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Wetlands Information Software

Free Software from Region 5 EPA. image from WETLANDSLearn about the definition and classification of wetlands, what types of plants and wildlife are common to wetlands and the importance of the wetlands ecosystem in flood and erosion control, water purification and groundwater recharge. Digitized photographs and hypertext are used extensively to illustrate the different wetland types from bog to swamp. A beautiful introduction to this important and controversial ecosystem.

bulletCreated: 1992 by D. Johannesen, J. Gurganus bulletSize: approximately 3.0 Mb when uncompressed, 1.76 Mb compressed bulletGraphics: VGA bulletOperating system: DOS bulletOther requirements: IBM-compatible with a hard disk, 640 K RAM (approximately 540 K of RAM must be available),mouse required.
Download WETLANDS now:
zipfile 1 of 1 (1.73Mb)
zipfile 1 of 2 (1.04Mb)
zipfile 2 of 2 (720K)
Installation: To install, copy the zipfile(s) into a subdirectory on your hard disk, then uncompress. The files were compressed using PKZIP from PKWARE, Inc. To start the program, type "wl". Note: This program is very demanding on RAM; you may need to re-boot your computer before running this program. If the program "hangs up" while running, re-boot the computer. bulletHow to register this software
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