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An EPA Fact Sheets and PSAs; Reprinted by EHSO.


Provides detailed responses to the specific criticisms of EPA's assessment of lung cancer data included in the 1993 report, Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders (EPA/600/6-90/006 F) [This document is available from IAQ INFO]. EPA stands by its 1993 report, which found that secondhand smoke causes lung cancer in nonsmoking adults and increases the risk of bronchitis, pneumonia, and asthma in children. U.S. EPA, EPA Document Number 402-F-94-005, June 1994.


EPA Fact Sheet: EPA-402-F-93-004, July 1993; "SECONDHAND SMOKE
Defines secondhand smoke and describes health risks from exposure to secondhand smoke. This leaflet provides steps to take to reduce the health risks of passive smoking in the home, in the workplace, in restaurants and bars, and other indoor places. U.S. EPA, EPA Document Number 402-F-93-004, July 1993.

HUMO de segunda mano: �Qu� puede hacer usted sobre el humo de segunda mano como padre, personal directivo y ocupante de un edificio? 402-F-93-004A

bulletSetting the Record Straight: Secondhand Smoke is a Preventable Health Risk

Describes EPA's major assessment of the respiratory health risks associated with exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking: Lung Cancer and Other Disorders (EPA/600/6-90/006 F). This landmark assessment concluded that widespread exposure to ETS in the U.S. presents a serious and substantial public health risk. A copy of the full report is available from EPA's Center for Environmental Research Information in Cincinnati, Ohio, or the Indoor Air Quality Information Clearinghouse (IAQ INFO). U.S. EPA, Office of Air and Radiation, EPA Document Number 43-F-93-003, January 1993.


bulletFact Sheet: Respiratory Health Effects of Passive Smoking
bulletIAQ Coordinator's Guide - Appendix F - Environmental Tobacco
Environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), also called secondhand smoke, is a mixture of the smoke given off by the burning end of a cigarette, pipe, or cigar, and the smoke exhaled from the lungs of smokers.  This appendix describes it in regard to indoor air quality.

bulletDo you suspect your office has an indoor air problem?
Many office buildings have significant indoor air pollution sources. A factor greatly influencing the effect of these sources and the overall quality of indoor air in offices is the ventilation system design, operation and maintenance.  Smoking is one of the contributing pollutants
bulletAsthma Checklist - This EPA publication contains useful information which includes the effects of indoor smoking.


epalogo2.gif (1831 bytes)

Angel versus Devil Secondhand Smoke Public Service Announcement

Cosponsored by the Consumer Federation of America Foundation and
the American Medical Association

About the PSA
The Devil and Angel PSA is the result of collaborative efforts among the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Consumer Federation of America Foundation (CFAF), and the American Medical Association (AMA). This TV spot is the first wave of a national, multi-year media campaign to protect children from exposure to secondhand smoke in their homes.

What is the Theme of the PSA?
The PSA has three characters: a father who smokes, and two incarnations of his conscience; a devil and an angel. The devil and angel battle it out about the man's right to smoke in his own home. The angel wants him to smoke outside; the devil's defense is that the man's home is his castle. Humor and special effects are used to get across the message about children's health effects from exposure to secondhand smoke. When the devil is made aware that the man has kids, he is completely converted to the other side and insists that the man smoke outside. The spot ends with the man making the choice to go outside for his kids, and looking relieved to leave the two bizarre characters behind.

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Created: October 27, 1999


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