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Food Safety Publications

By Audience

bulletFor Children
bulletFor Foodservice
bulletLanguages Other Than English
bulletFor Seniors

Special Topics

bulletCooking For Groups: A Volunteer's Guide to Food Safety
bulletDisaster Assistance
bulletFood Safety During Pregnancy
bulletHoliday Food Safety featuring Turkey Basics
bulletSeasonal Features (Press Kits) from the Meat and Poultry Hotline
bulletThermy� Publications and Web Site  

Alphabetical Listing of these Publications

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Use of FSIS Publications 

Tips for Users:

bulletMany of these articles contain tables; we recommend viewing in a browser that supports tables. If you need a paper copy, please call the U.S. FSIS (Food Safety Information Service) at 1-800-535-4555. bulletTo locate a publication on a certain topic, use your browser's "Find" or "Find in page" function.  

Disaster Assistance

bulletKeeping Food Safe During an Emergency (also available in PDF)bulletIn Spanish: C�mo Mantener los Alimentos Sanos Durante una Emergenciabullet[Back to Top]

Fact Sheets

bullet7 Food Safety Steps for Successful Community Meals (companion to Cooking For Groups: A Volunteer's Guide to Food Safety)bullet1-page PDF versionbullet2-page PDF version [includes Internal Cooking Temperatures chart]bullet1-page HTML (text) versionbulletAccessible (HTML) version of the Internal Cooking Temperatures chartbulletBe Smart. Keep Foods Apart. Don't Cross-Contaminate bulletFacts About Ground Poultry bulletFoodborne Illness: What Consumers Need To Know (also available in PDF bulletSpanish version: Intoxicacion Alimentaria: lo que Deben Saber los Consumidores (also available in PDF)bulletFrozen, Fully-Cooked Products and Botulism � Food Safety Advisory bullet[Back to Top]

Food Safety Facts

bulletBarbecue Food Safety (also available in PDF)bulletSpanish version: Inocuidad de los Alimentos Cocidos en la BarbacoabulletBasics for Handling Food Safely (also available in PDF) [includes Cold Storage Chart] bulletSpanish version: Principios Basicos en la Preparacion de los Alimentos Seguros (also available in PDFbulletCooking Safely in the Microwave Oven (also available in PDF bulletSpanish version: La Coccion sin Riesgos en el Horno de Microondas (also available in PDFbulletEgg and Egg Product Safety (also available in PDF bulletSpanish version: Inocuidad de los Huevos y de los Productos de HuevobulletKeeping "Bag" Lunches Safe (also available in PDF) bulletSmoking Meat and Poultry (also available in PDF) bulletTurkey Basics: Stuffing (also available in PDF ) bulletSpanish version: Principios B�sicos de la Preparaci�n del Pavo: El RellenobulletTurkey Basics: Safe Thawing (also available in PDF ) bulletSpanish version: Principios B�sicos de la Preparaci�n del Pavo: Descongelaci�n CorrectabulletTurkey Basics: Handling Precooked Dinners (also available in PDF ) bulletSpanish version: Principios B�sicos de la Preparaci�n del Pavo: Manejo de las Comidas PrecocinadasbulletTurkey Basics: Safe Cooking (also available in PDF ) bulletSpanish version: Principios B�sicos de la Preparaci�n del Pavo: Cocinar Correctamente

Food Safety Features

bulletDo New Products Enhance or Endanger Food?bulletDoes Washing Food Promote Food Safety?bulletDoor-to-Door Meat SalesbulletCleanliness Helps Prevent Foodborne IllnessbulletColor of Meat and PoultrybulletCountdown to the Holiday  (also available in PDF)bulletCrossing the Border with Meat and PoultrybulletFighting BAC!� by Chilling OutbulletFood Safety in the Kitchen: A "HACCP" ApproachbulletFood Safety While Hiking, Camping, and BoatingbulletHandling Food Safely on the RoadbulletHock Locks and Other AccoutrementsbulletHow Temperatures Affect FoodbulletHotline Answers "Panic Button" Food Safety QuestionsbulletKeeping Food Safe During an Emergency (also available in PDF) (includes power outage information)bulletInspection and Grading: What Are the Differences?bulletIs Pink Turkey Meat Safe?bullet"No-Show" Guests Jeopardize FoodbulletPoultry: Basting, Brining, And MarinatingbulletSeniors Need Wisdom on Food SafetybulletThe Big Thaw -- Safe Defrosting Methods for ConsumersbulletThe Poultry Label Says "Fresh"bulletTop 10 Reasons to Handle Your Food SafelybulletTurkey ALT Routes to the TablebulletTurkey - From Farm To Freezerbullet[Back to Top]

Food Safety Focus (Background Information)

bulletAdditives in Meat and Poultry ProductsbulletAppliance ThermometersbulletBeef...from Farm to TablebulletBisonbulletChicken (also available in PDF)bulletCorned BeefbulletDoneness Versus SafetybulletDuck and Goose...from Farm to TablebulletEgg ProductsbulletFood Product DatingbulletFood RecallsbulletFood Safety for Persons with AIDSbulletFood Safety Of Farm-Raised GamebulletFood Safety of JerkybulletFood Safety of RabbitbulletFoodborne Illness Peaks In Summer -- Why?bulletFreezingbulletGibletsbulletGround BeefbulletSpanish: Enfoque Sobre la Carne Molida de ResbulletHam bulletHoliday or Party Buffets bulletHot Dogs bulletLamb...from Farm to Table bulletMail Order Food Safety bulletMeat and Poultry Labeling Terms bulletMeat Packaging Materials bulletMolds On Food: Are They Dangerous? (also available in PDF) bulletParasites and Foodborne Illness bulletRatites (Emu, Ostrich and Rhea) bulletRefrigeration and Food Safety bulletRoasting Those "Other" Holiday Meats bulletSafety Of Fresh Pork bulletSafety of Veal...from Farm to Table bulletSausages bulletShell Eggs bulletSlow Cooker Safety bulletTurkey...From Farm to Table   bulletWater in Meats bullet[Back to Top]

Consumer Information From USDA

(select PDF format for one- or two-page reproducible)

bulletListeriosis and Food Safety Tips PDF OR text
Also available in Spanish: Listeriosis y Consejos en la Seguridad de los Alimentos PDF OR textbullet[Back to Top]


bulletSafe Handling of Complete Meals to Gobullethtml version (read online)bulletPDF version (master for duplicating a tri-fold brochure)bulletTake the Guesswork Out of Roasting a Turkey bulletUse A Food Thermometer (featuring Thermy�) bullethtml version (read online)bulletPDF version (master for duplicating a tri-fold brochure)bulletSpanish PDF version (master for duplicating a tri-fold brochure) bulletSpanish PDF version, one-color

For Seniors

bulletSeniors Need Wisdom on Food SafetybulletTo Your Health! Food Safety for Seniors

For Foodservice

bulletTaking Care of Business: Food Safety Resources for Retail and Foodservice Establishments (June 2001) [PDF, 2 pp., 16 x 9"] [text only]bulletMultiple copies: To receive a CD-ROM with a professional printer-ready version of the brochure, send your request to: [email protected]

Graphics & Images

This page will list publications that consist mainly of graphics ("infographics"). An Image Library is available for those who would like to download food safety graphics or artwork from other FSIS publications.

bulletBe Safe--Don't Cross-Contaminate (PDF)
bulletSafe Handling Instructions Label - HandoutsbulletSingle label, 408 x 288 px (GIF; 23 KB) [See thumbnail]bulletReproducible master [approximately 8[FrontPage Include Component] � x 11" with label in 2 sizes] (GIF; 156 KB)
  • Note: The above items are NOT printer quality. Higher resolution files are available from the USDA Design Center, Resources Page.
  • Thumbnail and link to Safe Handling Instructions graphic

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