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Emerging Infectious Diseases: 
Reports and Web Sites

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On-Line Reporting

ProMED: Emerging Diseases Reports
IDSA's Emerging Infections Network
WHO Emerging Diseases Reports
APEC Telecommunications Network for Emerging Infections
CDC's journal, Emerging Infectious Diseases and Advance Dispatches
IatroNet:Epidemics & Travel Advisories

The Federal Response

White House Report on Emerging Diseases
CISET Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases
NIAID: Emerging Infectious Diseases Research: Meeting the Challenge
NIAID: Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Agenda
NIH: International Training and Research Program in Emerging Infectious Diseases
USDA's Emerging Animal Health Issues
CDC: Strategy for the 21st Century and Unexplained Deaths Surveillance Project
CDC: FoodNet and PulseNet
NASA surveillance: CHAART and INTREPID
DoD Strategic Plan: Global Emerging Infections System
The State Department's EID Program
FDA's Bad Bug Book. A look at microbial pathogens and natural toxins
USGS: Emerging Diseases in Wildlife

Summaries and Factsheets

ASM Reports on Emerging Diseases, and Antibiotic Resistance
IOM Forum on Emerging Infections and Forum Members
Johns Hopkins. Climate Change and Human Health
Vector-Borne Diseases/Climate Change
Disease Factsheets: NY State Health Dept. and CDC
The Zoonosis Page: Humans Catching Diseases from Animals
AHEAD: Animal Health and Emerging Animal Diseases
CDC: Division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases, Ft. Collins, CO
Canada's IRDC: "Infectious Diseases: A Growing Global Threat"
WHO Reporting Some Successes Against Infectious Diseases

Other Sites

New Journal: Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases
Office International des Epizooties
Ct. Emerging Infections Program
Suggested Reading and Related Books
History of Disease
Discovery's Epidemic!
High School Curriculum Supplement on Emerging Infectious Diseases
The Why Files: "New Bugs, New Battles"
Poxvirus Bioinformatics Resource Center
Plum Island



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