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DOT - Hazardous Materials Transportation Guidance - Free

Transportation of Hazardous Materials
- Publications and Guidance

Some of these are available for free  (those which are downloadable) and others are available for sale (not available for download yet).

Federal hazardous materials transportation law – This Federal hazardous materials transportation law (Federal hazmat law), 49 U.S.C. 5101 et seq., formerly the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (HMTA) is the basic statute regulating hazardous materials transportation.
  • Hazardous Materials - Incident Prevention Manual
  • HMS-Organization Chart (198K)  – Lists office structure, personnel, and contact numbers.  Free
  • Intrastate Commerce brochure - (HM-200) (244K)  -- This brochure addresses NEW regulations (effective October 1, 1998) concerning the transportation of hazardous materials in INTRASTATE commerce.
  • Materials of Trade, What Hazardous Materials Regulations Apply? (384K)  -- This brochure defines Materials of Trade (MOTs), and details the new regulations concerning MOTs.
  • Medical Advisory Criteria for Evaluation Under 49 CFR Part 391.41
  • Motor Carrier Employee Whistle Blower Protection
  • OHM Publications and Reports
  • Penalty Actions Report; Hazardous Materials Transportation – Hazardous materials transportation violations and penalties collected by the FAA, FRA, FHWA, RSPA, and the USCG.
  • Radioactive Materials Regulation Review (1.3 MB)
  • *Registration Program: Hazardous Materials (RSPA) – Do you need to register with RSPA?? This brochure provides registration criteria, and instructions, for those who offer or transport hazardous materials.
  • Shipper Outreach for Safety - Some Interesting Facts
  • Training: Is Training Critical To Your Business?
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