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Cosmetics and Your Health - Objective Information Free from EHSO, the NIH, and others

Cosmetics and Your Health Information

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bulletFDA's Latest News on Cosmetics and Cosmetic RegulationsbulletFDA Authority, Programs, and Policy
Overviews of legal, regulatory and policy issues related to cosmetics bulletCosmetic Products and Ingredients
Information for consumers and industrybulletCosmetic Labeling and Label Claims
What cosmetic labels can say and what they must say; what label claims meanbulletInformation for Industry
Regulations, guidance, registration and other resources bulletInternational Activities
U.S. consumers purchase cosmetics from around the world. U.S. manufacturers export cosmetics. What is FDA's role? bulletRelated Sites at FDA
Over-the-counter drugs, botanicals, cosmetic surgery, contact lenses, and more


Cosmetic Products that Consumers Frequently Inquire About:

FDA Completes Two Clinical Studies on the Safety of Alpha Hydroxy Acid 
AHAs and BHAs 
Animal Grooming Aids
Eye Products
Hair Dyes and Lead Acetate used in Hair Dye Products
Hair Loss and Hair Replacement Products
Hair Removal Products
Nail Care Products 
Skin Peeling Products
Suntan Products, Sunscreens, and Tanning
Thigh Creams 
Tretinoin Emollient Cream
Weight Loss Products

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetics

bullet What precautions should consumers follow with respect to cosmetics?bullet What is the shelf-life of cosmetics?bullet What precautions should be taken if you use eye cosmetics?bullet What precautions should be taken if you dye your hair?bullet How do you protect children from the sun?bullet When should you use sunscreen products?bullet Is indoor tanning safe?bulletAre cosmetics safe? bulletWhat precautions should consumers follow with respect to cosmetics? bulletWhat is FDA's authority over cosmetics? bulletDoes FDA require animal testing for cosmetics? bulletWhat are cosmeceuticals? bulletWhat are the differences between an over-the-counter (OTC) drug product and a cosmetic? bulletWhat ingredients are prohibited from use in cosmetics? bulletWhat is the shelf-life of cosmetics? bulletWhat is aromatherapy? bulletWhat precautions should you take when using eye cosmetics? bulletWhat are hypoallergenic cosmetics? bulletAre thigh creams safe? bulletAre tatoos and permanent makeup safe? bulletAre cosmetic products containing alpha hydroxy acids safe? bulletAre hair dyes safe? bulletWhat precautions should be taken if you dye your hair? bulletDo cosmetics cause allergies? bulletHow do you protect children from the sun? bulletWhy is it important to use sunscreen? bulletWho is most at risk of skin damage from the sun? bulletIs indoor tanning safe? bulletWhy are there warning labels on bubble bath products for children? bulletAre nitrosamines in cosmetics a health hazard?



Cosmetic Surgery and Appearance Issues


Cosmetic Safety, FDA Requirements and Programs

Cosmetic Labeling and Labeling Terms

Cosmetics of Interest to Specific Groups


Cosmetic Information for Industry

Clearing Up Cosmetic Confusion
Collagen and Liquid Silicone Injections
Cosmetic Safety and FDA Authority
Animal Testing
Clearing Up Cosmetic Confusion
Color Additives
Consumer Complaints about Cosmetic Products 
Contact Dermatitis
Crema De Belleza -- Manning (Spanish)
Diethanolamine in Cosmetic Products
Hair Spray Safety
Inspection of Cosmetics
Over the Counter (OTC) Drugs versus Cosmetics
Prohibited Ingredients and Related Safety Issues 
Recall Policies
Reporting Problem Products to FDA
Shelf Life - Expiration Date 
Cosmetic Labeling
FDA's Cosmetic Labeling Manual (October 1991) Booklet. A summary of regulatory requirements for labeling of cosmetics marketed in the United States. 
Cosmetic Ingredients: Understanding the Puffery
Alcohol Free 
Cruelty Free - Not Tested in Animals
Fragrance Free and Unscented
Cosmetics and Teenagers
Cosmetic Help for Cancer Patients
Regulations, Guidelines, and References
Specific Subjects
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