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Gasoline Environmental and Health Issues

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10-Nov-99 Updated lists of gasoline, diesel, and detergent additives
24-Oct-99 New Page!!! Diesel Fuel Home Page horizontal rule

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Information Fact Sheets on Fuel Issues

bulletReformulated Gasoline fact sheets bulletMTBE (methyl tertiary-butyl ether) bulletClean Fuels: An Overview bulletMethanol Basics bulletMethanol Fuels and Fire Safety bulletAlternative Fuel Demonstration bulletElectric Vehicles bulletVehicle Fuels and the 1990 Clean Air Act bullet3/7/96 Statement by Administrator Browner regarding MMT advertisement by Ethyl Corp.

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court houseFuel Programs and Regulations

[Clean Fuel Fleets] [CNG-LPG-LNG] [Diesel]
[Fuel Additives] [Methanol] [Oxygenated Gasoline]
[Reformulated Gasoline] [RVP]


bulletClean Air Act & Amendments bulletFederal Register


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Oxygenated Gasoline

bulletBlue Ribbon Panel on Oxygenate Use in Gasoline home pagebullet28-Oct-99 Table of winter oxygenated fuels programs by state
[36K PDF] [34K WPD]bullet02-Nov-98
Final Notification Letter to API of Testing Requirements for Baseline Gasoline and Non-baseline (oxygenated) Gasoline groups under Section 211(b) of the CAA. [251K WP6] or [214K PDF]
Contact John Brophy (202) 564-9068 [email protected]bullet12-Nov-97 Proposed Rule: Alternative Tier 2 Requirements for Baseline Gasoline and Oxygenated Gasoline Categories of Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, Ethyl Alcohol, and Other Oxygenates: Extension of comment period.
[Fed Register Notice]
Contact: John Brophy (202) 564-9068
[email protected]


bullet11-Sept-97 August 20, 1997 Notification Letter to API of Testing Requirements for Baseline Gasoline and Non-baseline (oxygenated) Gasoline groups under Section 211(b) of the CAA.
[28K ZIP WP5] or [98K PDF]
Contact John Brophy (202) 564-9068
[email protected]

bullet02-July-97 The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has released its final report on EPA's winter oxygenated fuels program. The report is entitled "Interagency Assessment of Oxygenated Fuels" and considers health effects, air quality, fuel economy and engine performance, and ground water and drinking water quality issues.
bulletExecutive Summary [312K ZIP WP5] bulletIntro & Contents [0.7MB PDF] bulletChapter 1 Air Quality Effects [0.8MB PDF] bulletChapter 2 Fuel Oxygenates and Water Quality [1.7MB PDF] bulletChapter 3 Fuel Economy and Engine Performance Issues [0.4MB PDF] bulletChapter 4 Potential Health Effects of Oxygenated Gasoline [0.7MB PDF] bulletThe entire OSTP Report - This will take a long time to download

Hard copies of the report may be requested through GCRIO User Services:
Telephone: 914-365-8930
Fax: 914-365-8922
E-mail: [email protected]
WWW: (See Document Request Form)
EPA Contact: Diane Turchetta 202-564-9036 

bullet29-Apr-97 The Office of Mobile Sources recently received a copy of a final report entitled "REGRESSION MODELING OF OXYFUEL EFFECTS ON AMBIENT CO CONCENTRATIONS". This report was prepared for the Renewable Fuels and Oxygenated Fuels Associations by Systems Applications International. OMS strives to make available any new information pertaining to fuels and fuel-related programs. The Office of Mobile Sources understands that this report is still undergoing peer review and will post any revisions to the report that may be made as a result of this review.
[103K PDF] [147K DOC]


bulletMay 96 Oxyfuels Information Needs - May 1996 ORD report (information that would improve scientific understanding of the impacts of these fuels on the environment and public health)

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Fuel Additives/Detergents

bullet10-Nov-99 List of Registered Gasoline Additives.  Contact Joseph Fernandes (202) 564-9756 or Jim Caldwell (202) 564-9303 [TXT] bullet10-Nov-99 List of Certified Diesel Additives.  Contact Joseph Fernandes (202) 564-9756 or Jim Caldwell (202) 564-9303 [TXT] bullet10-Nov-99 List of Certified Detergent Additives.  Contact Joseph Fernandes (202) 564-9756 or Jim Caldwell (202) 564-9303 [TXT]bullet12/17/97 EPA Decision to Grant Conventional Gasoline Anti-dumping Exemption to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
Notice of Direct Final Decision [40K WP5]
Proposed Notice of Decision [6K WP5]
Contact: Marilyn Winstead McCall (202) 564-9029


bullet11/6/97 Regulation of Fuels and Fuel Additives: Proposed Minor Revisions to Selected Recordkeeping and Enforcement Provisions Under the Regulation of Deposit Control Gasoline Additives Regarding the Identification of the Oxygenate Content of Transferred Gasoline
[Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)]
[Direct Final Rule]
Fact Sheet [Read Now] or [13K PDF]
Contact: Judith Lubow, Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (303-969-6483), Fax (303-969-6490) [email protected]


bullet10/30/97 Modifications to ASTM D 5500-94 intake valve deposit control performance procedure.  Contact Jeff Herzog (734) 214-4227
[27K TXT] or [28K WP5]


bullet4/29/97 Gasoline Deposit Control (Detergent) Additive Certification Questions & Answers #2. Contact Jeff Herzog Voice - (734) 214-4227, FAX (734) 214-4051 [38K TXT] or [47K WP5]


bullet1/31/97 Gasoline Deposit Control (Detergent) Additive Certification Questions & Answers #1 [9K TXT] or [69K WP5]bullet10/16/96 Decision on Petition by Guam for Exemption From Anti-Dumping and Detergent Additization Requirements for Conventional Gasoline
Notice of direct final decision [41K TXT]
Proposed notice of decision [4K TXT]


bullet6/24/96 Gasoline Deposit Control Additive Certification Final Rule: bulletLetter to API on Detergent Rule product transfer [8/28/96 5K TXT] bulletSummary [2K TXT ] bulletFull Preamble [113K ZIP WP51] bulletFull Regulatory Text [58K ZIP WP51] bulletRegulatory Impact Analysis Addendum [14K ZIP WP51] bulletSummary & Analysis of Comments [88K ZIP WP51]bulletProhibition on Gasoline Containing Lead or Lead Additives for Highway Use bullet6/6/96 Final Rule. [ 21K TXT] bullet3/4/96 Partial withdrawal of 2/2/96 Direct Final Rule. [ 4K TXT] bullet1/29/96 Press Release - EPA takes final step in phaseout of leaded gasoline. [ 4K TXT] bullet2/2/96 Direct Final Rule. [ 42K TXT] bullet2/2/96 Notice of Proposed Rule. [ 3K TXT]bullet[Full Directory of Fuel Additive Files]

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Fuel RVP
bullet01-Apr-99 EPA Guide to Federal and State RVP Standards for Conventional Gasoline.[PDF]
Contact: M. Winstead McCall (202) 564-9029 [email protected]bullet01-Apr-99 Guidance on Use of Opt-in to RFG and Low RVP Requirements in Ozone SIPs.[PDF] [WPD]
Contact: M. Winstead McCall (202) 564-9029 [email protected]
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Other Fuel Information

Tier 2/Gasoline Sulfur

bulletTier 2 Home Page for information on the Tier 2/Gasoline Sulfur Proposed Rule bullet01-May-98 EPA Staff Paper on Gasoline Sulfur Issues
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Mobile Source
Refinery Baselines bullet09-Jun-99 Modification of Compliance Baselines for Puerto Rico Gasoline
[HTML] [ PDF]bulletMar-97 An Overview of the Baseline Adjustment Final Rulemaking
[12K PDF] [HTML]

Foreign Refiner Baselines

bullet08/21/97 Baseline Requirements for Gasoline Produced by Foreign Refiners. EPA has issued a revision to the requirements for importing conventional gasoline into the United States. This final rulemaking is consistent with the agency's commitment to fully protect public health and the environment, and with the United States' commitment to comply with its obligations under the Word Trade Organization agreement.
[255K TXT] or [306K WP5]
Contact Karen Smith (202) 564-9674bullet06/28/96 World Trade Organization (WTO) Decision on Gasoline Rule (Reformulated and Conventional Gasoline), 6/28/96 Invitation for Public Comment [12K TXT]
Other Fuel Issues
bullet06/30/95 Technical Amendments to the Test Procedures for Methanol-Fueled Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Engines and Petroleum-Fueled Motor Vehicles; Final Rule [Text ]bulletDirectory of These & Related Documents

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bulletCode of Federal Regulations bulletGovernment Printing Office bulletInternet Guide to the U.S. Congress bulletEnergy Information Administration
U.S. Department of Energy bulletCalifornia Air Resources Board
California Environmental Protection Agency bulletCouncil of the Europen Union bulletEnvironment Canada-The Green Lane bulletAmerican Petroleum Institute bulletDieselNet-Diesel Emissions Online bulletAutomotive Fleet Statistics bulletPartnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) Home Page
United States Department of Commerce bulletSTAPPA and ALAPCO
Organizations of state and local air pollution agencies bulletOil Price Information Service bulletNational Biodiesel Board bulletTruck in the Park Biodiesel Demonstration in Yellowstone National Park bulletAmerican Society for Testing and Materials
PS121-99 Provisional Specification for Biodiesel Fuel (B100) Blend Stock for Distillate Fuels


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