State Labor Offices

Federal vs. State Family Medical Leave Laws

Fair Labor Standards

Monthly Labor Review (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Various articles printed in the "Monthly Labor Review" over the past decade which deal with state laws

State Labor Associations

eLaws (employment laws assistance for workers and small businesses) is designed to help you, as an employee or employer, understand your rights and responsibilities under the laws and regulations administered by the Department of Labor. Each elaws Advisor provides information about a specific law or regulation. The Advisor imitates the interaction you might have with a DOL employment law expert. It asks questions, provides information and directs you to the appropriate resolution based on your responses. This site includes an Advisor on the subject of the Fair Labor Standards Act and on the subject of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

State Labor Legislation

Contact the Wage-Hour Division to report a potential FLSA unpaid wage violation, at:


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