Puerto Rico

    03/24/2010 - Flooring contractor fined for clean air violations in Vermont

    03/23/2010 - Idaho automotive parts distributor agrees to spend over $38,000 to settle EPA spill prevention violations

    03/22/2010 - Northwest Iowa dairy operation to pay $26,288 civil penalty for discharge of animal waste without proper permit

    03/18/2010 - Texas pipeline company agrees to pay civil penalty to resolve Clean Water Act violations

    03/17/2010 - Missouri iron ore recovery business to pay $138,016 civil penalty for unpermitted discharges, dredging

    03/15/2010 - University of Central Missouri to pay $14,988 civil penalty to settle claims about improper hazardous waste management

    03/08/2010 - Railroad company to pay $4 million penalty for 2005 chlorine spill in Graniteville, S.C.

    03/03/2010 - Missouri grain company to pay $14,560 civil penalty to settle allegations of unauthorized repackaging of four pesticides

    03/03/2010 - Settlement resolves chlorine spills by Connecticut power plant

    03/02/2010 - Virginia steam, electricity provider settles Clean Air Act violations

    02/25/2010 - Connecticut-based landlord pays fine for failing to warn tenants about lead paint

    02/23/2010 - EPA fines military for underground petroleum storage tank violations at West Point

    02/23/2010 - UPS to pay $53,931 civil penalty to settle alleged violations of waste regulations in Kansas

    02/22/2010 - Cummins Inc. agrees to pay $2.1 million penalty for diesel engine Clean Air Act violations

    02/16/2010 - Former owner of Nebraska dairy plant to pay $350,000 to settle alleged violations of Clean Water Act

    02/10/2010 - North Idaho Developers fined nearly $45,000 for storm water violations

    02/08/2010 - Connecticut company pays penalty for violations of oil pollution prevention regulations

    02/04/2010 - ConocoPhillips agrees to resolve Clean Air Act violations in Colorado

    01/25/2010 - EPA penalizes Guam Waterworks Authority additional $57,000 for failing to complete water tank assessment

    01/25/2010 - Kansas energy company to spend approximately $500 million to settle Clean Air Act violations

    01/21/2010 - Missouri container glass plant among 13 nationwide to Install $112M in pollution control equipment

    01/21/2010 - Nation's second-largest Portland cement manufacturer to add new pollution controls at Iowa, Kansas and Missouri plants

    01/21/2010 - U.S. announces two major Clean Air Act New Source Review settlements at 28 industrial plants nationwide

    01/19/2010 - EPA takes action against Sacramento food distributor following chemical waste discharges

    01/15/2010 - Mississippi landowner fined for filling wetlands

    01/13/2010 - Asbestos violations at Newport naval station result in fines

    01/11/2010 - Idaho city agrees to spend over $122,000 to settle EPA risk management program violations

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